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E.g., 9/2/2014

Fear Itself (special asteroid edition)

11/08/11 03:30PM

An article in Foreign Policy detailing what potential threats keep our leaders up at night launched quite the discussion about your own fears and anxieties.Your responses were inspired (more on that in a sec.)I neglected to share my own personal nightmare, which is that an aircraft-carrier-sized asteroid will smash into the earth like Gallagher's hammer into a watermelon.A 1,300-foot-wide space bullet called 2005 YU55 is making a pass by the Earth today so close it's actually inside the moon's orbit. Too close! Too close! Says the L.A. read more

Michelle Obama not feeling sorry for Michelle Obama

11/08/11 01:45PM

This week the President is rolling out new Head Start reforms, but soon the First Lady will be reaching kids (and contrary to speculation, having a fun time doing it) by unabashedly dancing to a Maroon 5 song. On an upcoming episode of the Nickelodeon favorite iCarly, Mrs. Obama will dance and promote her Joining Forces initiative. The First Lady filmed the appearance back in June but this week, Perez Hilton got ahold of a clip in which the First Lady raises the roof and admits her daughter's friend, Jessica, didn't think she had the pull to appear on a popular tween show. read more

Maine GOP: Same-day voter registration is so gay

Maine GOP: Same-day voter registration is so gay

11/08/11 01:22PM

 The chair of Maine's Republican Party is defending an ad circulating in community newspapers that urges voters to keep Maine's new law making it harder to vote. The ad says that Equality Maine, a civil rights group, has donated to the ballot issue that would keep same-day voters registration in Maine -- and so, the ad says, voters should reject the ballot issue. read more

Best noon thing (or things)

Best noon thing (or things)

11/08/11 12:00PM

Some days there just doesn't seem to be anything fun to share. Some days there's an embarrassment of riches. Today we have three possible best noon things. Perhaps you could hit the comments and choose one?1. Chinese retirees perform Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." Which is the only way I want to experience Lady Gaga from now on:2. A submission by Summer Ash: turtles and strawberries.3. A time-lapse video of Iceland during the midnight sun.Midnight Sun | Iceland from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo. read more

Ohio is our factory of sadness, emphasis on 'our'

Ohio is our factory of sadness, emphasis on 'our'

11/08/11 11:21AM

Rachel tweeted a video last night that I'd emailed earlier to our staff. It was Cleveland comic Mike Polk, Jr.'s angry and hilarious YouTubed reaction to the latest Browns loss, in which he yells at an empty Cleveland stadium, "You are a factory of sadness!" (I caution you about one expletive he utters -- which, given the Browns' play of late, is understandable.)I'd shared a laugh about it before the show with my fellow Clevelander (and our guest last night), Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Connie Schultz. read more

The artist formerly known as Herman Cain

11/08/11 09:10AM

OK, so yesterday was Crazy Town, right, with the new Herman Cain allegations and the radio guy with the F-U song, and attorney Gloria Allred and some other stuff. Last night Rachel ran through the roster of operatives connected to the Herman Cain bid, and then she opened her heart to the conservatives we know watch our show because of the hate mail they send: read more

Morning Maddow: November 8

11/08/11 08:04AM

A refresher on some of the big races this Election Day.The Herman Cain Art Project continues today with a press conference about you-know-what.Rep. Darrell Issa smells an ACORN in Occupy Wall Street.Lawmakers accuse China of dumping counterfeit electronics into the DOD's supply chain.The Pentagon publishes its Guantanamo war court procedures.Interior Department approves a project by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.White House: the truth is out there, but we haven't seen the evidence. read more

Twirling for the Lutzes

11/08/11 03:16AM

Remember the Best New Thing a couple of weeks ago about the amazing quadruple lutz performed by 20-year-old Brandon Mroz, as part of the Colorado Springs Invitational this past September? An early idea for producing that segment involved using the TRMS staff to provide our audience with a good example of a Lutz, so I asked them to try it out for me on camera. Results were mixed, but not quite what we were looking for. But the footage left behind on the cutting room floor makes for a fun montage of awesome failures! read more

General Fuzz reports to base

General Fuzz reports to base

11/07/11 09:34PM

Of all the many peanut butter traps I set, General Fuzz made his way into the one I least expected: his own cage on the floor outside the room from which he escaped.Until next time, hamster detectives! read more