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E.g., 7/29/2014

The laugh I needed today

09/27/11 05:09PM

Bad Lip Reading of Rick Perry's candidacy announcement video:Their whole collection is pretty funny, but note, some have curses. (Also interesting because I've been seeing the BBC's McGurk Effect video making the rounds on blogs this month.) read more

Chris Christie: Real exceptionalism for real Americans

Chris Christie: Real exceptionalism for real Americans

09/27/11 03:45PM

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is speaking tonight at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi, California. Maybe Governor Christie will decide to run for president in the GOP primary. Maybe, as he keeps saying, he won't. In any case, his office sends over these excerpts from his prepared remarks. The speech is called "Real American Exceptionalism."A lot is being said in this election season about American exceptionalism. Implicit in such statements is that we are different and, yes, better, in the sense that our democracy, our economy and our people have delivered. read more

With no disrespect to Estonian disco

09/27/11 11:45AM

Last night on the show, Rachel got around to talking about Estonian disco, in the context of saying that you could download a new ringtone from NASA so you didn't have to sound like an Estonian disco anymore.Estonian disco turns out to be a vibrant tradition, in Estonia. Competition clips above and below, plus an actual Estonian disco (I think, and beware the auto-music-load). read more

Don't look down!

09/27/11 11:42AM

Engineers are rapelling down the sides of the Washington Monument today and for several days to come. They're inspecting it for damage from last month's earthquake. Strangely riveting to see a guy in a harness dangling from the top of an obelisk, don't you agree? read more

Governor Paul LePage, same-day-registration voter, same-day-registration opponent.

Maine GOP against same-day registration, except when they're registering

09/27/11 11:23AM

In June, Maine Governor Paul LePage signed a law ending same-day registration for new voters. Ever since, the Protect Maine Votes coalition has been working on a citizens repeal. Now they've discovered that some of the same Republican politicians who support ending same-day registration have in fact used it themselves.From the Morning-Sentinel:Voting records reveal Gov. Paul LePage, at least two state senators and seven state representatives have at one time registered to vote on Election Day or during the two business days preceding it. read more

In the Newseum.

Welcome to Denver, Mr. President

09/27/11 10:35AM

President Obama heads to Denver today to talk about the American Jobs Act. @KG_Smith, communications director for House Speaker John Boehner, tweets this grab of the Denver Post: "Another tough front page before POTUS visit ... Denver Post: "Mr. President, Meet Our Jobless."FWIW, Mr. Obama is speaking today in a district that went for him by 70 points yet also has the only Republican representative on the Denver council. read more

Morning Maddow: September 27

09/27/11 08:06AM

Reid and Boehner make a deal to keep the government running (for a little while longer).The Obama administration will let the Supreme Court decide health reform.Which Senator is more against federal regulation of gas pipelines than the gas companies are themselves? This one.The Obama campaign is getting involved in Ohio's fight to keep early voting.South Carolina's new voter restrictions appear to be working.What did Rick Perry know about Cameron Todd Willingham and when did he know it? read more

Links for the 9/26 TRMS

Links for the 9/26 TRMS

09/26/11 10:04PM

Those NASA ringtones can be downloaded here. USDA defends REAP in wake of Solyndra revelations Rural Energy for America Program President Solyndra Fact-Checking The Weekly Standard's Solyndra Cover Story Calisolar ditches loan guarantee, lands in Mississippi As Solyndra falls, Stion scales up Don't worry, Mississippi. You'll still have greenhouse gases Download NASA Sounds read more

Good Morning Landlocked Central Asia!

Good Morning Landlocked Central Asia!

09/26/11 08:23PM

As you may have heard by now, even though the announcement was only half an hour ago, The Rachel Maddow Show has won an Emmy Award in the Outstanding News Discussion and Analysis category for Rachel's reporting from Afghanistan.Rachel actually shot enough material while she was there to cover several shows. I've grouped them below into three main playlists.OK, one final edit to this post: I've tagged all of the blog entries that aren't duplicative of the videos in the below playlists and tagged them with Afghanistan2010. So this link will pull them all up. read more

A night full of puns

A night full of puns

09/26/11 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - why the House is "broken", plus a media misunderstanding... watch