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Sometimes a mini pig is just a mini pig

06/06/12 01:56PM

A progressive friend in Wisconsin says folks there have been passing around funny videos as a distraction after the white-heat of the recall season. Hamlet the Mini Pig couldn't pick a finer time to go wandering down the stairs. read more

Rapid transit

06/06/12 01:22PM

If you missed the transit of Venus yesterday, or even if you didn't, you should watch this amazing video taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (@NASA_SDO) which captured the transit in its entirety FROM SPACE. Now go mark your calendars for December 10-11, 2117.  read more

Romney surrogate boosts Obama's jobs message

06/06/12 12:38PM

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign has had six years to come up with an explanation for his poor job-creation record in Massachusetts. Amazingly, Team Romney still doesn't know what to say.President Obama's campaign has raised a straightforward and accurate point: during Romney's one term as governor, his state ranked 47th... read more

Wednesday's campaign round-up

06/06/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* The results have not yet been made official, but it appears Wisconsin Democrats won control of the state Senate last night, which would be quite a consolation prize after losing the... read more

Murkowski breaks ranks on Solyndra

Murkowski breaks ranks on Solyndra

06/06/12 10:39AM

When Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D) expressed concerns over his party's Bain Capital criticism, it was considered a critically important development. With that in mind, we'll see if it's as important when a sitting Republican senator has no use for her party's Solyndra criticisms.Sen. read more

The Nevada GOP crack-up continues

The Nevada GOP crack-up continues

06/06/12 10:06AM

The Las Vegas Sun's Jon Ralston tweeted this rather remarkable photo this week, showing a new billboard in Las Vegas, which offers "a stark reminder of the Ron Paul takeover of the Republican Party in the state's largest county."The message is unmistakable: Ron Paul is like Ronald Reagan and Mitt Romney is like George W. Bush... read more

Romney in 1965, seen on the far right, protesting in support of the Vietnam War.

The war Romney 'longed' for

06/06/12 09:29AM

At this point in American politics, whether a presidential candidate avoided service in Vietnam is probably an issue that has lost its electoral salience. While the controversy undercut Bill Clinton -- and to a lesser extent, George W. Bush -- its relevance in national campaigns seems to have come and gone.So, when the AP ran a 1,200-word piece... read more

Clinton didn't side with GOP on taxes

Clinton didn't side with GOP on taxes

06/06/12 08:41AM

After a handful of off-message comments from Bill Clinton, much of the political establishment has decided that the former president has become a thorn in the White House's side, taking positions that undercut the Democratic agenda. Most of this has been overblown, but it's a meme now, and the political establishment seems to like it... read more

The lasting impact of the Wisconsin recall

The lasting impact of the Wisconsin recall

06/06/12 07:59AM

As the dust settles in Wisconsin, and the right basks in Gov. Scott Walker's (R) recall victory, the obvious question is coming to terms with how the incumbent managed to overcome the extensive grassroots opposition to his agenda and candidacy. There is, however, no great mystery here -- consider this chart we aired on last night's... read more

Morning Maddow: June 6

Morning Maddow: June 6

06/06/12 07:42AM

Wisconsin recall results by county. Tom Barrett gets slapped by an angry supporter. What the Walker victory may mean for the Left.One bright spot for Wisconsin Democrats: they may have taken the Wisconsin Senate.Other election results to note: dueling Democrats in New Jersey, Birther Orly Taitz's dashed hopes in California, Big Tobacco... read more

Wisconsin not the only big news Tuesday

Wisconsin not the only big news Tuesday

06/05/12 08:00PM

Rachel Maddow reports on some of the other major news stories developing Tuesday in the media shadow of the Wisconsin recall election, including the United States dealing a major blow to al Qaeda with the killing of second-in-command, Sheikh Abu Yahya... watch


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