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The day after

The day after

01/25/12 07:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight’s show – in the hours after President Obama gave his State of the... watch

Ahead on the 1/25 Maddow show

01/25/12 05:52PM

Tonight's guests include:Celinda Lake, Democratic pollster, president of Lake Research PartnersSteve Kornacki, political news editor for SalonIndiana State Representative Scott PelathExecutive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show - while watching, take a listen to tonight's soundtrack (be sure to wait for the ad below to play out before listening to the song):  read more

Indiana House passes anti-union bill

01/25/12 05:15PM

In 2004, candidate Mitch Daniels told an Indiana labor union (pdf) that he saw no need for anti-union Right to Work bill. In 2006, Governor Daniels said the state didn't need the civil war that a Right to Work bill would start, that Indiana could compete for jobs just fine (video below). In 2011, Governor Daniels tried to wave Republicans off attempting to pass a union-stripping bill. Then in 2012, Governor Daniels decided he supported the bill, actively campaigning for it.What changed? read more

Voting on rights, from New Jersey to Maine

Voting on rights, from New Jersey to Maine

01/25/12 04:34PM

In New Jersey, lawmakers seem ready to send Governor Chris Christie a bill opening marriage for same-sex couples. Governor Christie says he would veto a bill. He wants lawmakers to send it out for a popular vote.Just the other day, Governor Christie dispatched with 25 bills, signing most of them and vetoing the rest. When it comes to teh gay, he first wants to raise the bar and then send the minorities out to fend for themselves. read more



01/25/12 01:44PM

Happy Chinese New Year, everybody! To usher in the Year of the Dragon, I thought I'd take a look at some of our presidential hopefuls' Chinese horoscope to get some insight.In a word -- revealing.Mitt Romney — born in 1947 – the Year of the Pig:"Pigs are industrious workers. They love to work hard and enjoy the fruits of their hard work. They not only earn money for their good days but they plan and save money for retirement days as well. They plan their lives in a way that they become rich eventually."They have a stern exterior but also have a million dollar heart. read more

The power of Tim Pawlenty

The power of Tim Pawlenty

01/25/12 12:59PM

Minnesota Republicans caucus on February 7. Since giving up his own bid for the nominations, former Governor Tim Pawlenty has been stumping for Mitt Romney. Public Policy Polling releases this gauge on the results of that so far, in a survey of 303 likely Republican caucus voters (pdf).With 70 percent of voters open to changing their minds, Newt Gingrich has not got a safe lead, PPP cautions. Neither does the Romney campaign have the result it might have hoped for in Mr. Pawlenty's homestate. For that matter, Mr. Pawlenty's own negatives are coming in at 50 percent. read more

A 3-hanky best noon thing

01/25/12 11:57AM

There wasn't a dry eye at my desk earlier today as I watched a rather extraordinary tribute to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on the House floor. Watch if you dare. read more

East Haven, Connecticut, Mayor Joseph Maturo

America is better than this, too

01/25/12 11:13AM

Latinos living in East Haven, Connecticut, say they have been harassed and bullied by city police officers for years. "Many people are scared," one told the New York Times. The officers reportedly beat some of the people they stopped and detained, and arrested people who tried to gather evidence of what the officers were doing.Yesterday morning**, agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested four East Haven policemen and accused them of conspiring to deprive residents of the constitutional rights. read more

Working it

Working it

01/25/12 09:55AM

AP sends this picture of Mitt Romney yesterday at National Gypsum in Tampa, Florida, under a sign that reads "OBAMA ISN'T WORKING."That has been a theme of Mr. Romney's campaign, but not usually on the day Mr. read more

Morning Maddow: January 25

01/25/12 07:20AM

Navy SEALS rescue an American hostage in Somalia.New Florida poll has good news for Newt Gingrich.What did Newt Gingrich do for $25,000 a month from Freddie Mac?30 years of Skutniks.The State of the 99%.Kansas Gov. Brownback is confronted by the reality of his policies.The First Lady is coming for your school lunch pizza!Are you smarter than an Intel Science Talent Search finalist? (Yeah, didn't think so. Me neither). read more

Tonight's addresses at a glance

Tonight's addresses at a glance

01/24/12 11:06PM

President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address*:Republican response from Governor Mitch Daniels*:*created from transcripts as prepared, may differ from delivered remarks(Cloud tool: Wordle) read more

Announcing the coolest thing since Jackie Chan playing ping pong: Steve Benen on Maddow Blog

01/24/12 02:40PM

The inspiring, innovative, indefatigable Steve Benen -- who truly is all that and more -- is joining our show and our blog.Steve Benen is the blogger who brought the world the bikini graph of jobs, among other miracles in journalism. He loves questions and answers, calls dubious when he sees it, and just today got up and told conservatives dreaming of a surprise 2012 candidate to get over it (and why).Steve, we are so very glad you're joining us. Gentle readers, and fierce ones, we know you're going to love this guy. read more