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This Week in God

06/09/12 09:30AM

First up from the God Machine this week is a look at an ad promoting tourism to the United States, which may not seem especially noteworthy at first blush, but which has outraged some in the religious right.Seems pretty harmless, right? The video, obviously intended for an international audience, was crafted to highlight the way in which the... read more

Cocktail Moment: Special New Orleans Edition

Cocktail Moment: Special New Orleans Edition

06/08/12 06:00PM

I recently had the honor of warming a bar stool opposite the great mixologist Lu Brow, corporate bar chef at Commander's Palace Restaurant in New Orleans. As the temperature in the French Quarter hit 93 degrees, the topic inevitably turned to summer libations. Lu offered these helpful hot weather drinking tips.1. Keep it light. "A... read more

No live Maddow Show tonight

06/08/12 05:55PM

There's no gentle way to put this, so I'm just going to come right out with it: The Rachel Maddow Show, from Rachel on down, is taking the night off. Instead, msnbc will be showing "msnbc Films: The Assassination of Dr. Tiller hosted by Rachel Maddow."In a few minutes Kent will be publishing a special cocktail recipe, so... read more

The dispute is over the letter N. This one is a letter press 10-point Kabel.

Michigan just got weirder

06/08/12 05:03PM

In a long-awaited ruling, a Michigan appeals court today said that the font size on a petition to overturn state Republicans' souped-up emergency manager law is too small, but that the referendum should go on the ballot anyway. The court wrote, in an essence, that the statutes require them to consider that the people circulating the... read more

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Red v. Blue

06/08/12 04:32PM

Coleman Scott squares off against Shawn Bunch, eventually winning a best-of-three championship series held in the middle of Times Square, clinching a spot on the U.S. Olympic men's freestyle wrestling team. Bunch qualified for the team in a previous competition.Andy Dallos finds a way to the front of the crowd for the clean shot (again). read more

Hoekstra leads with his chin

Hoekstra leads with his chin

06/08/12 03:21PM

There's been a fair amount of chatter in D.C. lately about some leaks of national security information, which Republicans believe was politically motivated. President Obama was asked about it today, and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has been trying to turn this into a scandal, even going so far as to call for a special counsel investigation... read more

Chronicling Mitt's Mendacity, Vol. XXI

06/08/12 02:17PM

Campaigning in St. Louis yesterday, Mitt Romney, reading from his teleprompter, told supporters he would never be a "president of doubt and deception."You could almost hear irony weeping. After all, as Kevin Drum explained, "I expect political candidates to bend the truth a fair amount.... But Romney's willingness to flat-out... read more

The circus finds a new spectacle

06/08/12 12:55PM

Political coverage of President Obama can be odd sometimes. We've reached the point at which media professionals no longer evaluate the president's comments at a press conference, for example, but rather evaluate how the comments might be used against him later.What matters isn't the substance, then, but whether the substance has... read more

Bain Capital:  the conventional wisdom may not be wise

Bain Capital: the conventional wisdom may not be wise

06/08/12 12:30PM

When President Obama's re-election campaign began criticizing Mitt Romney's controversial private-sector background, the pushback was immediate. Republicans said it showed hostility towards capitalism; some high-profile Democrats balked; the many in the media predicted a public backlash.The political establishment quickly formed a... read more

Friday's campaign round-up

06/08/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* After an Obama campaign offensive on Mitt Romney's Massachusetts record, the Republican campaign has a new ad claiming Romney had "the best jobs record in a decade" as... read more

Health care for 6.6 million young adults

06/08/12 11:24AM

The one constant in the politics surrounding "Obamacare" is the division in the polls: the Affordable Care Act is not at all popular, but the provisions within the Affordable Care Act are very popular. Folks hate "Obamacare" because they've been told to, but these same folks want and expect the benefits the law provides... read more

Is Florida's voter purge 'all but over'?

06/08/12 10:52AM

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) is pushing a controversial voter-purge scheme, ostensibly trying to remove non-citizens from the voter rolls, but the effort has relied on bad data and had the effect of targeting thousands of eligible citizens. The Justice Department wants the purge to stop; Scott doesn't care.But on the ground, the decision isn... read more


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