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E.g., 9/18/2014
Inductive loop detector sweet spots

Trip the light fan-traffic

01/06/12 05:25PM

Last Friday, Melissa mentioned that one of the new laws taking effect with the start of the new year is that bicycles and motorcycles in Illinois are allowed to run red lights after stopping for a reasonable amount of time.The reason a law like this isn't completely ridiculous might not be immediately obvious to everyone - particularly if you don't ride a motorcycle or bicycle on the street - plus, there's an interesting explanation that even those who have to deal with the problem often aren't aware of.Everyone who drives is already familiar with trip lights, right? read more

What does he know???

New Hampshire primate

01/06/12 04:01PM

In this corrupt, post-Citizens United world of multi-billion dollar influence peddling, who can we rely upon to give us unbiased predictions about our elections- the political parties, the cable news punditocracy, the pollsters?Or Grandpa, a wise old spider monkey at the Staten Island Zoo?According to the New York Daily News:"On Monday, the day before the showdown in the Granite State, The News will have Grandpa pick a banana from a bunch. read more

Political baby

01/06/12 03:56PM

This is probably not the most important thing that has happened today while we're reporting in New Hampshire, but it certainly the cutest and the sweetest and the most wonderful.We'll see you at 9 Eastern, live from Manchester, New Hampshire, land of seven jillion Mitt Romney signs. read more

Late night pickle backs with Jimmy Fallon

01/06/12 11:30AM

If you couldn't stay awake late enough to see Rachel last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, fear not! His crack web staff already have the clips up.Random pickle back story: I tended bar for several years in the late 1990s. Nothing fancy; in fact, quite the opposite of fancy. Fancy mixology wasn't really trendy then, and my bar wasn't really trendy in that way anyway. If anything was trendy, it was sweet drinks made of flavored liqueurs with obscene or suggestive names (think Sex on the Beach). read more

The sounds of spying

01/06/12 10:17AM

If you pay close enough attention to this blog, you probably have a pretty good guess as to who was behind the R.P.* for last night's A block. Not being among the Wilco fans who caught the reference right away, I was left to poke through the google while listening to the album (give it a few songs, it warms up), looking for a broader explanation. YHF? WTF? The short explanation is that Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is code used by spies on short wave radio. read more

The Week in Geek

01/06/12 09:19AM

See if you can figure this out before the big reveal at the end.What does your brain know that your mind doesn't? Kepler astronomers are now LISTENING to the stars, and I don't mean in the astrological sense.Scientists invent a cloaking device for time. Don't say the future isn't here.The photographer and the photos that helped secure Yosemite's future as a national park.Ever want to have a drink with Ernest Shackleton? read more

Morning Maddow: January 6

01/06/12 07:50AM

Iowa GOP responds to an allegation of a caucus vote miscount.Jon Huntsman gets a big New Hampshire endorsement. But he's still way down in the polls.The military is probing a possible leak of details of the mission to kill Osama bin Laden.The IRS audits more millionaires.Washington state lawmakers may require private insurers to pay for abortion.Man arrested, charged in Pensacola abortion clinic fire.Chopper pilot used coffee cups to warn campers of a killer on the loose. read more