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E.g., 8/23/2014

Morning Maddow: December 9

12/09/11 07:48AM

 The family of missing ex-FBI agent Robert Levinson releases his "proof of life" video.Who doesn't like Gingrich? Pretty much anyone who had to work with him back in the day.Life invades art imitating life: "Law and Order" builds a fake Zuccotti Park camp, and Occupy Wall Street moves in for real.Police decide not to evict Occupy Boston.Big infrastructure repair in NYC is expected to create thousands of jobs.Why doesn't the Pentagon want to pay for a mental health program for the National Guard?NASA has lost lots and lots of space rocks. read more

Best meme on Twitter this week

Best meme on Twitter this week

12/08/11 09:18PM

Because Rick Perry did  his anti-gay ad... wearing the Heath Ledger jacket from the heartwarming gay cowboy movie, "Brokeback Mountain."  Well done, governor. You're a thing.Teletubbies... and other gay things inserted into Rick Perry's video.Rick Perry's unpopular opinions. read more

Ahead on the 12/8 Maddow show

12/08/11 07:41PM

Tonight's guests include:Jonathan Alter, msnbc political analyst, Bloomberg View columnist and author of "The Promise: President Obama, Year One"   Frank Phillips, Boston Globe State House Bureau chiefExecutive producer Bill Wolff and senior producer Tina Cone share a preview of tonight's show:  read more

Care for a scotch egg?

Care for a scotch egg?

12/08/11 07:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - we look at the 2012 presidential candidate field and their... watch

Beats us

Beats us

12/08/11 05:15PM

Andy Dallos went out for lunch and came back with this picture. Anyone know what this thing is? read more

Elizabeth Warren and the charm offensive

12/08/11 03:44PM

After an ad saying Elizabeth Warren is too cozy with Occupy Wall Street, Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS is now going after the Senate hopeful for being too friendly with Wall Street. "Warren went on a charm offensive with some of the same banks who got bailed out," the ad says.Thanks to the on-screen annotation, we can look back at the original report and see how that "charm offensive" went over:"I can tell you that I'm anxious, and I'm somewhat angry," said Alabama Rep. read more

President Obama and Secretary Sebelius talking health coverage last year in Maryland.

Obama on Plan B: 'Apply some common sense'

12/08/11 02:09PM

Yesterday, the FDA approved the emergency contraception Plan B for over-the-counter sales -- meaning no prescription needed, no identification necessary, no restrictions of any kind -- because "the drug could be used safely by women of all ages." Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius disagreed, and used her office's power to override the FDA for the first time in HHS history.This did not go over well. "Left blogs fume over Plan B decision" was Politico's headline. read more