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Andy Griffith  1926-2012

Andy Griffith 1926-2012

07/03/12 02:23PM

Actor and musician Andy Griffith has died at his home on Roanoke Island, North Carolina at age 86.Mr. Griffith's preternatural ease in front of the camera and innate decency made him a star not just for years, but for decades. The lesson here: Be who you are, without apologies and without patronizing your audience, and they'll love... read more

Joe Walsh doesn't want to hear about military service

07/03/12 02:03PM

A few months ago, Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) downplayed the military service and sacrifices made by his Democratic challenger, Tammy Duckworth, who lost two legs and part of an arm while serving in Iraq. "What else has she done?" Walsh asked. "Female, wounded veteran ... ehhh."Walsh later walked that back a little, but the... read more

?, ? and ? munching on milkweed

Contest: name those caterpillars

07/03/12 01:12PM

Last fall I raised two monarch caterpillars named Maddowpillar and Lambchop. This week my daughter and I found three more caterpillars on a tiny patch of milkweed (which somehow escaped a weed whacker) near a church fence in Nutley, NJ. They are nestled in a shoebox and munching away.There is a big difference between these new, nameless... read more

Tuesday's campaign round-up

07/03/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* How invested is President Obama's re-election campaign in going after Mitt Romney's controversial private-sector background at Bain Capital? read more

When vouchers reclaim the spotlight

When vouchers reclaim the spotlight

07/03/12 11:28AM

For much of the 1990s, the conservative push for school vouchers was a top-tier issue. There was strong public demand for education reforms, and for the Republican Party, vouchers (or the phrase that polled better, "school choice") were the solution: what better way to improve schools than to give folks tax dollars to pay for private... read more

Law enforcement officials in Chicago held a news conference last week after a major drug bust.

Ending the 'Drug War' in a second term

07/03/12 10:47AM

When Barack Obama sought the presidency four years ago, his to-do list was as ambitious as any agenda voters had seen in a long while. As he seeks another term, the president can at least say he's had enormous success in racking up historic accomplishments.But what does he do for an encore? Or more accurately, what is it the president can... read more

Allen West can't help himself

07/03/12 09:56AM

There seems to be a bit of pattern to how Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) conducts himself. Periodically, the unhinged Republican lawmaker will say something ridiculous, which is soon followed by a period in which West revels in the attention. read more

The GOP healthcare 'alternative'

07/03/12 09:20AM

We know President Obama's approach to fixing the dysfunctional American health care system: it's called the Affordable Care Act, and until Republicans stop trying to kill it, the reform package is the law of the land. We also know that GOP officials at every level at least pretend to hate "Obamacare" with every fiber of their... read more

One nation, still with birth control

One nation, still with birth control

07/03/12 09:13AM

Artist Michele Pred sends this take on the American flag, made of1,443 hand-painted birth control pills. At 11" by 14", "Promote the General Welfare" is part of Pred's new project on reproductive rights. Pred crowd-sources material for her work -- each pill is only about a quarter-inch around -- and she needs more to... read more

'Judicial restraint'

'Judicial restraint'

07/03/12 08:00AM

I was tempted the other day to pull together the most over-the-top hysterics surrounding Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and his ruling on the Affordable Care Act, but I quickly gave up. The task was simply too daunting -- the right's apoplexy was excessive to the point of comedy.That said, some of the more "cringe worthy"... read more

Morning Maddow: July 3

07/03/12 07:51AM

AP: President Obama is considering more cuts in our nuclear arsenal.The next House Republican attack on health reform.Romney will make his political pilgrimage to Israel.Papers, please.Farming group predicts revenue losses because there aren't enough illegal immigrant produce pickers.Mother Jones: The dog that voted and other election fraud... read more

Ahead on the 7/2 Maddow show

07/02/12 08:00PM

Tonight's guests:Dr. Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont and former DNC chairmanDahlia Lithwick, legal correspondent and senior editor for SlateMelissa Harris-Perry, host of “Melissa Harris-Perry” on msnbc and political science professor at Tulane UniversityHere's senior producer Cory Gnazzo with a look at the story we'll be... read more


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