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Road worriers

Road worriers

12/21/11 10:40AM

Attention: America: New Hampshire Republicans would like everyone to know how NOT Massachusetts their state is. According to the Newburyport News, "Six GOP lawmakers want the Department of Transportation to erect signs along every unmarked road leading from New Hampshire into Massachusetts, stating: "Warning: Massachusetts Border 500 Feet."The Live Free or Die Republicans insist the signs are necessary because various laws and statutes are so different in the two states. Still, it's clear no one has passed a law curbing snotty passive-aggression.Said Sen. read more

Morning Maddow: December 21

12/21/11 07:46AM

Happy almost-solstice! Don't forget to google "let it snow."Looks like we're not the only ones to notice Boehner is bad at his job.And the Wall Street Journal editorial board calls the GOP fight over the payroll tax a "fiasco."Gary Johnson is dropping out of the GOP race and running as a Libertarian instead.California courts are redefining the meaning of "parent."Reuters on who will be running North Korea.Infrastructure!How do you say "awesome" in Yiddish? read more

Mystery solved: The Jeb Bush poll

12/20/11 04:12PM

 Last night on the show, Rachel asked who might be behind the mysterious robopolling in New Hampshire, the one Dave Weigel reported asks about former Florida Governor Jeb Bush against President Obama in a hypothetical 2012 election. Since Jeb Bush has said he isn't running for anything, why is his name popping up in polls? Who would want to know the answer to that question?Thanks to the sleuthing of James Carter, we can now tell you the answer: Purple Strategies, a political communications firm. Director Doug Usher tells us that yes, it's his firm. read more

From a Virginia Uranium photo gallery of the site, Coles Hill.

Uranium mining is good for you

12/20/11 01:55PM

A company called Virginia Uranium has been itching to mine what it believes is 119 million pounds of the radioactive element in southern Virginia. The company has been courting Virginia state legislators to lift the moratorium on uranium mining, and executives say they believe they'll get someone to introduce a bill next year.To speed that along, Virginia Uranium commissioned a study by the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering about whether uranium mining was safe. The study cost $1.42 million, which Virginia Uranium paid. read more

Wisconsin's pay-for-protest is all sound and fury

Wisconsin's pay-for-protest is all sound and fury

12/20/11 12:38PM

On December 1, embattled, union-busting Governor Scott Walker unveiled a policy that would charge fees to protest groups numbering four or more at the state capitol in Madison -- fees for extra police, and for cleanup and repairs.  Those are fees which opponents argue are in direct violation of the state constitution. read more