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Ahead on the 7/7 Maddow show

07/07/11 06:43PM

Tonight's guests include:Bob Herbert, distinguished senior fellow at Demos and contributor to PolicyShopRep. Raul Grijalva, (D) Arizona, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus   Senior show producer Cory Gnazzo will now share a preview of tonight's show:  read more

Floppy fists of justice

Floppy fists of justice

07/07/11 06:02PM

Madison, Wisconsin's tradition of protest continues. This time, citizens have constructed a 25-foot tall inflatable balloon of Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, using what the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel describes as $10 worth of drop cloths and duct tape.They are protesting over allegations made by fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, who says Justice Prosser attacked her and put her in a chokehold. Authorities are investigating.UPDATE: Here are the apparent protesters, building it in their yard. read more

You say goodbye, I say haboob

07/07/11 05:26PM

Feedback on last night's show is revealing marked support for the joy of pronouncing "haboob." A close secnod to pronouncing the word is the fun of hearing it said repeatedly, so here, for your tittering pleasure is a healthy portion of haboob tube:There's something about hearing the repeated use of haboob that makes puns difficult to suppress. Here are my top six from last night's watch party:Weather experts insist that all haboobs be held in equal regard, no matter the size. read more

Poison, meet antidote

07/07/11 03:24PM

Right Wing Watch posted this bit of anti-gayness today (h/t @ImTheQ). Clarifying: If you're new to Right Wing Watch, please know that they did not make the video -- the site tracks extremism on the right, and does a great job of it. Continuing: The clip RWW found is not supposed to be pro-bullying campaign, maybe, but it sure comes off like one. A room full of kids deciding it's weird to have two dads, and then the teacher throws the storybook about two days away? Ugly.Much more fun is this kid from the Netherlands singing about his two dads. It's a bigot's worst nightmare. read more

Sometimes the blur is cool!

Our fireworks!

07/07/11 01:58PM

It took a little longer than I anticipated to dig out from under the avalanche of fireworks photos you all submitted but I'm glad I did. If you live in a part of the country that couldn't have fireworks due to drought this year, after the jump are enough colorful bursts to have a show of your own (and maybe crash your browser).  read more

Best noon thing

Best noon thing

07/07/11 12:07PM

Normally at NASA, the guys in the blue jumpsuits are the rock stars. But today at the #NASATweetUp for the Space Shuttle Atlantis launch, Astronauts Mike Massimino and Doug Wheelock got upstaged by a furry red monster.TRMS producer Jamil Smith's video of the moment to come, as soon as he can upload it. read more

It's on.

Too geeked to sleep (#NASATweetup)

07/07/11 10:08AM

In the 1986 movie "SpaceCamp," five campers aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis are launched into orbit because a kid-friendly droid puts them there (long story as to why). Plot devices such as The Cute, Sentient Robot™ are a staple of 80s dreck like "SpaceCamp," but that doesn't matter in the least when you're an 11-year-old kid watching it, and dreaming of one day going into space.It's 25 years later, and I'm about to get as close to that dream as I may ever get. This morning, I'm on my way to Kennedy Space Center as the second TRMS producer this year to participate in a NASA Tweetup. read more

What Republicans want, and why

What Republicans want, and why

07/07/11 09:38AM

America keeps the taxes on corporations very low -- in 2009, U.S. corporate taxes were saved from being in the basement only by Iceland. The argument from Republicans is that rates have to stay low in order for businesses to hire people.But as Rachel talked about on the show last night, the same corporations that have been getting tax breaks have been laying off workers, not hiring. Citigroup, for example, paid just at 16.9 percent on its supposed rate of 35 percent last year, and sent 5,000 employees home. read more

Morning Maddow: July 7

07/07/11 07:32AM

Michele Bachmann's first Iowa ad.President Obama is putting social security cuts on the table.Republicans say they're okay with revenue increases, but not if they're taxes.And Ron Paul has a completely different idea (hint: it involves the Fed).Assistance to unemployed workers becomes a sticking point for Republicans in 3 trade pacts.Formerly Communist nation is about to show it's pretty good at the whole supply-and-demand thing.Did you know there's another nuclear power plant complex at Fukushima? Did you know electrical problems forced them to shut the cooling system down at one reactor? read more

Haboob is the word

Haboob is the word

07/06/11 08:00PM

Rachel Maddow notes with glee the number of times members of the media were made to say the word "haboob" in reporting on a massive dust storm in Arizona. watch