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Is the GOP facing a tea party hangover in...

Is the GOP facing a tea party hangover in 2012?

04/17/12 08:00PM

Rachel Maddow reports on how the unpopularity of the most radical right-wing governors is hurting Republicans running for office in 2012 and raises tough questions for Mitt Romney about whether he supports the extremist legislation push by these... watch

Ahead on the 4/17 Maddow show

04/17/12 06:53PM

Tonight's guests include:Steve Kornacki, senior writer for Salon and msnbc contributorSen. Sherrod Brown, (D) OhioWhile watching tonight's video preview, take a listen to tonight's soundtrack. (Just be sure to allow the ad below to play out entirely before starting the video)Executive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show:  read more

In Michigan, the price of autocracy

In Michigan, the price of autocracy

04/17/12 06:00PM

Benton Harbor, Michigan, is getting some new outdoor sculpture. It's part of the Krasl Arts Center's 2012 Biennial Sculpture Invitational, and the guy in charge of Benton Harbor says it's OK for the sculpture to come on in.The manager's approval matters, because he stripped the local elected officials of their power last year. Now, when the city commission needs a new mayor pro tem, he has to sign an order to make that happen. When the city commission proclaims Constitution Week, he cancels it, because the city commission hasn't got even that level of ceremonial power anymore. read more

Tuesday's Mini-Report

04/17/12 05:30PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* Space Shuttle Discovery made its final flight today, and gave folks in D.C. a "spectacular aerial" show this morning. It will now be part of the Smithsonian's permanent collection.* Remember in 2010, when congressional Republicans said "deem and pass" was an outrageous abuse and an assault on all that is good in the world? read more

Kris Kobach, Romney's far-right immigration adviser.

Let the Etch A Sketch shaking begin

04/17/12 04:03PM

Less than a week ago, Fred Barnes, a prominent Republican insider in DC, wrote, "According to a Romney adviser, his private view of immigration isn't as anti-immigrant as he often sounded."It was the first big hint that the campaign was already poised to shake the Etch A Sketch in a big way. read more

Obama pushes to rein in oil speculators

04/17/12 03:10PM

It's probably unrealistic to think Congress will leap into action, but President Obama is making the push anyway for lawmakers to crack down on oil market speculators -- the very folks the administration argues are responsible for driving up prices at the pump."I call on Congress to pass a package of measures to crack down on illegal activity and hold accountable those who manipulate the market for private gain at the expense of millions of working families," Obama said. read more

Romney campaign infographic

Why government, family budgets aren't the same

04/17/12 01:00PM

The Romney campaign today pushes a line we've all heard countless times: "Your family has to operate on a budget, so why doesn't the federal government have to do the same?" Team Romney even put together this "infographic," which presumably helps prove a point the campaign considers important.Given how common this sentiment is, it's worth taking a moment from time to time to occasionally reemphasize why this analogy is so very wrong.At first blush, I can appreciate its appeal -- the argument has a certain down-home, common-sense sort of quality to it. read more