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A show of awesome stories

A show of awesome stories

07/12/11 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - the debt ceiling games continue down an ominous path, plus we... watch

Ahead on the 7/12 Maddow show

07/12/11 05:51PM

Tonight's guests include:Rep. Raul Grijalva, (D) Arizona and co-chair of the Congressional Progressive CaucusCharles Benson, political reporter for WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee   Wayne Slater, columnist for the Dallas Morning NewsExecutive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show: read more

Mitch McConnell offers non-deal deal

Mitch McConnell offers non-deal deal

07/12/11 03:23PM

The Washington Post reports that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is pitching a non-deal on the debt ceiling. The proposal is fairly far into the legislative weeds, but it involves having President Obama ask for a request in the debt ceiling, which Republicans would reject. President Obama would veto the rejection, and Republicans would let the veto stand.Producer Mike Yarvitz forwards this rough verbate of Senator McConnell talking to reporters just now:We would authorize him to request of us that we raise the debt ceiling for the amount he says he needs ... read more

Boehner: Talks failed over taxing the rich

Boehner: Talks failed over taxing the rich

07/12/11 01:02PM

House Speaker John Boehner told the Republican caucus today why his talks with President Obama broke down. A big part of it is that President Obama wants to make taxes more progressive, meaning the rich would pay more. Mr. Boehner is more in line with Senator Orrin Hatch, who says folks on the bottom don't pay enough.From Mr. read more

Bachmann: 'I will not vote to increase the debt ceiling.'**

07/12/11 10:57AM

**GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachman (R-Minnesota) has identified a way to get her to vote for raising the debt ceiling instead of tanking the economy. From the Hill:"They'd have to cut an enormous amount, including they would have to defund Obamacare," she said on Fox News in response to a question about the circumstances under which she'd vote to raise the debt ceiling. "Because that's the largest entitlement in the history of the country."A new report out this week says that under federal health reform, states stand to save $100 billion from 2014 to 2019.  read more

Liz Cheney, keeping America scary

07/12/11 09:42AM

Keep America Safe wants America to stay in Afghanistan longer, or something. The project, a Liz Cheney joint, lists a long series of polls in Web resources -- voters worrying about Guantanamo closing, worrying about the "Ground Zero Mosque," the "Ground Zero Mosque" again, and yet more on the "Ground Zero Mosque."While we're governing by polls, how about Gallup finding that 72 percent of Americans back President Obama's plan for leaving Afghanistan, including 50 percent of Ms. Cheney's own Republican Party. read more

Morning Maddow: July 12

07/12/11 07:58AM

Hamid Karzai's powerful half-brother is assassinated in Afghanistan.Rep. Darrell Issa is investigating the White House for illegal political activity.The Justice Department requires gun shops near the Mexican border to alert them when people buy too many high-powered rifles. Cue the NRA outrage.Recalled Wisconsin Democratic Senators outraise their Republican challengers.The Miami Herald looks at Michele Bachmann's many police reports.The CIA analyst known as "John" who helped nab Osama bin Laden is now going under cover for his own protection. read more

Whipping up a trachea in 2008 (pdf)

Breathing new life

07/12/11 04:12AM

 Speaking of the coming wonders, did you catch the headline on Friday that the first synthetically grown transplant was performed? Actually, from what I gather, the procedure was performed on June 9 and the patient was released from the hospital on Friday.Scientists used a synthetic lattice coated in the recipient's own stem cells to grow him a new trachea which they then successfully implanted, replacing his cancerous one, without the fear of rejection that comes with transplants that come from organ donors.The funny thing is that this almost isn't even news. read more