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Beliefs don't matter, policies do

07/11/12 03:53PM

The Business Roundtable hosted a debate on energy policy today, with representatives of President Obama and Mitt Romney on hand to make their case. Speaking for the Republican was Linda Stuntz, a lawyer who worked at the Energy Department under Bush/Quayle, who assured attendees that Romney is "certainly not a denier" of global warming... read more

Maybe the 'Gestapo' isn't so bad after all?

Maybe the 'Gestapo' isn't so bad after all?

07/11/12 03:00PM

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) caused a stir when he condemned the Supreme Court's health care ruling, declaring, "We the people have been told there is no choice. You must buy health insurance or pay the new Gestapo -- the I.R.S." He made matters slightly worse when he said those concerned by the Nazi reference "ought to be... read more

Dems hope to play offense on health care

07/11/12 01:29PM

A little later today, House Republicans will vote once again to eliminate every word of every page of the Affordable Care Act. I noted yesterday that it will be the 31st time the House GOP has voted to repeal all, part, or some of "Obamacare," but it turns out I understated matters -- I've since been informed by the House... read more

Romney's unpleasant visit with the NAACP

07/11/12 12:33PM

It's a mistake to assume that every prominent Republican who speaks at the NAACP's national convention will receive a cool reception. It's simply not the case -- then-RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman's speech in 2004 was very well received, for example.So, when Mitt Romney agreed to speak this morning, it was hardly a foregone... read more

Wednesday's campaign round-up

07/11/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* A new national Quinnipiac poll shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney nationally by three (46% to 43%), while a Reuters/Ipsos poll released yesterday showed Obama up by six (49% to... read more

This is not the 'Bermuda' you're looking for

07/11/12 11:30AM

In light of Mitt Romney's curious shell corporation in Bermuda, quietly transferred to his wife's name to avoid disclosure laws, ABC News ran an item yesterday with a needlessly provocative headline designed to get far-right links: "On Obama Adviser's Disclosure Form: 'Bermuda.'"Naturally, it had the intended... read more

An 'extreme' tax policy

An 'extreme' tax policy

07/11/12 10:51AM

President Obama is pushing a modest, popular tax plan: those making under $250,000 get to keep their tax cut for another year. The top 2% get to keep their tax cut for their first $250,000 in income, but would pay Clinton-era rates on the rest.How will Mitt Romney fight against a middle-class tax cut in an election year? By labeling Obama's... read more

Nikki Haley hinders public health (again)

Nikki Haley hinders public health (again)

07/11/12 10:10AM

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) is clearly on a roll when it comes to health care. Three weeks ago, she vetoed an HPV vaccine bill, despite bipartisan support in the state legislature, and despite the fact that the proposal would save lives by preventing cervical cancer. Soon after, the Republican governor vowed to kill Medicaid expansion in... read more

The GOP's #1 Senate target

The GOP's #1 Senate target

07/11/12 09:35AM

Senate Democrats have held the majority now in three consecutive Congresses (the 110th through the 112th), their longest majority in about two decades. But Republicans need a net gain of just a few seats to regain control of the chamber.To that end, the GOP is eyeing several Democratic incumbents this year, but one in particular clearly sits... read more

Why it matters when, exactly, Romney left Bain

Why it matters when, exactly, Romney left Bain

07/11/12 08:33AM

It was easy to miss, but there was an interesting spat last week between President Obama's campaign and the Annenberg Center's The campaign had run an ad holding Mitt Romney responsible for a series of Bain Capital layoffs, which rejected as unfair -- the layoffs, the website's editors said, occurred... read more

Firefighters in Colorado.

Obama to extend health coverage to federal firefighters

07/11/12 08:00AM

I was surprised to learn two weeks ago that federal firefighters, including many combating brutal wildfires in Colorado, are considered temporary employees who are ineligible for health care coverage through the Forest Service. They're working incredibly dangerous jobs under life-threatening conditions, but many go without insurance... read more

Morning Maddow: July 11

Morning Maddow: July 11

07/11/12 06:51AM

Romney merch goes vintage.Romney speaks at the NAACP convention today.Ohio Governor Kasich grants clemency to another death-row inmate.Which House Democrats did not sign a brief asking a federal appeals court to overturn DOMA?BP abandons its ambitious plan for drilling off the coast of Alaska.A soldier's family sues a military contractor... read more

Links for the 7/10 TRMS

07/10/12 11:52PM

June 21, 2012 - Kalamazoo River reopens to the public, 2 years after Enbridge oil spill in MichiganFeds: Enbridge detected defect years before massive oil spillEnbridge, Inc. Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Rupture Enbridge says it met all regulatory standards at time of Kalamazoo River oil spill, has corrected problems Campaign aims to counter oil... read more

McQueen the caterpillar is moving on

McQueen the caterpillar is moving on

07/10/12 08:07PM

We barely had time to name our bigger caterpillar, McQueen, when we discovered s/he was ready to make the big transition. McQueen has attached him/herself to the lid of the shoebox and is hanging upside in a J-shape. Sometime tonight or tomorrow McQueen's skin will split open and reveal a jade green chrysalis with gold dots. read more

Busy night = Big show

Busy night = Big show

07/10/12 08:00PM

Cory Gnazzo, senior show producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of Tuesday’s show – the great James Carville is on the show to discuss his new book, “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” plus we’ve got updates on the oil spill in Michigan and we... watch


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