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The elusive tax returns remain hidden

07/13/12 12:27PM

Former President Bill Clinton appeared on NBC's "Today" show, and acknowledged how "perplexed" he is that Mitt Romney has only disclosed his tax returns for one year. "That struck me as a little odd," Clinton said.What's especially interesting now, however, is that Republicans don't even agree amongst... read more

Friday's campaign round-up

07/13/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* A new national poll from the Pew Research Center shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney, 50% to 43%. read more

Obama campaigning in Virginia

GOP attacks Obama over GOP budget cuts

07/13/12 11:16AM

President Obama will be in Virginia today, where polls show him in the lead, but Republicans believe they have a potent message to undermine his support in the commonwealth.Republicans are launching an aggressive effort to blame President Obama for deep cuts due to hit the Pentagon next year, spotlighting a potentially dangerous issue for the... read more

Romney and the rivals who failed to put him through his paces.

The vetting that never happened

07/13/12 10:33AM

There are clear downsides to a long, contentious presidential nominating race. It can harden intra-party divisions, for example, while costing a ton of money that candidates would prefer to spend on the general election.But they're not all bad. Candidates who persevere through a difficult process tend to be stronger for it -- they've... read more

Clumsy, creative editing

07/13/12 09:59AM

A Republican group called the Ripon Society recently hosted an event with four prominent Republican congressman: Arizona Rep. Jeff Flake, Montana Rep. Denny Rehberg, North Dakota Rep. Rick Berg, and Nevada Sen. Dean Heller. Heller was appointed to his Senate seat last year, and the other three lawmakers on the panel hope to join him there in... read more

Scott Brown's sense of self-importance

Scott Brown's sense of self-importance

07/13/12 09:15AM

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) got himself into a little trouble a few weeks ago, boasting about how important he is. To prove it, the Republican said he's been "in secret meetings with kings and queens and prime ministers."As it turns out, that wasn't true, and his staff later said he misspoke.This week, however, Scott's... read more

Don't bother Haley with the details

Don't bother Haley with the details

07/13/12 08:45AM

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) has called her voter-ID law one of her signature accomplishments in public office. The voter-suppression measure, intended to eliminate fraud that appears to exist only in Republicans' imaginations, was intended to go into effect this year.The Justice Department had other ideas. Using the Voting Rights... read more

The testimony Romney prefers to forget

07/13/12 08:00AM

Much of yesterday's controversy surrounding Mitt Romney's work at Bain Capital comes down to a very narrow question. Both sides agree that Romney was a well-compensated CEO of his firm from 1999 to 2002. Both sides agree that Bain orchestrated controversial investments, layoffs, and bankruptcies during that time.But while Romney's... read more

Morning Maddow: July 13

Morning Maddow: July 13

07/13/12 06:47AM

Fmr. VP Cheney helps Romney raise $4 million.Alaska's Governor might opt his state out of Medicaid expansion.Report: Condi Rice is on Romney's VP short list.The House schedules a vote on extending the Bush tax cuts.Another massacre reported in Syria.The voter registration firm behind all those stories of dogs getting registered to vote... read more

Tonight’s show!

Tonight’s show!

07/12/12 08:00PM

Cory Gnazzo, senior show producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of Thursday’s show - Romney’s ties to Bain Capital are called into question, plus Virginia politics with the one and only Mudcat Saunders and tonight’s Best New Thing... watch

GOP abandons outreach, plays to base

GOP abandons outreach, plays to base

07/12/12 08:00PM

Rachel Maddow reviews how the Romney campaign has given up on reaching out to African-Americans and Hispanic Americans, and is instead addressing a more specific base - as evidenced by his no-cameras-allowed fundraiser with Dick Cheney. watch

Is Virginia's red fever passing?

Is Virginia's red fever passing?

07/12/12 08:00PM

Rachel Maddow describes the radical social conservatism that overtook Virginia politics in 2010 when previous trends had shown Democratic gains, and talks with Democratic strategist Mudcat Saunders about why he sees vulnerability in Republicans,... watch


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