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Romney taxing supporters with transparency...

Romney taxing supporters with transparency dodge

07/17/12 08:00PM

Dan Rather, anchor and managing editor of “Dan Rather Reports” on AXS TV, talks with Rachel Maddow about the worsening self-inflicted damage Mitt Romney does to his campaign the longer he resists calls to release his past years' tax returns. watch

Ahead on the 7/17 Maddow show

07/17/12 06:30PM

Tonight's guests:Dan Rather, anchor and managing editor of “Dan Rather Reports” on AXS TVWayne Slater, senior political writer and columnist for the Dallas Morning News and author of "Bush's Brain"Here's tonight's soundtrack.And here's executive producer Bill Wolff with a look at tonight's show:   read more

The international reach of nonsense

07/17/12 03:21PM

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently wrapped up an important diplomatic mission in Cairo the other day, including lengthy discussions with newly-elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who said Egypt will respect its international treaties.But if you saw any of the media coverage of Clinton's visit, you may have noticed... read more

Gary Kreep, birther king, doing just fine

Gary Kreep, birther king, doing just fine

07/17/12 02:05PM

When he finally gets inaugurated as a duly elected San Diego County judge this winter, birther Gary Kreep will go on the public payroll with a salary of $178,789. The pay for judicial service is much less than he's used to drawing from his political causes. In 2010, for instance, he made $206,000 (pdf) from his birther United States Justice... read more

Maddow exposes arms race

Maddow exposes arms race

07/17/12 01:26PM

This was Cassie responding last night to the Best New Thing in the World segment in which we met Jack Green, the British sprinter who wrote training reminders on his own arm to assure he remembered good running form.I did a quick google and found a lot of silly running-themed temporary tattoos, but what I think Cassie is really talking about is... read more

Romney campaign attacks Obama's patriotism

07/17/12 12:52PM

Last week, in the midst of swirling questions about Mitt Romney's private-sector background, there was one line in particular the Republican campaign seized on. Stephanie Cutter, the deputy campaign manager for President Obama's re-election team, raised the specter of Romney having committed a "felony" with misstatements in... read more

The nuances surrounding outsourcing

07/17/12 12:30PM

It's easy to forget after the uproar of the last week, but the near-scandal about Mitt Romney's Bain Capital background started with an Obama campaign attack on outsourcing.The president's team ran ads blasting Romney for being an outsourcing "pioneer," but instead of defending the tactic, Romney instead said the... read more

Tuesday's campaign round-up

07/17/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* How excited are Democrats about Mitt Romney's refusal to disclose his tax returns? The DNC, the American Bridge super PAC, and the Obama campaign all released ads on the subject... read more

GOP appears to have killed Law of the Sea Treaty

GOP appears to have killed Law of the Sea Treaty

07/17/12 11:37AM

It's become extremely difficult -- far more difficult than any point in American history -- for Congress to pass legislation. But treaties are even harder, since they require 67 votes for passage. Even if every member of the Democratic caucus backs a treaty, it would need 14 Republicans to go along, and in this Congress, that's an... read more

The check's in the mail

The check's in the mail

07/17/12 09:41AM

Quite a few Americans are going to go to their mailbox this week and next, open it, and find something unexpected: a check from their insurance company. It's another side benefit from the Affordable Care Act that most Americans mistakenly thinks they don't like.When Laird Le found a check for $70.02 in the mail, he wasn't quite... read more

Cheney to rally GOP against GOP proposal

Cheney to rally GOP against GOP proposal

07/17/12 08:39AM

Less than a week after hosting a lucrative fundraiser for Mitt Romney in Montana, former Vice President Dick Cheney will be on Capitol Hill today, warning House Republicans about the dangers of looming, automatic defense cuts.Former Vice President Dick Cheney is coming back to his old stomping grounds in the House of Representatives on Tuesday... read more

Context is still king

07/17/12 07:59AM

Back in November, President Obama told business leaders at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit that U.S. policymakers have been "a little bit lazy" when it comes to attracting businesses to American soil. Republicans spent a week attacking the president, saying he was calling Americans "lazy." They simply ignored the... read more


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