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Health reform critics ignorant of tax history

Health reform critics ignorant of tax history

07/02/12 08:00PM

Ezra Klein explains that contrary to the talking points of fact-free right-wing bloviators, the Affordable Care Act is not the biggest tax hike in the history of the world - it's not even the biggest tax hike in the recent history of America. watch

Court upholds abortion rights in Mississippi

Court upholds abortion rights in Mississippi

07/02/12 08:00PM

Ezra Klein follows up on the news from Mississippi where anti-abortion activists in the state government were trying to force the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi out of business with a series of trap laws, the most recent of which was... watch

Christie's bossiness does not endear him...

Christie's bossiness does not endear him to 'The Boss'

07/02/12 08:00PM

Ezra Klein points out that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's appreciation for Bruce Springsteen is likely to remain unrequited as long as his policies and actions against the working class in his state run counter to the theme of Springsteen's pro... watch

Monday's Mini-Report

07/02/12 05:30PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* Good economic news: "A surge in homebuilding U.S. construction spending up in May, the latest indication that the housing sector is slowly recovering."* Bad economic news: "Manufacturing in the U.S. unexpectedly contracted in June for the first time in almost three years, indicating a mainstay... read more

A shot across Gingrich's bow

A shot across Gingrich's bow

07/02/12 04:36PM

The right's preoccupation with bowing in recent years has been a little annoying. When Eisenhower bowed to foreign leaders it wasn't important; when H.W. Bush bowed to foreign leaders no one cared; but when Obama greeted Japanese Emperor Akihito with a customary bow, the right went berserk.Newt Gingrich, in particular, harped on this... read more

Alabama then, Michigan now.

Michigan still running in very small circles

07/02/12 03:06PM

The Michigan activists trying to get a referendum on the state's emergency manager law have turned to direct action. With their case stuck in court for two months now, they announced today that they're planning a march from Detroit to Lansing. From July 23-27, the Michigan chapter of Al Sharpton's National Action Network will walk... read more

Obama will be nowhere near the Eiffel Tower this week.

Where Obama won't be on the 4th of July

07/02/12 02:29PM

Both parties' presidential campaigns, in their never-ending quest for more contributions, routinely reach out to Americans living abroad. It's legal, routine, and uncontroversial. Politico did a big item about a week ago noting President Obama's "overseas power centers," but Mitt Romney has done plenty of fundraising of... read more

Stay classy, Christie

07/02/12 01:17PM

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) appeared at a water treatment plant over the weekend, and told reporters on hand that he only wanted them to ask questions about the plant. One journalist decided to ask an unrelated question anyway, and Christie didn't respond well."Did I say on topic? Are you stupid?" the governor said. read more

Florida's Scott refuses to implement federal law

Florida's Scott refuses to implement federal law

07/02/12 12:39PM

With the Supreme Court no longer threatening the future of the Affordable Care Act, and with implementation deadlines looming, Republican governors have some decisions to make. They oppose the federal law, despite the benefits it'll bring to their state and constituents, but ignoring it brings a host of other problems.Some, including... read more

Monday's campaign round-up

07/02/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* In an unexpected turn, Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch has begun complaining about the competence of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. read more


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