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Giving government back to voters

Giving government back to voters

07/05/12 08:00PM

Krist Novoselic, chairman of FairVote (and bassist and co-founder of Nirvana), talks with Rachel Maddow about the ideas his organization is advocating to increase voter participation and make government more representative of voters. watch

More parades this weekend to honor Iraq...

More parades this weekend to honor Iraq veterans

07/05/12 08:00PM

Rachel Maddow shares video of former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mike Mullen, describing the unimaginable sacrifice made by military families coping with multiple deployments, and provides the details of two more parades honoring returning... watch

Ahead on the 7/5 Maddow show

07/05/12 06:30PM

Tonight's guests include:EJ Dionne, columnist for the Washington Post, msnbc contributor and author of “Our Divided Political Heart"Krist Novoselic, bassist and co-founder of Nirvana and chairman of FairVoteHere's tonight's soundtrack. And here's senior producer Cory Gnazzo with a look at tonight's show:  read more

Thursday's Mini-Report

07/05/12 05:30PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* A step in the right direction, but not enough: "In the span of less than an hour on Thursday, China's central bank and the European Central Bank cut interest rates and the Bank of England stepped up its economic stimulus program."* President Obama's bus tour was in Ohio today, where he... read more

Between a rock and a hard-right place.

The discontent behind the misguided panic

07/05/12 04:01PM

As recently as a few weeks ago, the conventional wisdom was that President Obama was having an awful June, and that his campaign was in deep trouble. The evidence to bolster the thesis was thin, but the political establishment was convinced that Obama's summer was off to such a horrendous start, he might not be able to recover.These... read more

If you make it harder to vote, it's harder to vote

07/05/12 03:37PM

In one of the states where they're trying to make voting harder, the state admits that it's really hard to get one of the new free photo IDs that let you vote if don't have a license. Mississippi's Secretary of State tells the Jackson Free-Press that yes, there's an infinite loop. From the JFP:One of the requirements to... read more

'Everything was going to be better now'

'Everything was going to be better now'

07/05/12 02:45PM

Rush Limbaugh made a curious argument the other day about the economy."The vast, vast majority of problems we have in this country are directly traceable to liberals, Democrats. And I know that that sounds simplistic and it probably is not persuasive, but I'm sorry, I don't know how else to say it. I really don't. And it isn&... read more

Lakrisal in the lab, part 1

Lakrisal in the lab, part 1

07/05/12 02:15PM

As part of our Lakrisal investigation, we enlisted the help of the great Dr. Dina Merrer, associate professor of chemistry at Barnard College. Dr. Merrer is an organic chemist, as opposed to a food chemist, but she helped us learn more about the candy's composition. Ammonium chloride is a type of salt, and one of the three main ingredients... read more

New York state Sen. Marty Golden (R).

'Etiquette' event scrapped

07/05/12 01:14PM

It's still hard to imagine what he was even thinking.A state lawmaker from Brooklyn has canceled an event for women to learn "posture, deportment and the feminine presence."Republican State Sen. Marty Golden sent out a mailing advertising the July 24 business etiquette event. read more

Romney's offshore finances spark new questions

07/05/12 12:47PM

For a few weeks, Mitt Romney's offshore finances seemed like a big deal. The Republican nominee is the first modern candidate to stash cash in the Cayman Islands and have a Swiss bank account for no apparent reason, and the fact that Romney has refused to release his readily-available tax returns only makes the story more alarming.But in... read more

Thursday's campaign round-up

07/05/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* President Obama will kick off a bus tour today, hitting stops in northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.* Following the recent pattern, Mitt Romney's campaign will respond by... read more

This could have been in the U.S., instead of Sweden.

A country that can think big (or really small)

07/05/12 11:29AM

The apparent Higgs boson breakthrough is a scientific triumph, but it's worth noting that this decades-long search could have happened sooner -- and on American soil -- had it not been for congressional budget cuts.Brad Plumer explained this morning that American physicists were developing a particle accelerator three times as powerful as... read more

Candidate Chris Collins (R) rejects cancer data.

The Republican drive to politicize cancer

07/05/12 10:35AM

It hasn't been a great few weeks for Republicans' approach to cancer. First, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) vetoed a bill approved by her own party on the HPV vaccine, which will have the result of more women with cervical cancer. This came around the same time as Richard Mourdock, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Indiana,... read more


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