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E.g., 10/30/2014
Will GOP freshman Landry, Labrador, and others shift their party's 2012 economic message?

The economic pivot: from assigning blame to taking credit

03/27/12 10:14AM

For more than three years, congressional Republicans have been eager, if not desperate, to push a simple message: the economy stinks and the public should blame President Obama.With the economy improving, however, some GOP lawmakers suddenly have a very different idea in mind for an election-year message.In a break with party leaders, some House Republicans want the GOP to take credit for the improvement in the economy that has occurred under their majority.It's an economic argument that Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has thus far rejected, despite the fact that the unemployment rate has fallen read more

The importance of Romney's accidental candor

The importance of Romney's accidental candor

03/27/12 09:21AM

Mitt Romney tends to avoid policy specifics, leading critics to argue that the Republican frontrunner is afraid of what voters would think if he offered a detailed agenda before the election.In an interview with the Weekly Standard, Romney effectively admitted that his critics are right."One of the things I found in a short campaign against Ted Kennedy was that when I said, for instance, that I wanted to eliminate the Department of Education, that was used to suggest I don't care about education," Romney recalled. read more

Santorum envisions an Obama-driven dystopia

03/27/12 08:41AM

If the Santorum campaign hoped to put together a video that would get people talking, its latest effort worked like a charm. This minute-long clip is so wildly, albeit inadvertently, entertaining, I've watched it at least 10 times.The point of the video is, well, to scare the bejesus out of voters. read more

Romney doesn't know how to fake foreign policy acumen

03/27/12 08:00AM

A couple of years ago, as debate over the New START nuclear treaty was intensifying, Mitt Romney decided to weigh in on the debate with an op-ed, hoping to demonstrate some acumen on international affairs. It didn't go well. Fred Kaplan wrote at the time, "In 35 years of following debates over nuclear arms control, I have never seen anything quite as shabby, misleading and -- let's not mince words -- thoroughly ignorant as Mitt Romney's attack on the New START treaty."Sen. read more

Morning Maddow: March 27

03/27/12 07:42AM

President Obama clarifies yesterday's "hot mic" remarks.But "I will transmit this information to Vladimir" is already a thing.The Obama administration allows a federal employee's same-sex spouse to get health insurance.Newt Gingrich begins charging for photos at campaign events.Buzzfeed introduces us to "Conservative Teen" magazine.NY Times poll: support for the war in Afghanistan drops sharply.NASA launches 5-rocket extravaganza.  read more

Links for the 3/26 TRMS

Links for the 3/26 TRMS

03/27/12 12:20AM

Romney backed a *federal* individual health care mandate in 1994You Say Tax, I Say PenaltyEmergency Scream-out for JUSTICE & Press Conference for Trayvon Martin and Ramarley GrahamPolice: Zimmerman says Trayvon decked him with one blow then began hammering his headNewt Gingrich loses his print reportersGingrich delays this week's NC campaign appearanceRNC rule means hurdle for Gingrich convention strategy Rick Santorum Will Face More Ballot, Delegate Problems Stag Party read more

'Drift' tour takes shape

'Drift' tour takes shape

03/26/12 08:00PM

On the eve of the release of her book, "Drift," Rachel Maddow shares some of her tour date appointments, including an appearance with David Letterman and two... watch