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Ahead on the 1/18 Maddow Show

01/18/12 07:46PM

Tonight's guests:Chris Hayes, host of “Up with Chris Hayes” on msnbcKathleen Falk, first candidate to announce her run against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in a recall election, former Dane County Executive Here's executive producer Bill Wolff with a look at what we're covering (and while I'm not sure, I think this is the musical accompaniment he's hinting at):  read more

Iran taunts with toys

Iran taunts with toys

01/18/12 05:30PM

While the Iranian government continues to refuse to return the US drone that crashed (or was shot down, depending who you listen to) in Iran in December, the nation is offering an alternative: a toy replica of the drone. Iranian Radio Payam reported on Tuesday that a toy version of the drone is being produced and sold in Iran. The company is reportedly sending the White House one of the toys in response to President Obama's formal request for the original downed drone.For the rest of us, the toy, which is one-eightieth of the size of the real drone, will cost about $4. read more

Erpenbach won't say if he's running against Walker

01/18/12 02:26PM

When Wisconsin's Democratic state senators left the state last year in an effort to stop Republicans from stripping union rights, State Senator Jon Erpenbach became one of the most public faces of his caucus' cause. Now that Wisconsin Democrats have turned in a million signatures to put Governor Scott Walker up for recall, might Mr. Erpenbach run against him?From the show last night:MADDOW: Senator Erpenbach, I have to ask you if you are considering running against Governor Walker. There is no single declared Democratic candidate who is the obvious choice to run against Governor Walker. read more

What's at stake with SOPA, PIPA

01/18/12 12:30PM

Our beloved Boing Boing is dark today, part of the protest against wide-reaching anti-piracy legislation in Congress -- the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). But that doesn't mean Boing Boing has gone silent. Boing Boing's managing editor, Rob Beschizza, tells Al Jazeera that the laws won't work, and that they unfairly shift the cost of enforcement onto private businesses. That's just the half of it:Firstly, it encourages people publishing online to self-censor, so that they don't run afoul of all these new landmines in the landscape. read more

Wisconsin gets another candidate

01/18/12 11:05AM

Former Dane County executive Kathleen Falk says she wants to run against Governor Scott Walker in the recall. Ms. Falk has the key part down:"As your governor, I will make different choices than Scott Walker."Her video was posted yesterday, the day organizers turned in their recall petitions. Ms. Falk is the second announced candidate, after State Senator Tim Cullen. FWIW, she's already got her own Politifact entry, about her claim to have cut the costs of public employees unions. read more

'2012 will be decided in Wisconsin'

'2012 will be decided in Wisconsin'

01/18/12 10:46AM

We've been saying that Republicans want to weaken the unions because unions are a key part of the Democratic base. Today, a blast on the Tea Party Alert list makes the argument for us -- subject line: "Why 2012 will be Decided in Wisconsin." Emphasis, etc., all original:For government labor unions, this election is do or die. Gov. Walker’s historic legislation ending collective bargaining will cause a massive exodus of union members and their money. This is why unions all over America are pouring tens of millions into Wisconsin in advance of the recall election this June. read more

Pic: Romney's grassroots

Pic: Romney's grassroots

01/18/12 10:13AM

If you look at the for-public-consumption version of this event, you'll see Mitt Romney surrounded by what appears to be an enormous crowd of supporters in South Carolina yesterday.But look at the picture posted by Buzzfeed's Zeke Miller, above, and you'll see an awful lot of empty space. Zeke writes:"Only 100 supporters attended the event, billed as a "Grassroots Rally and Discusses Jobs and the Economy with Supporters" by the campaign. read more