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Monday's campaign round-up

06/18/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* In the wake of last week's new immigration policy, President Obama has gotten a significant boost in support among Latino voters. A new Latino Decisions/America's Voice poll... read more

The Watergate in Washington, D.C.

In need of a new historical touchstone

06/18/12 11:30AM

With the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal coming last week, it's worth pausing to appreciate the extent to which Republicans are still looking for the controversy's progeny.For example, Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, told Fox News the other day that alleged... read more

These are being used in the Middle East, not the Midwest.

Game of Drones

06/18/12 11:00AM

A couple of weeks ago, "The Daily Show" had a fun segment noting Fox News' allegations that the Obama administration is using drones to spy on Midwestern farmers. Megyn Kelly told viewers the EPA "has been using aerial spy drones for years to spy on cattle ranchers.... read more

The enduring unpopularity of spending cuts

The enduring unpopularity of spending cuts

06/18/12 09:50AM

There's a widely-held assumption in Republican politics about fiscal issues: Americans love spending cuts. It's why GOP officials have rallied so enthusiastically behind Paul Ryan's budget plan, and why Republicans claim to be fiscally responsible with a straight face.But the public's appetite for slashing public investments... read more

Ten-to-one still isn't good enough for Romney

06/18/12 09:13AM

Arguably the most important moment of the Republican presidential nominating process wasn't a gaffe or an attack -- it was a question that didn't even require anyone to say anything at all.At a debate for the eight GOP candidates in mid-August, Fox News' Bret Baier asked the Republican field whether they could accept a debt... read more

McConnell makes the case for secret donations

06/18/12 08:44AM

For decades, when Republicans made the case against campaign-finance reform, they invariably touted disclosure as the panacea that made restrictions unnecessary. As Fred Hiatt explained, "Republicans always dangled this apple in the most alluring way. Political money will find a path, they would insist. Give up! Give in! We will post every... read more

Romney stuck in a box on immigration

06/18/12 08:00AM

President Obama's announcement on immigration policy clearly has sweeping implications. The substance of the measure, which will benefit hundreds of thousands of families, is what matters most, but it's an election year and moves like these affect the electoral landscape in a big way -- especially for the president's opponent... read more

Morning Maddow: June 18

06/18/12 07:20AM

Rodney King, 1965-2012Waiting, waiting, waiting for SCOTUS to rule on health reform.Big insurers in Massachusetts to stick w/key health reforms for two years regardless of decision.Egyptian military gives itself sweeping new powers, revolution in doubt.Romney won't say if he'd overturn Obama's new immigration policy.Alabama's... read more

'We should not be disruptive, but...'

06/17/12 03:00PM

Mark your calendars: Ron Paul is kicking off the GOP Convention with a rally in Tampa on Sunday, August 26. In an email to supporters, the Paul campaign said they are expecting "a wonderful crowd.""The goal of this rally is to kick off the week for our delegates, set the proper and respectful tone, and prove to the GOP... read more

This Week in God

06/16/12 10:25AM

First up from the God Machine this week is a look at the religio-political impact of President Obama's big announcement yesterday on immigration policy. read more

No live Maddow Show tonight.

No live Maddow Show tonight.

06/15/12 05:55PM

Folks, we've got no live show tonight, so you'll have to let the ducks send you to prison. For everyone who's asking, Rachel has been a little under the weather, seriously nothing serious, and thank you for asking.(Photo: Andrew Dallos) read more

Return of the Week in Geek (teaser)

06/15/12 05:18PM

The Week in Geek will return in full next week after being waylaid by circumstances outside my control (despite my astrophysical powers). In the meantime, enjoy these amazing highlights from a Danish TV show entitled "Dumt & Farligt," which translates to "Stupid & Dangerous" AND AWESOME. read more

Obama unveils immigration policy at White House

06/15/12 03:21PM

Following up on an earlier item, President Obama spoke this afternoon in the Rose Garden, explaining the importance of today's new immigration policy, effectively implementing the goals of the DREAM Act.You'll notice that, about half-way through the president's statement, a "reporter" began heckling. We've since... read more

Wabbit Twouble, or Why We Love Local News

Wabbit Twouble, or Why We Love Local News

06/15/12 02:49PM

Unjustly lost in the news mix yesterday was the Great Rabbit Sculpture Kerfuffel in Dedham, Massachusetts. I'll leave WHDH Channel 7 to tell the story, but I'll say this: how can the opportunity for on-air talent to say the words "hopping mad," be anything but the purest gold? Local news starts after the jump. read more