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E.g., 12/21/2014

Ahead on the 5/16 Maddow show

05/16/12 07:16PM

Tonight's guests include:Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, (D) District of ColumbiaRichard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondentJane Lynch, actress and author of the book “Happy Accidents” (sneak preview after the jump!)While we wait for tonight's video preview to load, take a listen to tonight's (fitting) soundtrack. read more

Wednesday's Mini-Report

05/16/12 05:30PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* The FBI confirmed on the record today that it has opened a "preliminary investigation" into JPMorgan's massive trading loss.* Greece: "As Greek political leaders assembled a caretaker government Wednesday to usher in new elections next month, bankers across Athens were monitoring a worrisome development: the continued flight of billions of euros from the country amid renewed concern over Greece's fate within the euro currency union."* Vice President Biden's working class background gives him credibility to make comments like these on the stump in Ohio:* The Nati read more

TRMS Headline Writing Challenge: Infoxication

TRMS Headline Writing Challenge: Infoxication

05/16/12 05:24PM

As both Rachel and Steve Benen pointed out recently, the Fox Nation web site has a singular way with words.For instance, the headline above? Obama Regime: Working Outdoors Can Kill YouThat story is actually about OSHA warning people who work outside to get enough water, rest and sit in the shade from time to time.Though in Fox Nation's hands, this innocuous, even slightly boring story, becomes an anxiety-filled conspira-bomb pointed squarely at the heart of our socialist overlords. Whaddaya mean, hydrate? read more

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation's 2012 Fiscal Summit was yesterday in D.C.

Asymmetrical debt-reduction warfare

05/16/12 04:51PM

By now, everyone knows the score when it comes to bipartisan work on debt reduction: if there's going to be a large, long-term deal, Democrats are supposed to make concessions on entitlements and Republicans are supposed to make concessions on taxes. Putting aside the question of whether any such "grand bargain" is worthwhile, those are the basic parameters.The conventional wisdom is that such a deal is impossible because "both sides" aren't prepared to compromise. read more

'Morally repugnant political whores'

'Morally repugnant political whores'

05/16/12 03:51PM

When it comes to far-right personalities, Mike Huckabee doesn't necessarily come across as a bad guy. He tells charming stories; he frequently jokes around with Jon Stewart; and he even plays bass. As right-wing preachers-turned-politicians go, Huckabee seems non-threatening, and to some, even likable.What often goes overlooked is the uglier side of Huckabee's political persona. Zeke Miller reports today on a fundraising letter the former Arkansas governor sent to supporters of Citizens United. From the letter (odd comma usage in the original):"Look, you're a conservative and so am I. read more

He who must not be named

He who must not be named

05/16/12 02:41PM

Yesterday, former President George W. Bush delivered a four-word endorsement -- "I'm for Mitt Romney" -- as an elevator closed on him. Today, the Romney campaign said Bush's support was "welcome," though it was tough to tell.The presumptive 2012 GOP nominee delivered a speech in Florida that referred to President Obama's "predecessor" five times, without actually saying the man's name. If Bush's support is "welcome," why can't Romney bring himself to say his name out loud?It makes the larger questions -- How would Romney's agenda differ from Bush's? read more

Trying to rationalize bigotry

05/16/12 01:32PM

As Rachel explained on the show last night, Tracy Thorne-Begland was set to become a Virginia judge before state Republican lawmakers rejected him. Thorne-Begland is a state prosecutor, a father, and a former Top Gun fighter pilot, and his nomination enjoyed bipartisan sponsorship, but the GOP rejected him anyway.By all appearances, this was as plain an example of bigotry towards a judicial nominee as we've seen in a while: Thorne-Begland is gay, so Republicans blocked him from becoming a state judge.But Virginia Republicans can explain this. read more

Mitt's Miami vice

Mitt's Miami vice

05/16/12 12:30PM

The first hint of trouble came early this morning, when Mitt Romney's campaign team told journalists there would be no questions for the candidate today. read more

Wednesday's campaign round-up

05/16/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* In a new video, Jim Messina, President Obama's campaign manager, notes that the campaign raised $43.6 million in April, which is down from March's totals.* In Wisconsin, the latest Daily Kos/Public Policy Polling survey shows Gov. Scott Walker (R) ahead by five in his recall fight against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D), 50% to 45%. read more

Geithner rains on Boehner's parade

Geithner rains on Boehner's parade

05/16/12 11:39AM

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) yesterday said he would do in 2013 exactly what he did in 2011: use the debt ceiling to hold the nation hostage. As Boehner sees it, Democrats have to give in, or he'll trash the full faith and credit of the United States and crash the economy on purpose.And why did Boehner declare his intentions in mid-May? Because the Speaker is trying to shape upcoming tax-policy negotiations, applying leverage to get what he wants. read more

The fun and the real of Chris Christie

05/16/12 09:46AM

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker have made a parody video. From the New Jersey press:The three-and-a-half minute video unveiled Tuesday night at the New Jersey Legislative Correspondents Club dinner shows the Republican governor being thwarted at do-gooding by Booker. read more