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E.g., 8/30/2014

Ahead on the 2/9 Maddow show

02/09/12 06:57PM

Tonight's guests include:Rep. Jan Schakowsky, (D) Illinois, chief deputy whip, member of the Health Subcommittee, and helped pass the Affordable Care ActEric Schneiderman, New York Attorney General and member of the Federal Financial Crimes task forceCharlie Dooley, St. Louis County Executive, Vietnam veteran and supporter of the first Iraq Veterans Parade in the U.S.While we wait for the video preview to load, take a listen to tonight's soundtrack.Executive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show:  read more

Thursday's Mini-Report

02/09/12 05:30PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* President Obama spoke earlier today on the newly-announced housing settlement with banks.* For more on the new policy, I found pieces from Sarah Halzack and Sarah Kliff, Matt Yglesias, and Felix Salmon helpful. read more

Romney backs welfare drug-testing

02/09/12 04:36PM

y own view it's a great idea. People who are receiving welfare benefits, government benefits, we should make sure they are not using the money for drugs. I think it's an excellent idea."He's not the only one on the right who thinks so. Republican officials in several states have become fans of expanded drug testing, and in perhaps the most notorious instance, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) pushed through an ambitious drug-testing program, only to see it fail miserably.It's not just the states, either. Sen. read more

The tour dates for Drift!

The tour dates for Drift!

02/09/12 03:31PM

Any of the links below lead to more information on acquiring tickets. Some of these events have already been doing their own advertising, so they may be sold out. Some of the dates don't have links yet so I'll update this post as new information becomes available.Thursday, March 29, 7:30pm, talk & signing, Barnes & Noble, Union Square, New York CitySaturday, March 31, 1:00pm, talk & signing sponsored by Northshire Bookstore. NEW LOCATION: Manchester Elementary Middle School, Manchester Center, VT. Doors open at 12:00pm. read more

It's about contraception, not religion

02/09/12 03:03PM

Critics of the Obama administration's policy on contraception coverage are eager, if not desperate, to put a faith-based spin on their condemnations. "This is not a women's rights issue," Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) said yesterday. "This is a religious liberty issue."As a political matter, it's easy to understand the motivation for the misleading spin. For one thing, modern birth control is popular, and Obama's detractors don't want to be seen as out of touch. read more

Challenge: Name the food stamp president

Challenge: Name the food stamp president

02/09/12 01:19PM

Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois) went right after Newt Gingrich yesterday for calling President Obama the "food stamp president." Gutierrez ran through a series of charts about food stamps, which his office kindly sent over today.Your challenge: Guess which president owns the first chart, about the increase in people who get food stamps, and which president owns the second one, about the rising cost of the program. read more