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Ahead on the 6/19 Maddow show

06/19/12 07:07PM

Tonight's guests include:Richard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondent, reporting from CairoSteve Kornacki, senior writer for SalonSteve Schmidt, McCain-Palin campaign senior strategist and msnbc political analystWhile watching tonight's video preview, take a listen to tonight's soundtrack. Make sure to let the ad below play... read more

Tuesday's Mini-Report

06/19/12 05:30PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* Tahrir Square is once again the center of massive Egyptian protests.* On a related note, ousted Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak's health is reportedly failing. read more

Infoxication takes a turn towards self-parody

Infoxication takes a turn towards self-parody

06/19/12 04:56PM

About a month ago, we talked about an Occupational Safety & Health Administration effort to prevent heat illnesses among outdoor workers, which led Fox News' Fox Nation website to run this headline: "Obama Regime: Working Outdoors Can Kill You."My esteemed colleague Kent Jones used the opportunity to launch the TRMS... read more

McConnell's imaginary high crimes

McConnell's imaginary high crimes

06/19/12 03:34PM

Late last week, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) spoke at a conservative think tank to make a spirited case against public disclosure in the campaign-finance system. As far as the Republican Leader is concerned, there's nothing wrong with wealthy interests buying American elections -- the real scandal is a proposal to let... read more

Rhode Island lawmakers starve own town

Rhode Island lawmakers starve own town

06/19/12 01:21PM

In Michigan, the state takes over broken cities by appointing an emergency manager with unilateral power to hire and fire, to sell or buy, to keep the town or recommend its dissolution. Under the new Republican majority, Michigan cut the money it used to share with local governments. Towns and cities and school districts that were already... read more

Rep. David Schweikert (R) of Arizona

The House GOP's 'fix' to Obama's immigration policy

06/19/12 12:42PM

Since Friday, most of the Republican complaints about President Obama's new immigration policy have focused on process -- the critiques have had less to do with the substance and more to do with how the president made the decision.There are, however, exceptions.Rep. read more

Tuesday's campaign round-up

06/19/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* In Colorado, one of the nation's most important 2012 swing states, Public Policy Polling shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney by seven, 49% to 42%.* In a bit of a surprise,... read more

A dentist extracts a tooth from an uninsured patient at a mobile clinic in Sewanee, Tenn.

'What new law?'

06/19/12 11:34AM

At a certain level, it's tempting to think Americans who lack health insurance and/or access to affordable care would be a powerful political force. We're talking about tens of millions of people -- spanning nearly every demographic -- who lack access to basic medical services. If these folks were a voting bloc, they'd have the... read more

Mourdock shares his philosophy on health care

Mourdock shares his philosophy on health care

06/19/12 09:59AM

A month after Richard Mourdock defeated Sen. Dick Lugar in a Republican primary in Indiana, the public is still getting a sense of the limits of his Tea Party worldview. As Scott Keyes noted, there appears to be reason for concern. told a local Indiana newspaper that, contra Obamacare's protections, employers ought to be able to deny health... read more

Failing to 'Inspire'

Failing to 'Inspire'

06/19/12 09:26AM

Looking back over the last few years, it's safe to say al Qaeda has had a rough stretch. For one thing, the terrorist network's leadership and organizational structure has been decimated by the Obama administration. For another, al Qaeda's message to the Middle East -- change within the region is only possible through violence and... read more

Links for the 6/18 TRMS

Links for the 6/18 TRMS

06/19/12 08:42AM

Apologies for the delay. These are last night's citations:H.R.3 - To prohibit taxpayer funded abortions and to provide for conscience protections, and for other purposes.(pdf)April 08, 2011 - GOP policy demands threaten talks on the federal spending plan as the deadline nears.Trent Franks, Arizona Congressman, Targets D.C. Abortion RightsVa... read more

A 'great allergy to specifics and details'

06/19/12 08:00AM

A couple of months ago, Mitt Romney unveiled a curious line of attack against President Obama. The Republican said Obama's campaign strategy is to "re-elect him so we can find out what he will actually do." Romney added, "With all the challenges the nation faces, this is not the time for President Obama's hide and seek... read more