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Are you there, life?  It's us, NASA

Morning Maddow: June 27

06/27/12 07:23AM

Liberal incumbent in New York and conservative incumbent in Utah both put yesterday's primary in the win columnSafe subway surfing comes to NYC Lawyers for a man accused of a bomb plot, present no evidence and call no witnessesThe handshake heard 'round the kingdomFire is tearing through Colorado Springs and it's terrifyingSee... read more

Nora Ephron 1941-2012

Nora Ephron 1941-2012

06/27/12 12:05AM

Writer, director Nora Ephron has died in New York City at age 71.In a comedy world woefully under-represented by women, Ephron's work found a sweet spot that was always funny without being cruel, skeptical without being cynical and life affirming when nihilism would have been so much easier. Members of that club? Nora Ephron… and no one... read more

Channeling Harry Reid's rage

Channeling Harry Reid's rage

06/26/12 08:00PM

The Rachel Maddow Show's Kent Jones performs Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's response to Senator Rand Paul's attempt to attach yet another Republican anti-abortion amendment, this time to an important piece of flood legislation - with feeling. watch

Ahead on the 6/26 Maddow show

06/26/12 07:00PM

Tonight's guests include: Rep. Bob Filner, (D) California, Ranking member of the Veterans' Affairs CommitteeSen. Jon Tester, (D) MontanaAnd here's tonight's soundtrack.Executive producer Bill Wolff with a preview of tonight's show: read more

(Very) basic licorice chemistry 101

(Very) basic licorice chemistry 101

06/26/12 06:10PM

We've had divine intervention in the Lakrisal investigation. Or rather, professional scientific intervention.Ever since we tried Lakrisal for the first time, we've been plagued with nagging questions: Where did this stuff come from? Why did most of us find this super salty, soy sauce-esque taste just awful? Do folks in Nordic countries... read more

TRMS Infoxication writing challenge: Terror in the bog!

TRMS Infoxication writing challenge winners

06/26/12 06:01PM

Huzzah! The latest installment of the TRMS Infoxication* Writing Challenge was another triumph; your Fox Nation-esque headline writing chops cannot be stopped, we can only hope to contain them.So here are our winners. Congratulations and thanks to all who submitted. The selection process is brutal!(*Just to recap, Infoxication means transforming... read more

Tuesday's Mini-Report

06/26/12 05:30PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* A bellicose tone: "Buoyed by support from his country's NATO allies, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Syrian forces on Tuesday to stay clear of their troubled border or face a Turkish military response to any perceived threat, following the disputed downing of a Turkish warplane."* A... read more

Voter suppression through the looking glass

06/26/12 04:22PM

In recent years, Republican officials, most notably at the state level, have created several new barriers to prevent Americans from participating in elections. The voter-suppression tactics have included everything from voter-ID laws to restrictions of voter-registration drives to closing early-voting windows.The tactics deliberately affect... read more

Reid calls Paul abortion measure 'ridiculous'

06/26/12 03:37PM

Among the many things Congress has on its to-do list this week is a flood-insurance bill, which is being pushed fairly aggressively by the leadership in both parties. It reauthorizes the National Flood Insurance for five years, before it expires next month, and it's been widely expected that the bill would pass fairly easily.It has,... read more

Sounded like booing to us

Sounded like booing to us

06/26/12 02:00PM

Boston -- For a moment last night at a fundraiser held in Boston's Symphony Hall, one had to wonder whether President Obama had singlehandedly turned the state of Massachusetts from blue to red. In that moment he re-learned an important political lesson: know your crowd and, well, don't joke about the Red Sox."And finally, Bos, I... read more