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Huntsman family lights it up

10/28/11 04:20PM

Jon Huntsman's dad says he could totally get elected president of China. Jon Huntsman's daughters, on the other hand, are shamelessly promoting their dad for president of America like no one else's family ever has. And it's kinda fabulous. read more

The Friday Awesome (Halloween/St. Louis edition)

10/28/11 03:23PM

Welcome Friday Awesome-istas! As an amuse bouche before Halloween, here's Tim Burton's homage to the great Vincent Price, who was born 100 years ago in St. Louis, home of the Cardinals, whose incredibly exciting World Series victory last night forces a Game 7 showdown tonight. Singularity achieved!King of Horror Pt. read more

Another rebellion in a cold climate, a long, long time ago.

Will Occupy protesters come in from the cold?

10/28/11 12:30PM

Occupy Wall Street, of course, is an outdoor movement, and it has withstood its share of inclement weather to this point. When I visited two weeks ago to report on the protest, the hundreds of protesters assembled were all drenched in a cold rain. Some of those out there were people with major health concerns, including one 9/11 first responder... read more

The Week in Geek: The scent of caffeine

10/28/11 11:45AM

Gorgeous visual translation of geo-magnetic storms in Earth's upper atmosphere caused by the incoming solar wind recorded at 20 Hz.Speaking of solar activity, did you catch any of the aurora this week visible farther south than normal due to an extremely large coronal mass ejection?Ever wonder what it's like inside the International... read more

Politics goes to the movies: 'Margin Call'

10/28/11 10:20AM

The first two reviews I read of J.C. Chandor's new financial-meltdown drama "Margin Call" were startling in their incongruity, at least with regard to the current events in downtown Manhattan. David Edelstein, in New York magazine: "he fine men and women dug in downtown need to get themselves a big screen, a projector, and a... read more

You pick the Jim Hightower quote

10/28/11 09:39AM

Former Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower got treated pretty mean by Rick Perry, in their 1990 race for that job, and Mr. Hightower has not forgotten it. Last night, he talked about Governor Perry's comeback attempt in this year's presidential primary. A children's treasury:Quote No. 1: "Well, you know, Lyndon... read more

This post goes out to Bill Wolff

This post goes out to Bill Wolff

10/28/11 09:20AM

The TRMS staff stayed up late last night rooting for Bill's team, which twice came back from two runs down -- once in the ninth, again in the tenth -- and twice survived despite being down to its last strike and which some-miraculous-how won game six of the World Series with a walk-off homer in the eleventh. The e-mail thread included talk... read more

Morning Maddow: October 28

10/28/11 07:50AM

Labor warns: don't get cocky about overturning Ohio's SB 5.Speaker Boehner worries that President Obama is overstepping his constitutional authority.Oakland's mayor apologizes to injured protester Scott Olsen.Who's spending money on judicial elections?Want to see our latest drone base?Agriculture reports: essential... read more

The Hightower view of the Perry candidacy

The Hightower view of the Perry candidacy

10/27/11 08:00PM

Jim Hightower, radio talk show host, former Texas Agriculture Commissioner, talks with Rachel Maddow about Rick Perry's desperate measures to pull his candidacy from the brink and the Texas governor's close ties to big oil. watch

Gonna be a great day

Gonna be a great day

10/27/11 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - we've got Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden on the show tonight to discuss the possible criminal violations for those who helped tank the economy, plus... watch