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It's alive! --The Maddow iPad app

It's alive! --The Maddow iPad app

01/11/11 12:18PM

The Rachel Maddow Show iPad app is now available for free in the iTunes app store.The app consists of two main parts. The first is a video archive featuring all of the latest show clips archived by date, including Web extras like Bill Wolff's daily videos.The second part of the app is a gateway to our collective viewing through Twitter (sorry I don't have a screen grab of that yet. I'll update here when I get one). read more

Middle-class state of mind

01/07/11 03:22PM

This is the study behind the "Rich people suck at empathy" story from this past Sunday's New York Times. I was looking through it because other than the poverty line, there aren't hard definitions of U.S. social classes, and the study had come up with a way of categorizing its subjects in order to produce results. So I was interested to see how they did it (this is pursuant to looking for a definition of "middle class," which is frustratingly nebulous despite all the fuss about the category's looming demise). read more

Anomalistic New Year's Eve starts now

01/03/11 04:30PM

"Time to pop the champagne again if you like to celebrate extremes," our in-house astrophysicist, Summer Ash, writes. "Today the Earth is at the point in its orbit closest to the Sun."If you slept through the big midnight, you can think of today as a second chance, with the so-called anomalistic new year. See Summer for more details. read more

The mystery of American unhappiness

01/03/11 11:10AM

failure of trickle-down economics, it's not just the abstract failure of Republicans' favorite idea to make American life better. It's you, in your cubicle, in your car, in the one life you have.(Image: Momcat14c) read more

Rachel Maddow, lesbian vampire

12/27/10 04:00PM

Another favorite #MaddowMoment -- the Rachel Maddow, Lesbian Vampire segment that started with Boston comedian Paul Day's YouTube clip. (Bonus points for anyone else who identified that tiny snippet of 1980s weird music about halfway through.) Also, the cat ears thing. read more

What is the meaning of this?!?

12/23/10 09:44PM

Is this cheating? Abstract heckling? Breakfast mimes? We've reviewed the tape, but we're still not sure how to classify it. If you're a hockey fan or an interpretive dance aficionado or if this just makes sense to you, we appreciate your insights. The comments on this post are open, but if you have some media you think will help shed light on the situation, you can upload to us through the form on this page. After the jump, my best guess: They're Waffle Ninjas!! read more

Please look more deeply, Mr. Barbour

12/22/10 11:37AM

Scott County, Mississippi, I think. Photo by Sarah Goodyear Mississippi just hunts you down sometimes. It so happens that I share a home state with Haley Barbour, the governor who has spent the past week trying to explain why he first praised the white Citizens Council for promoting peaceful integration and then blasted it as "totally indefensible." read more

'The worse, the better'

12/21/10 11:15AM

The comic novel Luthor offers a fresh perspective on an old relationship, one you've likely figured out by now -- that of a hard-working, civic-minded Metropolis industrialist desperate to protect humanity from this so-called "Superman," an all-powerful alien who will not share his power and symbolizes the end of human aspiration. Oh, that's not exactly the narrative you had in mind? read more

Sen. Coburn picks on Grateful Dead

12/20/10 01:43PM

Full disclosure: beyond Terrapin Station and Box of Rain, I don't see much use in the Grateful Dead. Fuller disclosure: This puts me in the same box of rain with Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma), who has decided to make a point about public funding for a Grateful Dead archive. read more

Righteousness like a mighty stream

12/20/10 08:51AM

In the text of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's historic "I Have a Dream" speech, the word "homosexual" does not appear once. Neither do the more colloquial terms "gay" and "lesbian." Yet words from that speech were what first leapt into my mind Saturday afternoon as I watched the Senate vote to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". read more

Giving Chernobyl a new glow

12/15/10 04:44PM

The public skepticism about Chernobyl as a tourist destination can be blamed on only one thing: bad marketing. But the way I see it, the post-nuclear-explosion tourist industry lies virtually untapped - a tabula rasa just waiting for a visionary with a ruble and a dream. So I've been working on some more effective slogans to help motivate the marketplace. We need something scintillating to stoke in the traveling class a burning desire to give fallout-tourism a try. Something like: Chernobyl--Where the 80's Live On Visit Chernobyl: Feel better about where "you" live read more

Mr. Boehner gives 'em something to cry about

12/15/10 09:37AM

We're about to get perhaps the most emotional politician in modern American history taking on a very visible role, third in line to the presidency, Rachel Maddow said on the show last night. "We're going to have to figure out how to keep paying attention to what John Boehner is saying even if he is crying while he is saying it," she said. read more