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Morning Maddow: July 15

07/15/11 07:52AM

Not surprising, but still shocking: Osama bin Laden reportedly planned another 9/11 attack.Minnesota reaches a budget deal.Missouri's Democratic Governor lets an abortion ban pass without his signature.Marcus Bachmann says his clinic only does ex-gay reparative therapy at a client's request.Newt Gingrich endorses Ohio's union-busting bill.Awww, you can't bring guns to Rick Perry's prayer meeting next month.The mystery of what happened to Alaska's missing moon rocks is solved.A happy story from Afghanistan. read more

Vive la Video Tweet!

Vive la Video Tweet!

07/14/11 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - we disseminate the real debt ceiling crisis from the fake... watch

Ahead on the 7/14 Maddow Show

07/14/11 07:43PM

Tonight's guests:Rep. Barney Frank, (D) Massachusetts, ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee Bill Moyers, broadcast journalist and author of "Bill Moyers Journal: The Conversation Continues"And here's executive producer Bill Wolff with a look at what we'll cover:  read more

Muzzle Tov

Muzzle Tov

07/14/11 05:36PM

Rising to a crescendo in her assault on President Obama's handling of the debt ceiling mishegoss, Michele Bachmann told Fox News that the president had lots of chutzpah. Regrettably, that wonderfully expressive Yiddish word came out as CHOOTS-pah. Oy. Today, Majority Report's Sam Seder offerered this hilarious take on candidates trying to appeal to Jewish voters.  In future, before appropriating other gems from the Yiddish lexicon, Rep. read more

Governor Mark Dayton speaks to the Minnesota National Guard in May.

#Minnesota gov: I'll trade a budget deal for a jobs bill

07/14/11 03:34PM

Maybe it was the threat of people not being able to buy beer and cigarettes, but Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, a Democrat, said today that he'll accept Republican lawmakers' offer for a state budget so the government shutdown can end. Governor Dayton, a Democrat, said he'll take their proposal from June 30 on three conditions.One, Republicans have to drop their demands for policy changes like restrictions on abortion and a voter ID law. Two, they have to give up on cutting 15 percent of the workforce at all state government agencies. read more

'Words of wisdom [and] encouragement' from Betty Ford

07/14/11 12:43PM

Former First Lady Betty Ford returned to Michigan yesterday, where she'll be buried today next to her husband, the late former Republican President Gerald Ford.A couple of weeks ago on the show, during a segment about the Equal Rights Amendment, we played a clip from 1975 of President Ford talking about his support for ERA.Here's the raw tape of that clip, where you'll see, President Ford turns the microphone over to his wife for a bit: read more