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E.g., 10/25/2014
This recession is not like the others.

Between here and recovery, the politicians

08/05/11 09:24AM

The July unemployment numbers came out today. The economy added 117,000 jobs, the most since April. The private sector kicked in 154,000 but government austerity (and layoffs) dragged that down.This means that jobs we gained were still not quite enough to keep pace with population growth. With nearly 14 million workers laid-off, we have a lot of ground to make up.The overall unemployment rate dropped, mercifully, by a tenth of a point. We're now at 9.1 percent. The reason for that small drop is grim: 193,000 people dropped out of the workforce. They gave up looking. read more

Morning Maddow: August 5

08/05/11 07:55AM

Stock markets plunge around the world.The President is proposing jobs legislation today to help unemployed veterans.To the IRS there are only 235,000 millionaires.Labor creates a SuperPAC.Republican presidential hopefuls will have everything from free jam to Dairy Queen to Christian rock bands to a petting zoo at the Ames Straw Poll.Mike Huckabee's adventures in rewriting history part deux: how Pres. Bush killed bin Laden.Wikipedia is losing volunteers. read more

Buckle up

Buckle up

08/04/11 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - the Dow drops dramatically and we look at what the economic... watch

Glazed and Confused

08/04/11 07:46PM

Apparently, there are some things even fried dough won't cure. Faced with a 27 percent approval rating, and having successfully alienated nearly everyone in the Sunshine State, Florida's Republican Governor Rick Scott, donned this cunning cap and work shirt ensemble as part of his Let's Get to Work Days initiative, in a stunt-y attempt to prove that, despite his health care millions, he's really just a humble bear claw-rista at heart.At Nicola's Donuts and Bakery, Governor Scott was soon greeted by his constituents. read more

Ahead on the 8/4 Maddow show

08/04/11 06:30PM

Tonight's guests include:Ezra Klein, columnist for The Washington Post and Bloomberg and msnbc policy analyst    Robert Frank, professor of economics at Cornell University   David Corn, Washington bureau chief for Mother Jones and msnbc political analyst  Michael Isikoff, NBC national investigative correspondentExecutive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show:  read more

Happy Birther Day, Mr. President!

Happy Birther Day, Mr. President!

08/04/11 06:10PM

There is, of course, much more to come on the show. An ace TRMS producer who just happens to share a birthday with our commander-in-chief, is, at this very moment, hard at work on tonight's segment about the president's special day. read more

The Dow Jones today.

Charts: Stocks fall, fears rise

08/04/11 04:23PM

 The stock market fell today by the greatest percentage since February 2009 and by the most points since October 2008 -- the Dow dropping by more than 500. Stocks have been in funk for the past several days, a funk worthy of 2009. Partly it's that the world keeps getting bad news from Asia and Europe and the U.S. On a smaller level, the U.S. issues the jobs report for July tomorrow morning, and that's got some people nervous.In ordinary times, stocks go up and stocks go down, and you can't pay too much attention to what happens in any given day. read more

A fundraiser today from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Report: Congress makes deal on FAA

08/04/11 03:40PM

NBC News reports that Congress has reached an agreement to reopen the Federal Aviation Administration. The plan, Kelly O'Donnell writes, is for the Senate to adopt the House version of an extension for the FAA. That bill includes an end to federal subsidies for smaller airports, but Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has the power to grant them all waivers, and he will, NBC says. The effect would be the same as a clean extension.In the long run, the fight over the FAA is still fundamentally about unions. read more