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E.g., 11/23/2014
GOP conundrum goes mainstream

GOP conundrum goes mainstream

09/12/11 09:24AM

From the Hill, "Alternative jobs plan is tough sell for House Republican leaders:As House Republicans embark on their fall agenda, they face a steep challenge: working out how a party that doesn't believe the government should create jobs can best present a job-creation platform.Yes, that must be quite a slog.Whether Republicans would rather save the economy or sink President Obama remains a very legitimate, live question. But Republicans know they've got to get re-elected, too. read more

Morning Maddow: September 12

09/12/11 08:00AM

 Want to know what's going on in that clip?President Obama sends his jobs plan to Congress today. Any guesses how Republicans feel about it?Romney takes aim at organized labor, Rick Perry at social security.Pawlenty endorses Romney.North Carolina lawmakers want anti-gay bias enshrined in the state constitution.Anthony Weiner's House seat could go Republican tomorrow.An explosion reported at a French nuclear plant. Wow.  read more

'Collateral damage' in the war on Planned Parenthood

09/09/11 06:24PM

Last week a federal judge ordered the state of Kansas to resume regular funding for Planned Parenthood while the organization sues over the state’s defunding effort. But because of the way the state carried out the defunding, Planned Parenthood wasn’t the only healthcare provider that lost out.Dodge City Family Planning was also defunded under Kansas’ new budget provision. Dodge City Family Planning is a non-profit clinic in western Kansas that serves low-income patients and does not provide abortions. It has been around since 1976 and employs two people. read more

The fierce urgency of not now, maybe later

09/09/11 04:30PM

The House Republican leadership has sent President Obama a letter about his new American Jobs Act. An excerpt: As we are certain your advisors have told you, not all your ideas should be packaged in a single legislative vehicle. For instance, due to the structure of Trade Promotion Authority procedures, passage of the free trade agreements with our allies - Colombia, Panama and South Korea - is better achieved moving as stand-alone legislation. We again ask that you send those agreements immediately to the Congress for our consideration and approval. The full letter's after the jump. read more

Mark Zandi chart by way of Steve Benen

Chart: The Obama jobs plan

09/09/11 03:19PM

I know this is only, you know, economics, but Mark Zandi's chart on President Obama's new jobs plan suggests it might actually put people back to work. If Congress does nothing, Zandi says, we've got higher unemployment next year. If Congress passes the bill, we'd be a point lower.Steve Benen rounds up the response from economists. "There are reasonable questions as to whether congressional Republicans even want to improve the economy at all, but if lawmakers have any interest in creating jobs and boosting growth, the American Jobs Act would work," he writes. read more

The Friday Awesome

09/09/11 12:56PM

Welcome back to the Friday Awesome, where the pressing question of the day is: Is there a reason to throw 175,141 water balloons? More importantly, is there a reason not to? Insert cosmic metaphor here…Speaking of water, the surf is like, totally gnarly, on um… Long Island? Stoked!Snappy idea, Hollywood, pity the title doesn't tell you what the show is about.Say, that's one sparkly clean blue whale ya got there, mister.Copy editors, if you ever wondered if your work makes a difference, this is should put your mind at ease.Beautiful, baby! read more



09/09/11 12:00PM

This man in Philadelphia was picking up recycling bins by bicycle. I've seen the Pedal People take out trash and haul boxes by bike in Northampton, Massachusetts, but nothing in Philly.Reducing oil consumption, pollution (and calories!), why hasn't this spread everywhere? Or has it? Have you folks ever seen bikes take the place of trucks? read more

The Yellow Flames of Texas

The Yellow Flames of Texas

09/09/11 10:40AM

Texas just suffered through its hottest summer on record and its driest year in more than a century, which sparked wildfires that have burned nearly 1,400 homes to date.Now that firefighters say they're finally getting the upper hand, Texas has gotten some bad news from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: La Niña is back.  La Niña, of course, is an ocean-atmosphere phenomenon that occurs when the surface temperature of the Pacific Ocean is on the cool side, and it means drought conditions in the American Southwest (I'll be honest -- I don't understand exactly why). read more

Techno Romney rocks the vote

09/09/11 09:15AM

The Mitt Romney campaign sends over this video today, after President Obama's speech on jobs. Zero jobs! Zero jobs! (Zero jobs!)You can read the president's speech here. The video of it is after the jump.  read more

Morning Maddow: September 9

Morning Maddow: September 9

09/09/11 07:43AM

The new "you lie."Now we know what triggered that enormous blackout in the Southwest.Keep an eye on this battle between union longshoremen in Washington state and a grain terminal. It's getting ugly.President Bush on what historians will say about his legacy (in which we also learn what he wears to bed).Tony Hayward is back in the oil business.Russia figures out why that Soyuz rocket crashed.Now you can be as fly as the Marty McFly of 2015. read more

Links for the 9/8 TRMS

Links for the 9/8 TRMS

09/08/11 11:12PM

Obviously tonight's show was all about President Obama's speech, so there weren't a lot of citations to other material. One reference she did make was to David Corn's piece on Obama's second stimulus proposal: read more