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Perry reveals why people move to Texas

09/16/11 03:42PM

 If you want fewer rights, move to Texas:You gotta be for life, I mean how do you get up every morning and look yourself in the mirror if you can’t be for life? I mean to me that’s the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. That’s what this country was based on. And when that conception occurs, that’s life. And defending it, and protecting it, and standing up for it, is what we all ought to be about. And I’m glad I live in a state where we do that. read more

Texas death-row inmate Duane Buck.

Rick Perry's latest execution stopped (for now)

09/16/11 02:50PM

Duane Buck was scheduled to die last night. Unlike in the case of Troy Davis in Georgia, there's no issue of doubt that he committed the crime of which he was convicted: Mr. Buck, now 48, does not contest that it was he that shot his ex-girlfriend and another man to death in 1995. Buck's impending execution would break Governor Rick Perry's own national record. read more

Michele Bachmann not letting that crony-capitalism, government-injection thing go.

09/16/11 01:45PM

Although maybe only Rick Perry can beat Rick Perry.Also this from Gail Collins, about Congresswoman Bachmann's contention that a mother told her that her daughter had taken the HPV vaccine been mentally retarded ever since:Let's presume that Bachmann is being accurate, and that the woman in question was not someone she heard about from a friend of a friend’s cousin in Xenia, Ohio. What would you expect a candidate for president of the United States to do after such an encounter? Take a name? Investigate the case? read more

Picture this: Bachmann meets Arpaio

Picture this: Bachmann meets Arpaio

09/16/11 12:36PM

So this happened:Would Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann choose Arizona’s (in)famous Sheriff Joe Arpaio as her Attorney General if elected? Bachmann met with Arpaio yesterday (photo, above,) to “discuss critical border security issues.” Arpaio calls himself “America’s toughest sheriff,” and has taken a very pubic and outspoken stance against “illegal immigration” and border security, and has been a lightening rod, especially during the 2008 elections.Sheriff Arpaio is noted for making county inmates wear pink underwear, sleep in tents when the jail got too crowded, and get read more

Posted at Ole Miss by Cristen Hemmins and her friends.

DIY for choice in Mississippi

09/16/11 11:15AM

Personhood Amendments define not just life but -- as the name suggests -- personhood as beginning at fertilization. This means that IVF treatments, for instance, would raise the question of murder for every embryo that's not implanted and carried to term. It means that miscarriages would be suspect. And it means that, as the people behind the Personhood Amendment in Mississippi write, common forms of birth control would become illegal.Not surprisingly, outlawing birth control is an unpopular idea with the general public. read more

Vermont's route 4, before and after

09/16/11 10:05AM

This isn't the Killington video featured in last night's Best New Thing but you can still get a side-by-side sense of how much work has been done in a short time to repair Vermont's Route 4. read more

Carter: What Obama's got to do now

09/16/11 08:05AM

When candidate Jimmy Carter ran for the presidency in 1976, it was the age of zero-dollar politics. He and President Gerald Ford, the Republican, raised zero money, none at all, in their contest against each other. What money they had came from public financing, with a $2 checkoff on the annual income tax return.That age of zero-dollar politics is long gone, of course. Now we're in the age of Citizens United, which means big-money politics and heavy influencing by outside groups. read more

Morning Maddow: September 16

Morning Maddow: September 16

09/16/11 07:32AM

It's National POW/MIA Recognition Day.President Obama won't ask for cuts to Social Security next week.Another FAA shutdown is averted.The Supreme Court halts an execution in Texas.A useful guide to what the failure of Solyndra actually means.Texas fish to be rescued from drought.A crazy-sounding story about a North Korean defector armed with poisoned needles.Now there are only 3 people on the Interational Space Station.From Spider-Man to Zippy the Pinhead, the Library of Congress gives comics their due. read more

Obviously, it saw Rachel and came to say hello.

Something's fishy...

09/15/11 08:31PM

Rachel, Eelin and I are fish.Unfortunately, it makes it that much harder to prep for tonight's show, so we must turn it off. (Darn you, you cute little fishies, sting rays and sharks!) But we're pullin' through - and we promise that tonight will be a show worth your while. See you at 9pm ET. read more

Carter optimistic about Obama

Carter optimistic about Obama

09/15/11 08:00PM

Former President Jimmy Carter talks with Rachel Maddow about the toxic influence of money in government and elections and how President Obama can deal with the insurmountable obstructionism of the Republican opposition. watch

On tonight's show

On tonight's show

09/15/11 08:00PM

Cory Gnazzo, senior producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - a fascinating interview with former President Jimmy Carter where he will discuss everything from the 2012 election to his thoughts on the role of religion in... watch