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Tuesday's campaign round-up

02/07/12 12:02PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* How can we tell Mitt Romney expects to do poorly tonight? His campaign released a memo this morning saying the results don't really mean anything.* In a bit of a surprise, former... read more

Karen Handel, Komen part ways

Karen Handel, Komen part ways

02/07/12 11:16AM

Komen for the Cure is still trying to recover from last week's credibility-killing fiasco involving Planned Parenthood grants, and to that end, there's been a major shake-up within the organization.Karen Handel announced her resignation as vice president for public policy in a letter to Komen officials Tuesday.Handel said in her letter... read more

When Obama and Romney agreed on contraception

When Obama and Romney agreed on contraception

02/07/12 10:05AM

For months, Republican presidential candidates have been eager, if not desperate, to accuse President Obama of waging a "war on religion." Rick Perry got the ball rolling quite a while ago, but his more successful rivals have picked up on the same line.The problem for the GOP candidates has been substantive: they knew they wanted to... read more

Optimism has a well known liberal bias

02/07/12 09:28AM

Following up on a segment from last night's show, if yesterday was any indication, it might be a while before the right stops complaining about Chrysler's Super Bowl ad.Karl Rove seems to be leading the charge, telling Fox News he was "offended" by the commercial, adding, "This is a sign of what happens when you have... read more

Santorum's day in the sun?

Santorum's day in the sun?

02/07/12 08:01AM

They lack the high-profile drama of January's contests, but Republicans in three states will weigh in today as part of the GOP's presidential nominating process. Minnesota and Colorado will hold their caucuses today, and Missouri will host a non-binding primary (a separate caucus for choosing delegates will be held next month).So, do... read more

Morning Maddow: February 7

02/07/12 07:48AM

Pres. Obama ties himself to a Super PAC.Payroll Tax extension fight part 473.The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules on California's Prop. 8 today.Wall Street Journal on why Sen. Marco Rubio is holding up confirmation of Latin American diplomats.Today's Republican contests are no Super Tuesday.It's ticker-tape parade day in New... read more

Ahead on the 2/6 Maddow show

02/06/12 06:40PM

Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historianCelinda Lake, Democratic pollster, president of Lake Research PartnersJosh Rogin, Foreign Policy magazine correspondent and writer of “The Cable” blogWhile watching tonight's video preview, take a listen to tonight's soundtrack.Executive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight&... read more

Monday's Mini-Report

02/06/12 05:30PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* As the United States closes its embassy in Syria, msnbc had this report earlier today:Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy* Also note the extent to which Western and Arab countries were outraged by the Russia/China veto of a U.N. read more

A tale of two recoveries

A tale of two recoveries

02/06/12 04:53PM

As many on the right struggle to respond to encouraging economic news, several Republican officials have crafted yet another talking point to consider: the nascent, fragile recovery isn't as strong as the one we saw in 1983 and 1984.Several members compared the current economic recovery unfavorably to the rebound from recession during the... read more

From here to eternity

From here to eternity

02/06/12 04:28PM

In the midst of the day-to-day machinery of political news cycles, it's easy to lose a sense of proportion. For those times when you find yourself unable to distinguish  big from small, here is a sliding scale of absolutely everything in the universe -- from the teeny teeny tiniest tiny of say, Quantum Foam all the way up to the vastest,... read more

Longest-running occupation* rolls up its dome and goes home

Longest-running occupation* rolls up its dome and goes home

02/06/12 03:48PM

I don't know for real whether Occupy Maine is the longest-running occupation* in the country. They reportedly describe themselves that way, and they're certainly contenders, having started on October 3 and having continued until this week.Occupy Maine is now on its way home, or into the streets, or wherever you go when you think your... read more


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