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Ahead on the 8/5 TRMS

08/05/11 07:33PM

Tonight's guests:Jared Bernstein, former member of President Obama's economic team and former economic adviser to Vice President Biden, now a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and an msnbc contributorSpecialist Nick Colgin (Ret.), Army combat medic, Afghanistan War veteranTodd Bowers, senior policy advisor, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Forrest Wilder, columnist, The Texas ObserverHere's senior producer Cory Gnazzo with a look at what we're covering:  read more

Sent by Wisconsin State Senator Dan Kapanke's campaign.

Apres photo, le deluge?

08/05/11 06:10PM

Wisconsin Republican Senator Dan Kapanke sent a fundraiser today with the subject line: "Volunteers Flood Wisconsin." Up for recall on Tuesday, Senator Kapanke urged supporters to send money to the campaign and offer volunteers a meal and a place to stay.More:With the election so close, these volunteers will be hitting the streets every day until the polls close. The volunteers will be knocking on doors and making last minute phone calls to my supporters. They will do all of that to help me continue fighting for conservative principles. Mr. read more

The Economic Policy Institute

The GOP job-loss plan in action

08/05/11 03:48PM

The private sector has been adding jobs -- not enough, but some -- since early in 2010.The public sector -- the government -- has been laying people off. You can see the pattern clearly in the chart above, which stops before today's report. Today we saw more of the same, with the private sector adding 154,000 jobs, and government and school layoffs washing out nearly a third of that gain.Steve Benen notes that regardless of what Republicans leaders say about today's news, this is exactly what they want to see happen. read more

Map: The Tea Party Confederacy

Map: The Tea Party Confederacy

08/05/11 02:33PM

Robert Ramsey, who describes himself a student in the Geographical Information Sciences, sends this map of Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's Tea Party Caucus.I think part of what makes Texas and Florida, in particular, look like so heavily Tea Party is that they're population centers with large congressional delegations. But part of it is that are also more heavily Tea Party -- at least in terms of elected officials. For comparison, check out this map of Tea Party membership last year from Patch Work Nation.(And do keep sending stuff, please. It's fun to get and it helps a ton.) read more

There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this.

Jupiter, get ready for your close-up (again)

08/05/11 01:18PM

Sixteen years after NASA's Galileo probe launched and eight since it plunged to its demise on Jupiter, NASA today launched its successor, Juno. (Wish I was there.) Juno will travel over two billion miles in just about five years, after which it'll orbit for about one (Earth) year and then drop into the gas giant. So what's the point? read more

Zero-waste living

08/05/11 11:30AM

Check out how to live with zero household waste!"Reduce first, reuse second and recycle last" is the Johnson family mantra for living a zero-waste life. They clean with reusable microfiber cloths instead of paper towels, shop in bulk using reusable containers, and they brush their teeth with compostable toothbrushes.Eliminating disposable products from their home means greatly reducing plastic consumption. Plastics are made of petroleum and further our excessive dependence on fossil fuels. They take up huge amounts of space in our landfills for years because they don't biodegrade. read more

Not my hamster, but an idea for where to look!

Challenge: build a better hamster trap

08/05/11 10:50AM

Update: The General has returned! None of my traps worked, but that actually allowed me to consider he might have made his way to the first floor. I found him hunkered on the floor of the coat closet. Thanks, everyone!They say if you can build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door. I say if you find a way for me to find my missing hamster, I will stop beating myself up.General Fuzz, my daughter's pet hamster, escaped from his cage at some point Wednesday night. It was totally my fault. Now he could be anywhere. I hit the googler and found some advice. read more

This recession is not like the others.

Between here and recovery, the politicians

08/05/11 09:24AM

The July unemployment numbers came out today. The economy added 117,000 jobs, the most since April. The private sector kicked in 154,000 but government austerity (and layoffs) dragged that down.This means that jobs we gained were still not quite enough to keep pace with population growth. With nearly 14 million workers laid-off, we have a lot of ground to make up.The overall unemployment rate dropped, mercifully, by a tenth of a point. We're now at 9.1 percent. The reason for that small drop is grim: 193,000 people dropped out of the workforce. They gave up looking. read more

Morning Maddow: August 5

08/05/11 07:55AM

Stock markets plunge around the world.The President is proposing jobs legislation today to help unemployed veterans.To the IRS there are only 235,000 millionaires.Labor creates a SuperPAC.Republican presidential hopefuls will have everything from free jam to Dairy Queen to Christian rock bands to a petting zoo at the Ames Straw Poll.Mike Huckabee's adventures in rewriting history part deux: how Pres. Bush killed bin Laden.Wikipedia is losing volunteers. read more