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Ahead on the 9/14 Maddow show

09/14/11 05:47PM

Elizabeth Warren, former Assistant to the President and Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. As of today, she is running as a Democrat for U.S. Senate in MassachusettsEd Rendell, former governor of Pennsylvania and current NBC News political analyst   Spencer Ackerman, senior reporter for's Danger RoomRichard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondentExecutive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show:  read more

The words from Elizabeth Warren's "priorities."

The Elizabeth Warren wordcloud

09/14/11 04:52PM

Elizabeth Warren is coming on our show tonight, her first live national interview since announcing that she's running in the Democratic primary for Senate from Massachusetts. Her campaign website features a single page of "priorities," which makes it easy to feed into the wordcloud machine. The result's below.After the jump, the Scott Brown wordcloud.Senator Scott Brown, the Republican incumbent, puts his positions under "issues," again in a single page.   read more

Huntsman gets to negative one

Huntsman gets to negative one

09/14/11 04:05PM

 Jon Huntsman's presidential campaign had been drawing a one -- uno -- in Gallup's intensity tracker. Today, the former Utah governor got a little lower than that. His newly minted negative one is the result of subtracting people who expressed a strongly negative view of him from those who expressed a strongly favorable view.Subzero or slightly above, Jon Huntsman keeps going. read more

U.S. official: attack on American embassy in Kabul 'not a very big deal'

09/14/11 02:48PM

The American Ambassador to Afghanistan today blamed the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Kabul on the Haqqani network and made a particular point to downplay its significance. From The New York Times' coverage this morning:“This really is not a very big deal, a hard day for the embassy and my staff, who behaved with enormous courage and dedication,” the ambassador, Ryan C. Crocker, said. Mr. Crocker brushed off the significance of the attack, which began Tuesday afternoon and stretched into the next day, calling it “a half a dozen R.P.G. read more

Chart: Health reform is good for you

Chart: Health reform is good for you

09/14/11 01:06PM

Yesterday, Census news that record numbers of Americans are poor and that more of them are going without health insurance. Today, rescued by Jonathan Cohn at the New Republic, news from the same Census report that fewer young adults are uninsured -- half a million fewer.Cohn asks whether this is evidence that "Obamacare" could already be working, since it allows people 26 and under to stay on their parents' insurance policies. Followup question: Could Democrats convert this graph into votes? read more

Best noon thing

09/14/11 12:07PM

Full disclosure: except for the theme song, I am not a fan of the Berenstain Bears t.v. show. But I am now kind of a fan of the new version of the show translated into the endangered language of the Lakota Sioux people.  read more

John Boehner wants you to see this

09/14/11 10:44AM

Republican House Speaker John Boehner just tweeted a survey from Bloomberg News. It shows 72 percent of people saying the economy is getting worse and the country's on the wrong track:The broad message of Republicans is resonating, with 57 percent of the country saying the best way to create jobs is to cut taxes and government spending. That hasn't stopped the party's brand from deteriorating, and the public rejects many specific Republican policy prescriptions.From far away, voters buy the tough-love premise. read more

Looking for the message in NY-9

09/14/11 09:32AM

 When Democrat Kathy Hochul won an upset in the special election for NY-26 in May, that one really did seem to be about the Republican plan to kill Medicare. Ms. Hochul captured a heavily Republican district by going after her opponent for saying she supported Congressman Paul Ryan's proposal to turn Medicare into vouchercare.Last night Republican Bob Turner captured NY-9, the seat that had been held by Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner. Mr. Turner is the first Republican to carry the district since the 1920s, and he did it by eight points. read more

Morning Maddow: September 14

09/14/11 07:52AM

The GOP picks up Anthony Weiner's House seat.FT: Obama to propose Medicare, Medicaid cuts (you have to register to read this, but it's free)Will Rick Perry go for his 236th execution?Bad optics for the White House in the collapse of solar power company Solyndra.NC voters will now get to decide on a constitutional ban on gay marriage.Iran judge: not so fast on what Ahmadinejad said about releasing those American hikers.How about a nice cruise... to North Korea?What does the war on light bulbs mean for the Easy-Bake Oven? read more

Links for the 9/13 TRMS

Links for the 9/13 TRMS

09/14/11 01:21AM

Senate GOP blocks Dem disaster aid U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 112th Congress - 1st Session #132 Who voted against disaster aid? Bad Business: Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Wasted on Hiring Contractors (html version) Bad Business: Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Wasted on Hiring Contractors (pdf version) Camp Victory, the U.S. military headquarters in Iraq, getting ready to close Previewing the Nevada Special Election NY-9 mailer depicts mosque, ground zero Sen. Brown to Maddow: Bring It On Help Scott fight back Democrat Warren to announce Senate candidacy targeting Scott Brown read more