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Ahead on the 2/8 Maddow show

02/08/12 06:28PM

Tonight's guests include:Tim Pawlenty, former Republican presidential candidate, has now endorsed Mitt Romney for Republican presidential candidate, and former governor of MinnesotaChris Hayes, host of “Up with Chris Hayes” on msnbcDoug Wilson, assistant Secretary of DefenseWhile we wait for tonight's video to load, take a listen to... read more

Very ape and very nice

Very ape and very nice

02/08/12 06:00PM

A fascinating article in Wired makes the case that some animals that were once highly aggressive, blood-thirsty creatures (like bonobos and dogs and foxes and macaques) have, over time, become mellow, cooperative, Lebowskian dudes.Chalk it up to self- domestication. Not to be confused with self-deportation, self-domestication happens when some... read more

Wednesday's Mini-Report

02/08/12 05:32PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* As the crisis in Syria intensifies, msnbc ran this report this afternoon:Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy* A deal for a new bailout in Greece is not yet complete, but Prime Ninister Lucas Papademos is reportedly close to finishing an agreement.* Congressional... read more

Romney's CPAC '08 message

Romney's CPAC '08 message

02/08/12 05:01PM

As the Conservative Political Action Conference gets underway in Washington tomorrow, it's worth remembering that Mitt Romney ended his 2008 campaign exactly four years ago yesterday during his CPAC speech.Looking back, the former governor had a rather provocative explanation as to why he felt the need to withdraw from the race for the... read more

What a difference 11 years makes

What a difference 11 years makes

02/08/12 04:06PM

Republican lawmakers' manufactured outrage over contraception coverage would be easier to believe if so many GOP officials weren't already on record agreeing with the Obama administration.We talked yesterday about the similarities between Mitt Romney's 2005 position and that of the White House this year, but Igor Volsky moves the... read more

Why jobs may be Romney's weakest issue

Why jobs may be Romney's weakest issue

02/08/12 02:18PM

From the outset, Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign has said it's his experience as a "job creator" that makes him a strong candidate. In many ways, the spin has it backwards: jobs are arguably Romney's weakest issue.In recent months, thanks in large part to his Republican rivals, Romney's private sector... read more

The depths of Hannity's imagination

02/08/12 01:16PM

On his program last night, Fox News' Sean Hannity talked with Republican pollster Frank Luntz about President Obama's re-election prospects, and as part of the discussion, the host shared a unique insight into the raid that killed Osama bin Laden last May.becoming a popular conspiracy theory in conservative circles, but it's... read more

A new enthusiasm gap

A new enthusiasm gap

02/08/12 12:30PM

It was hard to avoid discussion of the "enthusiasm gap" in 2010, when excitement among Republican voters easily trumped Democratic zeal, en route to major GOP gains in the midterm cycle.As attention shifts to the 2012 cycle, the Republican advantage seems to have largely disappeared. read more

Wednesday's campaign round-up

02/08/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* Aaron Blake considers the evidence and believes Democrats' chances of winning back the House are improving. They'll need a net gain of 25 seats.* In Virginia, a new Quinnipiac... read more

Payroll tax fight to go down to the wire

Payroll tax fight to go down to the wire

02/08/12 09:51AM

Senators were warned yesterday that if they let the payroll tax break expire at the end of the month, the burgeoning economic recovery will take a "very sharp" hit.Congressional Republicans may very well let it happen anyway.After a bitter fight in December, GOP leaders accepted a two-month extension of the payroll cut, giving... read more


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