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GOP candidates still kissing 'birther' ring

GOP candidates still kissing 'birther' ring

09/19/11 08:00PM

Michael Moore, filmmaker and author of "Here Comes Trouble," talks with Rachel Maddow about an unelected, appointed government official in Michigan rejecting proposals by democratically elected town representatives, and the "birther" litmus test... watch

Park(ing) Day

Park(ing) Day

09/19/11 07:57PM

On Friday, environmentalists and public space activists in cities around the world celebrated Park(ing) Day by taking over parking spots and turning them into temporary miniature public parks. The idea is to reallocate a space originally provided for storing a privately owned object (i.e. a car) and make it available for public use.  The Philadelphia Park(ing) Day event got quite creative with windspinners, coffee grounds and bike parking. read more

Ahead on the 9/19 Maddow show

09/19/11 07:22PM

Tonight's guests include:Melissa Harris-Perry, professor of political science at Tulane University and msnbc contributor  Michael Moore, filmmaker and author of "Here Comes Trouble: Stories From My Life"Here's senior producer Cory Gnazzo with a look at what's coming up: read more

Crass of the Titans

Crass of the Titans

09/19/11 06:41PM

Wisconsin's Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee and PX90 hardbody icon, had this to say on Fox News Sunday about President Obama's plans to tax the super rich:"When the president does things like this, it leads me to believe that he's not in bipartisan consensus-making mood. He's in a political class warfare mode and campaign mode. And that's not good for our economy."Class warfare—man/woman the battlements! read more

OMJC Signal's equipment being used in Milwaukee.

Michele Bachmann goes to Iowa

09/19/11 03:49PM

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) is out running for president this afternoon in Iowa. She issued a statement about President Obama's new jobs plan, an economic stimulus package that is paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes and raising taxes for the wealthy. read more

The last hours of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

09/19/11 01:20PM

Tomorrow, Don't Ask, Don't Tell will officially be repealed. In July, President Obama, Defense Secretary Panetta, and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mullen declared the military ready for the repeal, pending the 60-day waiting period demanded by late Senator Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia).But Senator Robert Byrd's waiting period will over on Tuesday, as will be the 17-year-old statute banning gay and lesbian Americans from serving openly in the military. The Servicemembers' Legal Defense Network provided this countdown clock to track the seconds. read more

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder visited Benton Harbor for a parade in May.

Benton Harbor emergency manager cancels Constitution Week

09/19/11 12:00PM

These days the elected commissioners of Benton Harbor, Michigan, aren't allowed to do much. The state's expanded emergency financial manager law gives the emergency manager -- in Benton Harbor's case, Joe Harris -- nearly complete control over what happens in the city. The state has deemed that curbing democracy in towns like Benton Harbor is part of fixing towns like Benton Harbor.Back in June April, Mr. Harris issued an order restricting the town's elected officials to three duties. According to Order 11-21 (pdf) Order 11-05 (pdf), they may Call a meeting to order. Approve meeting minutes. read more

Congressional Budget Office chart.

Chart: Tax the rich or raise the deficit

09/19/11 09:42AM

Today President Obama is expected to unveil a deficit-reduction plan for the budget supercommittee -- $3 trillion over 10 years, with a populist appeal to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and a way less populist move to trim Medicare, Medicaid and military pensions. (Risk your life for your country and get a 401K-ish thing?)The White House says the president will threaten to veto any plan from Congress that cuts entitlements without also raising taxes on the rich. Seeing as how House Speaker Boehner has already said tax increases "are not a viable option," this one might be a tough go. read more

Morning Maddow: September 19

09/19/11 07:52AM

President Obama to unveil his plan to cut the deficit, which includes cuts to Medicare.Military retirement benefits face warns it may not campaign for Obama.The Presidential politics of Palestinian statehood.Boehner gets a tea party challenger.Government forces kill at least 50 protesters in Yemen in 2 days of massacre.Look! Up in the sky! read more

Coming: Up

09/16/11 08:50PM

Consider this a DVR public service message: The new weekend msnbc show Up with Chris Hayes is on for the first time tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. ET for two hours. But on Sunday it's on at 8 a.m. ET, also for two hours.Saturday 7-9 a.m. ETSunday 8-10 a.m. ET I know the only way I'm not going to mess that up is if I set the recorder right now before I forget. read more

Rachel Maddow interviews Former President Jimmy Carter

09/16/11 08:06PM

Viewers of The Rachel Maddow Show saw the interview with Former President Jimmy Carter in pieces, spread across several segments. In the version below the pieces have been put back together for a more continuous viewing. After the jump, the clips as they originally aired...I'll add the Friday night clips here once they air and are encoded. read more

Reno plane crash press conference

Reno plane crash press conference

09/16/11 08:00PM

Mike Houghton, president and CEO of the Reno Air Racing Association, addresses the press with further details and answers questions about the deadly accident at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada. watch