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Ahead on the 8/16 Maddow show

08/15/11 05:52PM

Tonight's guests include:Howard Dean, former Vermont governor and chairman of the DNC   Ed Rendell, NBC News political analyst and former Pennsylvania governor Here's executive producer Bill Wolff with a look at tonight's show: read more

What is behind this door?

A world of pure imagination

08/15/11 05:42PM

30 Rock is a big building, full of television production magic and mysteries. Walking through the building today, I came accross this sign on a door. I have no idea what is behind this door- what is in the "Imagination Room," but I do have two guesses.It is either the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter, or the room with the chocolate waterfall from from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Your guesses?   read more

Seen in #California: 'Is there any right to the liberal "left"?'

Seen in #California: 'Is there any right to the liberal "left"?'

08/15/11 03:11PM

I saw these bumper stickers on an RV in the parking lot at a California state beach just south of Mendocino. The place was filled with families skin diving for abalone. A bunch of them were cooking their catch right in the parking lot, one over what smelled like -- but surely couldn't have been -- a fire made of cannabis. In the middle of all that grooviness, these bumper stickers from Oregon couldn't help standing out. read more

Best noon thing

08/15/11 12:17PM

This one's a little more political than my usual picks, but here it is: a woman who claims to be from Alaska confronts Todd Palin at the Iowa State Fair. Raw story transcribes it:“We’re from Alaska,” the woman told him. “We were sick when she quit.”“What would you recommend doing when you got $600,000, $700,000 of debt hanging over your head, and you still have all these people filing complaints against you?” Todd Palin asked. “What would you do?”“Well, you go for the money obviously. That’s what she did. read more

Romney welcomes Obama's 'Magical Misery' tour

08/15/11 10:36AM

 Republican candidate Mitt Romney has been going out of his way to bash organized labor, while on the other suggesting that ordinary people don't trust President Obama to run things or even to listen to them. From the press stuff for Mr. Romney's new ad:"During his Magical Misery bus tour this week, it is unlikely President Obama will speak with unemployed Americans, to near-bankrupt business owners, or to families struggling to survive in this economy. He is more interested in campaigning in swing states than working to solve the economic crisis that is crushing the middle class. read more

Morning Maddow: August 15

Morning Maddow: August 15

08/15/11 07:55AM

Tim Pawlenty drops out of the GOP race for President.Rick Perry brings a Chinese company deemed a national security risk to Texas.Ron Paul doesn't sound very libertarian on abortion.Warren Buffett: Stop coddling the super-rich.Some trade unions are skipping the Democratic National Convention in protest.Report: Pakistan let China take a close look at the helicopter that crashed during the raid to kill Osama bin Laden. read more

Say, what's Rick Perry up to this weekend?

Say, what's Rick Perry up to this weekend?

08/13/11 12:18AM

Saturday is his first day out and about as the latest big-name GOP presidential candidate to take the plate, and Rick Perry has all kinds of people following his every move. Where to next, during the first weekend of his candidacy?  Not Iowa, that's for sure! (Well, he'll get there eventually). Perry's first stop this Saturday is in Charleston, South Carolina for the RedState Gathering 2011. It's also the same day as the presidential straw poll in Ames, Iowa, so it's not a far-off assumption that his absence may distract from the task at hand. read more

Herb your enthusiasm

Herb your enthusiasm

08/12/11 10:49PM

The search for a unifying element between Rachel's periodic mixology tutorials and Farm Aid is complete. And the answer is? Fresh Mint!How was this serendipity achieved?On tonight's show, Rachel strove mightily to redeem the mojito from mass mediocrity in part by crushing a delicious helping of fresh mint leaves into a glass.Meanwhile, the organizers of Farm Aid, the annual concert to benefit American small farmers, posted an article on its website called Raise a toast to family farmers! read more

A screenshot from an actual current job posting.

Persistently job-searching, persistently jobless

08/12/11 08:02PM

On last night's show, Rachel made the point that the recent high rate of unemployment has a lot to do with the unemployed staying unemployed for longer. In other words, "high employment is due to persistent unemployment."The reason? There are likely many, but one noteworthy problem takes place in a very specific setting - the hiring process between employer and potential employees. read more