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Ahead on the 8/22 Maddow show

08/22/11 06:36PM

Tonight's guests include;Thomas Erdbrink, bureau chief of The Washington Post in Tehran, live from Zawiya, Libya   Dan Rather, host of "Dan Rather Reports" on HDNet   Steve Clemons, Washington editor-at-large of The Atlantic, founder and publisher of The Washington Note   Juan Cole, professor of history at the University of Michigan, author of "Engaging the Muslim World"   Michael Steele, former chairman of the RNCHere's Bill Wolff with a preview of tonight's show: read more

Despite all appearances, this is a government job.

Florida lost 22,000 jobs last month, half of them government

08/22/11 06:05PM

Maybe Florida Governor Rick Scott should study up on Texas, where the growth in government jobs has given Rick Perry a claim to being "America's jobs governor."The latest jobs figures from Florida show that Mr. Scott's state lost 22,100 jobs last month. If you look at the chart, which I highly recommend, you'll see that more than half of those were government jobs -- 1,500 at the state level, 9,700 local. Another 3,800 jobs in education disappeared.That would include situations like the one in the Duval County school district, where they laid off more than 250 workers last month. read more

Kids in Okuma, Japan, get toys back in March from a combined U.S. and Japanese military help center.

Atomic might as well be forever

08/22/11 04:45PM

With everything else going on today, this large piece of news seems unlikely to make the show:Broad areas around the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant could soon be declared uninhabitable, perhaps for decades, after a government survey found radioactive contamination that far exceeded safe levels, several major media outlets said Monday.The post-Fukushima uninhabitable zone could cover communities in a 12-mile radius from the nuclear plant. In Okuma, a couple of miles south, radiation has been measured at 25 times the limit declared acceptable by the government. read more

It's.... alive!

It's.... alive!

08/22/11 03:47PM

The first humanoid robot in space came to life today. Its name is Robonaut 2, nickname is R2 (get it?).  He's designed to be an astronaut's helper, and he is currently living up in the International Space Station.Today ground controllers at NASA's Johnson Space Center sent the command to power R2 up for the first time. He didn't move around or anything. NASA takes things pretty slow, so he doesn't get to move around for at least another week. But somehow, he's still able to tweet.Hmmm.... robots mixing with humans on a spaceship. What could go wrong?  read more

Martyr's Square, née Green Square

The politics of cartography

08/22/11 01:48PM

The armed rebel movement in Libya owes its snowballing military and political successes to the passion and commitment of its members, the NATO air campaign that hobbled Muammar Khaddafy's military power, the countries that legitimized the rebels by recognizing their transitional government, and, as of today, Google Maps.  After they took it over late Sunday night, rebels declared that Green Square would now be called Martyr's Square, restoring the name it had before Gadhafi's regime took power more than four decades ago. read more

Best noon thing

08/22/11 12:11PM

This one will take you about an hour, so maybe just do what I'm doing and watch it in bits and pieces. A unique look at the last flight of the NASA Space Shuttle program. Enjoy. read more

Letter: 'Great flabbergasting,' meet 'right flight'

08/22/11 11:25AM

On Friday, Rachel proposed a new term to describe her favorite political meme of the Obama presidency. She proposes calling the way Republicans have rejected their own ideas "the great flabbergasting."Viewer @BrassBand suggests another new term, this one to describe what happens when President Obama negotiates from the middle:I saw a segment called "The Great Flabbergasting." I actually had a similar idea to attach a "semantic tag" to what we're seeing from the conservatives:'Right Flight'If it sounds like something familiar...that's because it's meant to. read more

The unrecognizable Scott Walker 2.0

The unrecognizable Scott Walker 2.0

08/22/11 10:35AM

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker continues the rehabilitation of his image, with a national interview about his beliefs as a moderate. From the New York Times:“My thought is, you start out with small things, you build trust, you move forward, you keep working on things and you try and pick as many things that are things that people can clearly work together on."Governor Walker's call for starting small and working together comes after he jammed through his union-stripping bill and a voter ID bill, the NYT notes. The state is about to face legal action on both. Mr. read more

Government jobs are real jobs -- just ask Texas.

Chart: Rick Perry's Texas Miracle

08/22/11 09:33AM

This bit from Texas Governor Rick Perry appears to be contradicted by what has actually happened in Texas:“The fact is, government doesn’t create jobs, otherwise the last two and a half years of stimulus would have worked,” Perry said this month in a speech to the National Conference of State Legislatures. “Government can only create the environment that allows the private sector to create jobs. read more

Morning Maddow: August 22

08/22/11 07:30AM

 What may be the last battle to topple Libya's Khaddafy is underway.President Obama calls it the "tipping point."Khaddafy's son Saif is in custody. But where is Khaddafy?Rep. Dennis Kucinich calls for an end to the NATO mission in Libya, while Senators McCain and Graham criticize the U.S. for not doing more.What the bond market wants the U.S. read more

National First Ladies' Library

Michelle Obama- the quilted version

08/20/11 12:56AM

You've probably heard of the Lincoln Memorial, Mount Vernon, and maybe even a presidential library or two. But you may not have heard of a little museum in Canton, Ohio called the National First Ladies' Library. I visited the museum today and saw many dresses worn by first ladies, ERA pins and antique furniture from Ida McKinley's (wife of the 25th president, William McKinley) old house, but I also got the chance to see this gem:It's a quilt of all of the first ladies, including Michelle Obama there in the bottom left. read more