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GOP turnout troubles continue

GOP turnout troubles continue

02/06/12 08:01AM

Counting the votes in Nevada's Republican presidential caucuses turned out to be more difficult than expected, but this morning, the final results were announced. The tally largely reflects what we already knew: Mitt Romney won easily, finishing with 50% (16,486 votes).What was far more interesting was the turnout.Total turnout was 32,930,... read more

Morning Maddow: February 6

02/06/12 07:33AM

Mitt wins the Nevada caucuses, Newt vows he'll get even by April.Meanwhile, Newt's billionaire backer is reportedly also talking to Mitt.Roll Call reports that Ron Paul got reimbursed twice for at least 8 Congressional flights.Pres. Obama says "I deserve a second term." A majority in a new matchup poll agrees.The Giants are... read more

Voices for the downtrodden

Voices for the downtrodden

02/03/12 07:00PM

Rachel Maddow describes the protest movement to help people resist foreclosure and stay in their homes, and shares video of their unique tactic of singing to interrupt foreclosure auctions. watch

Ahead on the 2/3 Maddow show

02/03/12 06:44PM

Tonight's guests include:Jon Ralston, columnist for the Las Vegas Sun and host of “Face to Face with Jon Ralston”Jared Bernstein, former member of President Obama's economic team and former economic adviser to Vice President Biden, currently a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and msnbc contributorWhile... read more

Friday's Mini-Report

Friday's Mini-Report

02/03/12 05:30PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* It begins: "Democratic New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed suit against Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo for deceptive and fraudulent use of a private database used to register mortgages."* Obama must be the least-effective socialist in human history: "A surge in... read more

The Week in Geek: Giant ants, swarming nano quadrotors

02/03/12 04:15PM

I'm afraid Michael Crichton knows something we don't.Excavated giant ant colony will BLOW YOUR MIND. Who else is now afraid that ants might take over the world? (Full documentary here.)Neuroscientists can HEAR what word you're thinking of.Pythons lurking in the Everglades. Snakes gone wild indeed.Male spiders will literally give... read more

Tea Party Jesus

This Week in God

02/03/12 03:41PM

Almost exactly six years ago, inspired by "The Daily Show," I started a weekly feature called "This Week in God," covering news related to religion, politics, and government. Today, the feature moves to Friday afternoons.The God Machine has plenty to offer this week (one might say the cup runneth over). First up, while the... read more