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Ahead on the 3/8 Maddow show

03/08/12 09:18PM

Tonight's guests include:Frank Rich, writer-at-large for New York MagazineGovernor Martin O’Malley, (D) MarylandWhile watching tonight's video preview, take a listen to tonight's soundtrack. (Just be sure to allow the ad below to play out entirely before starting the video)Senior show producer Cory Gnazzo shars a preview of... read more

Higgs event

Challenge: (Physicists)x = LOL. Solve for x.

03/08/12 08:00PM

Yesterday my colleague Nazanin Rafsanjani sent around a New York Times story about the search for the theoretical Higgs boson, aka the "God Particle." Teams of physicists are trying to find out why particles have mass by smashing atoms into each other inside particle accelerators. They hope that by breaking them into measurable bits,... read more

The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff

03/08/12 07:00PM

Cory Gnazzo, senior show producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight’s show – we’ve got Frank Rich on the show tonight to discuss the fight for women’s health rights, plus how voter ID laws will affect the election this year, and... watch

O'Malley warns of hard right turns

O'Malley warns of hard right turns

03/08/12 07:00PM

Rachel Maddow shares a video clip of Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley warning voters of the consequences of voting in conservative politicians, as Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, the picture of those consequences, looks on. watch

Trying to vote, Texas edition

03/08/12 06:14PM

The group Tennessee Citizen Action sends a follow-up video from the former Marine who challenged the new state law requiring you to show photo ID at the polls. Instead of going after a poll worker, this time Tim Thompson makes his pitch to the camera:What we should do is vote these people out of office, that put this law in effect. Because... read more

Will the House move on its own Blunt Amendment?

Will the House move on its own Blunt Amendment?

03/08/12 04:50PM

Following the Senate's narrow defeat of the Blunt Amendment last week, coupled with the public revulsion towards Rush Limbaugh's misogyny, Republican leaders in Congress had just about had enough with the fight over contraception. But as the GOP is finding, sometimes it's tough for a party to pick a fight, then walk away from it... read more

The House's JOBS Act won't do much for those on the unemployment line.

What passes for a jobs bill in the House

03/08/12 03:41PM

It's hard not to like the name of the bill easily approved by the House today: the "JOBS Act." With high unemployment, the legislation seemingly addresses the nation's most pressing need.Alas, it really isn't worth getting too excited about.The House Thursday afternoon overwhelmingly approved legislation aimed at easing... read more

Pic: 'Go probe yourself'

Pic: 'Go probe yourself'

03/08/12 03:11PM

In Virginia, Republicans backed off their vaginal probe ultrasound bill, and the protest just kept coming.Today in Alabama, where Republicans have also backed off the vaginal part of their vaginal probe bill, protesters gathered. From the looks of the crowd in Montgomery, they're not backing down. More on the show tonight.(More photos from... read more

Boehner just doesn't have much to smile about lately.

Yet another setback for Speaker Boehner

03/08/12 02:10PM

Following up on a report from last month, the House Republicans' transportation bill, generally considered one of Speaker John Boehner's (R-Ohio) top priorities, has turned into something of a fiasco.Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, a former Republican congressman, called it "the worst transportation bill I've ever... read more


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