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Zombie lies are clearly the hardest to kill.

Zombie lies linger in the Deep South

03/12/12 11:29AM

While it's tempting to think the nation has moved past ridiculous questions about President Obama's faith, Jon Chait takes a closer look at the latest Public Policy Polling survey (pdf) out of Alabama and Mississippi, and notices some disconcerting results.PPP asks Republicans in Alabama, "Do you think Barack Obama is a Christian... read more

Paying back Americans Elect's millionaires

Paying back Americans Elect's millionaires

03/12/12 10:58AM

At least in the abstract, Americans Elect may have a pitch some voters find compelling. The outfit intends to spend heavily to gain a slot on the presidential ballot nationwide, then create a bipartisan ticket that voters would help choose online. The plan, however, is not without flaws.Americans Elect hasn't had much luck finding willing... read more

Doonesbury tackles the '10-inch shaming wand'

Doonesbury tackles the '10-inch shaming wand'

03/12/12 10:09AM

Today's edition of Garry Trudeau's "Doonesbury" doesn't pull any punches. It features a woman checking in at a clinic for her mandatory sonogram, in advance of an abortion. Another woman, behind the desk, hands the patient a clipboard and says, "ou'll need to fill out this form. Please take a seat in the... read more

Limbaugh may notice trouble for his industry on the horizon.

What hath Rush wrought?

03/12/12 08:41AM

One of the key angles to the recent controversy surrounding Rush Limbaugh has to do with advertisers: at last count, 51 sponsors of the Republican's show have pulled their support, leading to a "dead air" problem in at least one major market.As it turns out, though, it's not just Limbaugh. read more

Gov. Ultrasound struggles to defend his record

03/12/12 08:00AM

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) sat down with David Gregory on "Meet the Press" yesterday, and though he had to know the question was coming, the Republican still struggled to defend his record on forced ultrasounds.The host asked the governor a pretty straightforward question: "You backed an abortion bill initially that included... read more

Morning Maddow: March 12

03/12/12 07:38AM

Where are the Republican women to defend the GOP's position on contraception?Inside Team Santorum.Ron Paul delegates talk strategy in Iowa (bonus: lots of keep this away from Maddow's eyes! chatter).The life of Newt in 16 minutes (including dramatic reenactments)!Michael Steele, agent of chaos?Super PAC Americans Elect is now raising... read more

#Wisconsin still looks mad from here

#Wisconsin still looks mad from here

03/11/12 07:48PM

An estimated 65,000 people gathered at the Wisconsin state capitol yesterday to mark the one-year anniversary of Governor Scott Walker's bill stripping union rights from public employees.Governor Walker spent the anniversary making headlines for his new legal defense fund, part of the ongoing John Doe investigation into allegations against... read more

Rick, Chalk, Jayhawk

Rick, Chalk, Jayhawk

03/11/12 10:31AM

Rick Santorum was the favorite in yesterday's Kansas caucuses, the first contest since Super Tuesday, but he still managed to exceed expectations with an easy victory.Rick Santorum won the Kansas Republican caucuses Saturday, giving him momentum as he and his GOP rivals sprint towards Tuesday's primaries in Alabama and Mississippi.With... read more

Sort of a really long, one-man parade for injured troops

03/10/12 03:59PM

 On Friday, March 23, former Marine Rick Hermelin will head out on his elliptical bike from South Carolina -- and just keep going. Hermelin, 71, plans to ride cross the country, reaching San Diego in 100 days. Minus food, which he'll buy along the way, he'll carry everything he needs in a small backpack.He's raising money for the... read more

How to win friends and affluent people

How to win friends and affluent people

03/10/12 10:53AM

As Rachel pointed out on the show, so far the only voting bloc whose support Mitt Romney has secured solidly is the very rich. Birds of a feather, etc.? Well why hide it, mega rich Romney supporter--work it! Here are some Mitt-centric accessories you simply must have, darling:The Romney Platinum Voter ID card. read more

This Week in God

03/10/12 10:10AM

As "This Week in God" settles in on Saturday mornings, the God Machine has plenty to offer again this week.First up is the latest nonsense from radical TV preacher Pat Robertson, who argued the other day that brutal tornadoes that sliced across the Midwest and the South should be blamed on the victims. read more

Oddly compelling creepy crime

Oddly compelling creepy crime

03/09/12 07:00PM

Rachel Maddow reviews a set of odd crime stories including the theft of Christian artifacts, the mystery of the floating feet, and prisoners vanishing from an Indiana prison. watch


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