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E.g., 10/30/2014

Morning Maddow: November 1

11/01/11 08:24AM

Eric Cantor denounces the "ire and hatred" of the Occupy protesters.Report: Hundreds of millions of dollars are missing from the investment firm run by ex-NJ Gov. Corzine.Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee want a hearing on all the new Voter ID laws.Climate scientists say: get used to crazy weather.Ed Rollins on why he really left the Bachmann campaign: "It was a mess."Awesome. The UN believes it has found a secret uranium enrichment facility in Syria.The Army runs on... caffeinated meat? read more

Links for the 10/31 TRMS

Links for the 10/31 TRMS

11/01/11 12:04AM

Jan. 20, 2009 - TRMS: GOPreakness Rev. Al Sharpton interviews himself about Mitt Romney June 30, 2010 - TRMS Players perform Russian spycraft Newt Gingrich is not one to ignore the important Norwegian constituency Herman Cain accused by two women of inappropriate behavior State firm's cash to Herman Cain may breach federal campaign, tax laws Obama Order Targets Drug Price 'Gouging' Obama Tries to Speed Response to Shortages in Vital Medicines Why We Can't Wait: Taking Action to Reduce Prescription Drug Shortages Ghost Stories: Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Illegals read more

The Family Stone

The Family Stone

10/31/11 07:57PM

Happy birthday, Mt. Rushmore! America's paperweight, featuring massive granite likenesses of Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln was dedicated on October 31, 1941, 70 years ago today.There's no conservative dream more cherished than the day when Ronald Reagan's 60 foot head will join the Fab Four, presumably cheek to cheek with Honest Abe. Though despite Grover Norquist's fervent prayers, Rushmore Reagan remains just a dream for now.So what does it take to warrant a piece the rock? read more

Ahead on the 10/31 Maddow show

10/31/11 07:46PM

Tonight's guests include:Lou Dubose, editor of The Washington Spectator   Steve Schmidt, former senior campaign strategist for the McCain-Palin campaign and former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush   Sen. Amy Klobuchar, (D) Minnesota, member of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation committeeCory Gnazzo, senior show producer, shares a preview of tonight's show:ADDING: Here's that clip Cory is talking about of Rev. Al interviewing himself:  read more

Bill, right, with one of his new friends in St. Louis.

Letter from Bill: World Series in St. Louis totally transcendent, life-changing, incredible, more adjectives

10/31/11 03:03PM

I asked Bill Wolff this weekend about his last-minute trip to St. Louis for game seven of the World Series. The last we heard, he'd made it to his hometown but had no ticket for the game. Bill wrote:"It was tremendous, LC. The whole manic thing of getting in a cab with the clothes on my back and my TRMS messenger bag is rewarded at LaGuardia by a dozen other STL ex-pats who had done exactly the same thing."Get to STL to be greeted by this awesome and dopey welcome gate of red-and-white balloons through which all arriving passengers must pass. read more

Voting is maybe popular in Maine

10/31/11 02:31PM

The campaign in Maine to reinstate same-day registration for voters has outspent the side that wants to make it harder to vote by 17 to one: The yes campaign's biggest political action committee is Protect Maine Votes, whose major contributors include financier Donald Sussman and unions. The Maine Republican Party, some county GOP organizations and the Maine Heritage Policy Center donated to the opposing campaign. read more

Build an igloo. Occupy Winter is here

Build an igloo. Occupy Winter is here

10/31/11 11:53AM

The Occupy movement's winter strategy is beginning to take shape. Learn winter camping and take turns -- if you can only stay one night, that's fine by them. If you can only drop off hot chocolate, that's fine, too. A couple of new Facebook groups, Occupy Winter and Occupy Winter Survival, are collecting pics and advice (like Igloo Building 101).  read more

'Hill' poll: Flat tax still unpopular

'Hill' poll: Flat tax still unpopular

10/31/11 10:15AM

Two out of three Americans surveyed tell the Hill the middle class is shrinking, and they've got some ideas about what's gone wrong:Close to 7 in 10 said the income tax system is either somewhat or very unfair — a finding that was supported among most ideological groups and income levels.But voters are also far from convinced that a flat tax — like the one Texas Gov. read more



10/31/11 09:08AM

Racist or sexy? Which one this Halloween? Pick your costume and get your offensive stereotype on: Mexicans, Native Americans, "Arabs" and more. And did you know you can be a sexy skunk? Or a sexy Nemo? You can even be a sexy Phantom of the Opera. Can't decide? read more

I know, I know there's a typo.

Morning Maddow: October 31

10/31/11 08:24AM

Kansans protest Koch Industries.Kansas Gov. Brownback takes money meant for lowering heating bills and gives it to the biofuels industry.This appears to be the Herman Cain story of the day. But maybe this should be instead? Update: Or this.Perry won't be skipping debates after all.We might be leaving Iraq, but we're not going far.An American is identified as a Somali suicide bomber.Aid group says an airstrike in Somalia hit a refugee camp, killing and wounding mostly women and children.Seven billion! Woot?Those killjoys at Mother Jones add up the true cost of Hallowe'en (American-style). read more