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The Week in Geek

11/18/11 11:05AM

Aurora from space. Bigger, better, and more beautiful than you've ever seen before.The second coolest light show on Earth is not in our skies, but in our oceans. Amazing footage of bioluminescence from National Geographic.Apparently you can levitate a frog. And a grasshopper. read more

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Bullet with pterodactyl wings

11/18/11 09:51AM

After our segment last night on the guy who's accused of trying to assassinate the president by firing at the White House with a semi-automatic assault weapon, Rachel emailed me to ask if we got the size of the ammo right. We'd described it as 39-millimeter, based on the arrest warrant, which details the ammo as 7.62 X 39 mm cartridges."Ah! That's it," Rachel replied. "I think we call those 7.62mm rounds, not 39mm rounds. read more

Morning Maddow: November 18

11/18/11 07:47AM

Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing talks to the activist behind the amazing Occupy Wall Street "Bat Signal" projections.Occupy San Francisco camp is declared a "public health nuisance."The House votes on a balanced budget amendment today.Reports of pranks and shenanigans in the effort to recall WI Gov. Scott Walker.Newt, Inc. and the healthcare industry.Pres. Obama announces our he's sending Sec. read more

Ahead on the 11/17 Maddow show

11/17/11 07:21PM

Tonight's guests include:Melissa Harris-Perry, professor at Tulane University and msnbc contributor   Rep. Diana DeGette, (D) ColoradoDaniel Bongino, veteran of the Secret ServiceExecutive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show:  read more

Occupy Idaho

Occupy Idaho

11/17/11 05:47PM

To the question of reach of the Occupy movement comes this item in our mailbag:This photo was taken in Stanley, Idaho - population 100. It is an Occupy Wall St. photo taken on Wall St. in Stanley, Idaho.I am a Blue Girl in a Red State (born & raised in Manhattan living in Sun Valley, Idaho). Photo Credit Jon Marvel, Director of The Western Watersheds Project = a WONDERFUL Environmental activist!This photo should be a BEST NEW THING!Show the reach of #OccupyGreat show Rachel!-Nicole Kohn read more

Again in the streets of Montgomery, Alabama.

When Alabamans said they wanted immigration enforcement, they didn't mean for Alabamans

11/17/11 04:02PM

Folks in Alabama sound like they sorely regret passing the nation's most oppressive immigration law. Local businesses have lost their customers, farmers have lost their workers, schools have lost their students. Now that every interaction with a government agency requires proving your citizenship, Alabama's got lines out the courthouse door (see pic). You can't get a dog tag without showing you belong.On top of that, national labor groups are coming in, taking notes and promising to help get the Alabama law overturned. read more