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Ahead on the 12/1 Maddow show

12/01/11 06:26PM

Happy December! Tonight's guests include:Frank Rich, New York Magazine writer-at-large and former New York Times columnist  Sen. Claire McCaskill, (D) Missouri. member of the Commerce Committee and chair of the Contracting Oversight Subcommittee  Scott Olsen, Iraq war veteran, injured at Occupy Oakland protestHere's executive producer Bill Wolff with tonight's preview: read more

Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins

Rock Star Day at Liberty Park

12/01/11 06:20PM

I was down at Liberty Park this afternoon around lunch time when it also happened to be time for some celebrity musicians to play Occupy Wall Street. I've missed all the other performances down there, so this was the first time I've seen it in person. There's no electricity allowed, so they basically just stand up on a cement bench and strum and sing as loud as they can. It's hard to hear, but there were enough cameras and media there that I'm sure there's a version online that's better than having been there in person. read more

In California, the evicted are re-occupying their homes.

The next Occupation? Your neighborhood

12/01/11 02:56PM

As the weather turned colder, we asked on this blog and on TRMS what shape the Occupy protests would start to take, particularly in cold-weather cities. Having many of their outdoor encampments uprooted and destroyed by police since then has changed the physical aspect of the movement, combining with the cold to push Occupy Wall Street and many other protests to take shelter elsewhere. But where Occupiers are may not be as important as what they're doing. read more

Mitt Romney vs. humans, 1994

12/01/11 01:43PM

Producer Mike Yarvitz finds this old tape of Mitt Romney running for U.S. Senate in 1994, against incumbent Senator Ted Kennedy. Mr. Romney didn't just get that cringe-worthy style yesterday."Hi, how are you? Don't run away. I want to shake your hand. I know, you haven't got your makeup on yet, right?" he says to a woman outside a store. "You do, you do."(Adding: h/t Ben Smith) read more

The syllables of safety

12/01/11 11:45AM

In case you were distracted by all the finger counting in last night's Best New Thing In The World Today segment, below is the written transcript, broken into the appropriate lines and stanzas for you to read at your own finger tapping pace.Today in New York, A perfect storm of gridlock; Let me count the ways:The President's here to do some campaign events. read more

Buddy Roemer and voting rights

Buddy Roemer and voting rights

12/01/11 10:59AM

ou asked me had I made this an issue. I have not. I've not made it an issue.2nd Protester: Will you? Will you?Roemer: Absolutely. 2nd Protester: Immediately?Roemer: AbsolutelyI caught up with Mr. Roemer about this before he appeared on our show this week. He sounded chagrined, in a friendly way, about the month-old promise to do something right away. "I've not yet come out on that," he said. While Mr. read more

Totally in charge, Virginia GOP ponders uranium mining

12/01/11 10:01AM

The headline news out of Virginia right now is that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a Tea Party Republican, is on his way to running for governor. Mr. Cuccinelli is part of a Republican majority that has only grown stronger. After the November elections, the GOP now controls the governorship and (likely) both chambers of the state legislature. Progressives are bracing for the new GOP agenda.On the wish list, apparently, is opening the state to uranium mining. read more

Morning Maddow: December 1

Morning Maddow: December 1

12/01/11 07:47AM

The world according to Herman Cain.The Senate declines to vote on an amendment that would give military women the same right as federal prisoners.Occupy protesters move on from encampments to foreclosures.It's World AIDS Day.The effect of "racial animus" on the 2008 Presidential election.Anti-union forces in New Hampshire lose a battle.Former WI Gov. Tommy Thompson launches his Senate campaign today.And Ken Cuccinelli wants to be the next Governor of Virginia.In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood expect to win big after bending the rules.It's official: Rep. read more