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Happy Repeal Day!

Happy Repeal Day!

12/05/11 07:00PM

Rachel Maddow marks the official end of Prohibition 78 years ago, and reports on town of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, home to famed anti-alcohol crusader, Carry A... watch

Mississippi poll tax receipt, 1965.

Poll taxes make amazing comeback

12/05/11 04:08PM

In historic terms, poll taxes served to put a price on a voting and keep African Americans from getting a ballot. Poll taxes were banned from federal elections in 1964, with the ratifying of the 24th Amendment.  The next year, the Voting Rights Act made the poll tax illegal in local and state elections, too.But the poll tax -- or at least the idea of having to pay money before you can vote -- is making a comeback. In Mississippi, for instance, voters last month approved a constitutional amendment that says you have to show photo ID in order to vote. read more

Irascible ink

Irascible ink

12/05/11 01:45PM

Here’s a letter to the editor at TCPalm which covers Florida’s Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches, an area where more than a few wealthy one percenters go to sit out both winter and the rest of us.If this letter is satire (and most likely, it is) then, mazel tov, fake Floridian one percenter. Nicely played. If not, then it’s a view into the abyss. You decide:Stop whining, you 99 percent. We 1 percent have realized the American Dream: to own a home(s), a car(s), a boat(s) and a plane. (We don't like to fly commercial airlines.) . . .Paying off members of Congress is not cheap. read more

They might be giants

They might be giants

12/05/11 12:24PM

Or maybe just Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich. The latter, surging in the polls, showed up to make The Visit with the former in New York City today. Mr. Gingrich says he'll take part in a debate hosted by Mr. Trump after Christmas, making him so far the only GOP candidate to sign on. read more

Gov Walker: Recalls rock, but not recalling me

12/05/11 10:45AM

In this ad against the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a supporter describes the recall as "sour grapes."Oh, but recalls can be so much more. John Nichols of the Madison Cap-Times writes:Back when he was a state legislator, Walker was an enthusiastic proponent of recall elections. In fact, he was one of only a handful of state legislators who aligned with — and ultimately took money from — a group that was seeking to recall U.S. Sens. read more

Democracy blinks in Michigan

Democracy blinks in Michigan

12/05/11 09:53AM

Over the past several days, Michigan has seen the imposition of financial martial law -- and preparations for it -- in a string of troubled cities. In Flint, the emergency manager took the elected mayor and city councilors off the payroll and canceled city council meetings from now until he decides to hold them again.The state began its preliminary financial review of Detroit last week. Inkster's on the way. Chris Savage of Eclectablog runs this chart, a snapshot of the towns that either already have an emergency manager or have been put on notice by the state. read more

Morning Maddow: December 5

12/05/11 08:04AM

31 protesters arrested at Occupy DC.Newt Gingrich's big day: his first Iowa ad, he takes the lead in another Iowa poll, he meets with The Donald, and he's reportedly getting the Herman Cain endorsement.What doesn't Newt have? A campaign organization.The White House pushes Richard Cordray's nomination to head the CFPB this week.Iran says it has shot down a U.S. spy drone.The U.S. starts to move out of a drone base in Pakistan.Is there a Japanese word for schadenfreude? read more

Ahead on the 12/2 Maddow Show

12/02/11 07:47PM

Tonight's guests:Andrea Mitchell, NBC News correspondentJared Bernstein, former member of President Obama's economic team and former economic adviser to Vice President Biden, currently a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and msnbc contributorBill Wolff, executive producer, checks in from Ball State: read more