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E.g., 10/2/2014

The Week in Geek: Murmurations of greatness. Plus: Science tattoos

11/04/11 01:10PM

Regarding the video above, I don't know what else to say other than nature rocks and now I know what "murmuration" means.Nature isn't always warm and fuzzy. Best. Tumblr. Ever.If you are as fascinated by octopuses as I am, you will LOVE this article.When one door closes and other one opens, you might want to think twice before walking through it.NASA satellite captures Snowtober.Tractor beams are no longer just science fiction.Would your kid benefit from being taught by a dragon? read more

Best noon thing

11/04/11 12:00PM

This one is making the rounds among my facebook friends today. My first thought: Holy crap! My second thought: why is everybody so calm?   read more

Occupy Bangor rallies during the day. And handful of people sleep on the library grounds overnight.

Make friends: Occupy smaller towns

11/04/11 11:23AM

One benefit of occupying out-of-the-way places is that there are generally fewer of you, and that might make it easier to get along with the neighbors. Occupy Bangor (Maine, of course) just got permission from the public library to continue camping on the library grounds. From the Bangor Daily News: McDade said demonstrators have been careful to set up their tents away from the library’s children’s area.“So far Occupy Bangor has been very cooperative. read more

U.S. economy slowly heals on prairie medicine

U.S. economy slowly heals on prairie medicine

11/04/11 09:19AM

Last night, with help from Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Republicans blocked another jobs proposal from the White House. This one would have provided $50 billion for infrastructure like roads and rails, the kind of government spending that employed thousands during the Great Depression and built many of the parks and other public facilities that we enjoy today.Earlier in the week Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, a Bush appointee again sounded exasperated in saying it "would be helpful" if other parts of government would do something about jobs. read more

Morning Maddow: November 4

11/04/11 07:47AM

Now Americans for Prosperity is investigating its relationship to a Herman Cain-linked group.A federal judge allows a curfew at Occupy Sacramento.The CIA agrees to tighten its rules for drone attacks.Is the CIA following you on twitter?Man charged with making phone threats against Rep. Eric Cantor and his family.Japan will bail out the electric company that operates the nuclear plant in Fukushima.Tell Michele Bachmann! China enters the war on light bulbs!The crew of Mars 500 is "back" on Earth! read more

A promissory post

11/04/11 01:07AM

This blog post is the new destination of and will serve as a placeholder until we get new registration information from Michael Steele and I read the instructions at Hover on how to transfer ownership of a domain.Explanation below in case you missed the end of Thursday's B block. read more

Links for the 11/3 TRMS

Links for the 11/3 TRMS

11/03/11 11:59PM

The Re-Emergence of Concentrated Poverty: Metropolitan Trends in the 2000s I will shout Youngstown Congressman Tim Ryan on Income Inequaity Occupy Youngstown The Tattered Cover bookstore Corporate Taxpayers & Corporate Tax Dodgers, 2008-2010 Archbishop calls for debate on Robin Hood Tax Capitol Police Defeat Members, 27-14 @RepGosar - Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS - Me, @RepGosar and Herschel Walker. #CharityFootball read more

Haley Barbour votes for Personhood

11/03/11 09:11PM

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour spent yesterday nudging around the idea that he might, maybe, kinda, sorta object to a blanket ban on abortion in his state. Governor Barbour told msnbc:I am concerned about some of the ramifications on in vitro fertilization and the fallopian tubes. That concerns me, I have to just say it.He also told Fox that the Personhood campaign was hoping to get a challenge to Roe v. Wade before the Supreme Court, but that he didn't think theirs would be the best case.So much for that. Today Governor Barbour voted yes. From the AP:Mississippi Gov. read more

Attention: Pigeons

Attention: Pigeons

11/03/11 08:02PM

Earlier this week, a bronze statue of Ronald Reagan was unveiled at the Reagan Airport in Washington D.C. The Gipper is nine feet tall, plenty big, but is it big enough to adequately honor this metaphorical giant of modern conservativism? It made me wonder, when it comes to turning our icons into icons , does size matter?Richard Nixon in Rapid City, South Dakota ---4-5 feet tallJohn F. Kennedy in Ireland---- life size, so around 6 feet tallGeorge W. read more