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E.g., 7/23/2014
On Wisconsin!

On Wisconsin!

08/09/11 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - updates on tonight's recall elections in Wisconsin, along... watch

A jobs project with lasting impact

A jobs project with lasting impact

08/09/11 07:00PM

Typically when I think of the work of the WPA during the Depression I think of either construction projects or manual busywork (digging a hole and filling it in). My colleague Laura Conaway (by the unusual absence of whose byline from this blog you may have already figured out is on vacation) sends a reminder that the WPA extended to culture and the arts. read more

Damon Terrrell speaks to protesters at the state Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, February 27, 2011.

A day to recall in Wisconsin

08/09/11 03:18PM

Forgetting politics and looking at today's recall elections in Wisconsin may be difficult, especially with turnout this high (so far) and this much money involved. But the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel notes that this is indeed historic (in a more traditional way):Since 1908, there have been 20 recorded state legislative recall elections held in the United States, according to one recall expert. read more

(We can still eat vegetables)

08/09/11 02:06PM

Yesterday Will posted a video about children farm workers who face hard working conditions, including exposure to toxic pesticides sprayed on our produce. For a consious consumer who does not want to support such practices, here is a great (but unfortunately much less accessible) alternative- urban farms. These small scale farms have been popping up in cities across the U.S. read more

A bowl of liberty with freedom on top

A bowl of liberty with freedom on top

08/09/11 10:05AM

From the back of this bag of "Liberty" chips:The American dream is all about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In the same spirit R.W. Garcia offers you these delicious red, white & blue tortilla chips because they contain no trans fats and are gluten free. And exercise your freedom of choice with 3 varieties in every bag- something for everyone.I recently came across the most patriotic bag of tortilla chips, ever. read more

The UK's spreading rage

08/09/11 08:55AM

Following on Tina's useful summary from last night, a fellow named James Cridland has been tracking reports of rioting and mapping them with pictures and other relevant links. This is the London view but zoom out to see where it has spread to (spread? sparked?) to Birmingham.There's a lot of compelling video out that, as you've no doubt seen. This morning I've been listening to LBC radio, which is news and talk. I don't know anything about this stations usual format, but for this emergency it's been an interesting outlet for information and reaction. read more