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E.g., 11/26/2014

Monday's Mini-Report

01/30/12 05:30PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* Iraq's Sunni leaders are ending their boycott of Parliament, easing (but not ending) the nation's political crisis.* European leaders are crafting a fiscal compact, but there are "few signs of producing a comprehensive solution for the sovereign debt crisis or a credible plan to revive fragile economies across Europe's weakened Mediterranean tier."* Brad Plumer has a good piece detailing where things stand.* Violence in Syria is escalating, and a new effort at diplomacy from Russian officials appears to be a bust.* A credible alternative to SOPA: the Online Prot read more

Impeachment is not a toy

01/30/12 04:08PM

Grover Norquist, the Republican uber-activist, sat down with National Journal last week, and shared some thoughts on what he expects to see in Washington after the November elections. His use of the "I" word was rather striking.NORQUIST: If the Republicans have the House, Senate, and the presidency, I'm told that they could do an early budget vote -- a reconciliation vote where you extend the Bush tax cuts out for a decade or five years.... read more

Putting Romney's wealth in context

01/30/12 03:24PM

The Associated Press had an interesting item the other day, noting just how wealthy Mitt Romney really is. Consider this tidbit: "Add up the wealth of the last eight presidents, from Richard Nixon to Barack Obama. Then double that number. Now you're in Romney territory."For most working families, this is a level of wealth that's hard to relate to. Romney took in more wealth in a day in 2010 -- without actually having a job -- than most Americans earn in a year. read more

Challenge: Stuff TRMS watchers say

Challenge: Stuff TRMS watchers say

01/30/12 02:11PM

Unable to resist the Stuff People Say meme any longer (and yes, we say "stuff" here rather than that other word -- family show, standards, etc.), we thought it was time our brilliant viewers created the definitive "Stuff TRMS Watchers Say."We need suggestions like "What did you just say? You are like a walking Moment of Geek." And "Don't eat the garnish!" And "I'm reading it from your book, dude." And "Did you see the news from Wisconsin?"Good luck, have fun, keep it clean (remember: we say "stuff" here) and we'll post "stuff" we like in this space. read more

And you, Mr. Lyman, your question?

And you, Mr. Lyman, your question?

01/30/12 01:01PM

Later this afternoon President Obama will participate in a joint Google/YouTube event where he’ll take pre-submitted questions from the public and participate in a live virtual discussion in a "Google Hangout" which is Google's fancy term for a video conference.  But last week, Vice President Biden participated in his first Twitter interview. Basically, people asked questions on Twitter and the Vice President answered some of them. read more

When a stimulus meets a counter-stimulus

When a stimulus meets a counter-stimulus

01/30/12 12:34PM

The New York Times' David Leonhardt posted this rather remarkable chart the other day, pointing to two countervailing economic forces: the public sector and the private sector. In the image, the blue line shows government growth, while the red line reflects growth among businesses. The chart paints quite a picture. As the severity of the Great Recession took its toll in 2008 and 2009, private-sector growth simply collapsed, though it's clearly recovered since. read more

Monday's campaign round-up

01/30/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* If the latest polls out of Florida are correct, the question isn't whether Mitt Romney will win tomorrow's primary, but whether the margin of victory will reach double digits.* On a related note, the latest NBC News/Marist poll in Florida shows President Obama leading each of the Republican candidates in hypothetical matchups. read more

No need to fear zombie voters in South Carolina

01/30/12 11:23AM

In light of the larger "war on voting," South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson (R) raised a few eyebrows last week when he claimed over 900 dead people voted in the state's Republican presidential primary. Wilson, of course, wasn't alleging zombie voters, but rather, he believed he'd uncovered evidence of widespread voter fraud.Oops.State Election Commission director Marci Andino testified that some of the voters the DMV data said were dead are very much alive -- and were eligible to cast a ballot. read more

What 'carpet-bombing' can do for a campaign

01/30/12 10:02AM

With Florida's Republican presidential primary just a day away, it's worth pausing to appreciate how it's the mirror opposite of what we saw in South Carolina. A week ahead of the primary in the Palmetto State, Mitt Romney enjoyed a big lead, only to see it evaporate as the election drew closer. read more

Why Mitch McConnell should avoid discussing the debt

01/30/12 09:29AM

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was asked about an extension of the payroll tax break yesterday, but instead of answering the question, the Republican changed the subject. The subject on McConnell's mind was the debt."We have this problem at the risk of being repetitious, because we spend way too much. We now have a debt the size of our economy. We look a lot like Greece. We're heading toward western Europe. If you want to see what happens, just look across the Atlantic. read more

What Rubio doesn't understand about the economy

What Rubio doesn't understand about the economy

01/30/12 08:39AM

Sen. Marco Rubio (R) of Florida delivered his party's weekly address on Saturday morning, and made a provocative claim about President Obama."The bottom line is this president inherited a country with serious problems," Rubio said. "He asked the Congress to give him the stimulus and Obamacare to fix it. The Democrats in Congress gave it to him. And not only did it not work, it made everything worse."Rubio didn't specify what "everything" includes, which is a shame for a couple of reasons.The first is that the senator's claim is strongly at odds with Mitt Romney's message. read more

Shining the spotlight on process

01/30/12 08:00AM

President Obama delivered his weekly address on Saturday morning, his first since the State of the Union speech, and it stood to reason that the president would highlight many of the same themes he stressed on Tuesday.It was interesting, then, to see Obama brush past some of the higher-profile elements of his agenda and shine the spotlight on a behind-the-scenes issue: the dysfunctional process.Pay particular attention to the comments around the 0:42 mark:"Just two days ago, a senator from Utah promised to obstruct every single American I appoint to a judgeship or public service position -- un read more

Morning Maddow: January 30

01/30/12 07:32AM

The latest round of polls shows that Newtmentum appears to have ended. Update: more evidence.Gingrich campaign gets into a kerfuffle with reporters over a charter flight.Rick Santorum gets back on the campaign trail (but not in Florida) after his daughter's health scare. 400 Occupy Oakland protesters arrested. And Occupy DC's deadline to break up camp is today.The first new nukes in more than thirty years.The Pakistani doctor who helped the U.S. find Osama bin Laden is under arrest.The fighting in Syria approaches Damascus. read more