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E.g., 9/1/2014
The makings of a group challenge

The makings of a group challenge

09/29/11 04:26PM

For the record, here's the fuller quote of what Rachel actually said:Social conservatives are always talking about wanting to make elections values elections.  And what they mean is that they want the election to be about gay rights and abortion and stuff like that.  It turns out it is Democrats this year who want this to be a values election, except the values they want to talk about are things like rich people shouldn`t get special treatment and bridges shouldn`t be left to rot and fall down. read more

Andy Dallos sent this picture from the Upper West Side -- different neighborhood, same weather.

Today in the TRMS inbox

09/29/11 04:05PM

So we're sitting here reading about a line of thunderstorms approaching, when all of a sudden the sky outside our office goes Biblical. The email:Rachel, 3:34 PM: "night has been rescheduled for daytime, today. sorry for the short notice.Tricia, 3:34:30 PM: "Crap! Someone tell my hamster."(See also.)  read more

'This is what democracy looks like'

'This is what democracy looks like'

09/29/11 03:01PM

Ohio pal @olevia forwards this pic from the Obama for America campaign in Ohio -- it's the truck delivering petitions for the repeal of the state's new law that would cut early voting in half and absentee voting by almost as much.To force a citizen's repeal, they needed 231,000 valid signatures. Today they say they're carting in 318,460 for validation by the Secretary of State. The less-voting law was supposed to take effect tomorrow, in plenty of time to curtail voting on Governor John Kasich's union-stripping SB5 this November. read more

A screengrab from today's ad for the new Kindle devices.

'The Grapes of Wrath' is not a business model

09/29/11 01:38PM

Back in July, my friend Mac McClelland, Mother Jones' human rights reporter, went back to our native Ohio for a month to report on the growing crisis facing the working class in that state. While there, she visited a warehouse that handled the packaging and shipping of Internet purchases for an unnamed retailer. She remarked on the excessive heat inside and the fact that all of the employees were temporary (in the business and literal sense; she saw her host fire two people that day for "talking on the floor" and "excessive breaks"). read more

A new space race

09/29/11 11:39AM

China today took one giant leap into space with the launch of its TianGong1 (aka "Heavenly Palace") module. It's an unmanned mini space station about the size of a boxcar, to which future missions will be able to dock. A launch countdown sounds different in Chinese, but watching a rocket go up is fun in any language. If you want to see the whole thing in Chinese, click here. read more

Women vs. women's rights in Mississippi

09/29/11 11:00AM

 In Mississippi, the Personhood Amendment campaign cranks on. It seeks to change the state constitution to define personhood as beginning at the moment of fertilization. The idea comes with interesting legal questions -- like, does a pregnant woman count as two people under occupancy laws?The speaker the clip here is Dr. Freda Bush, an OB/GYN and evangelical activist. When I was growing up in Mississippi, Dr. Bush was just another doctor who might deliver a baby for someone you knew. Now she's the one standing up and saying that the Personhood Amendment is somehow not about Roe v. read more

Best fundraising pitch maybe ever: Send me to Washington where I will get meaner and dumber

Best fundraising pitch maybe ever: Send me to Washington where I will get meaner and dumber

09/29/11 09:46AM

Straight out of the Florida GOP primary for Senate, Colonel Mike McCalister sends this request for your support:I live in Florida. It's sunny and warm here every day.  And, I'm a businessman and retired Army Colonel nearing my pension. I don't need another job.  But, I've decided to run for the United States Senate because I want to continue serving our country. I know what it's going to cost me personally to do this job. And I'll tell you, I'm not overly excited about the way they do things in Washington. read more

Morning Maddow: September 29

09/29/11 07:49AM

The Obama administration asks the Supreme Court to decide on health reform.Newt Gingrich rolls out his new "Contract with America" today.Are meetings with Donald Trump costly for candidates?Man charged in plot to blow up the Pentagon and the Capitol with remote-controlled airplanes.U.S. Ambassador to Syria was reportedly pelted with tomatoes.Saudi King spares a woman who dared to drive the sentence of 10 lashes.China launches its first space station today.Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. read more

Problems with the justice system are our problems

09/29/11 01:55AM

In tonight's opening segment about the flaws in our criminal justice system, Rachel explained why insisting on justice is a matter of more principled politics. It takes the will of human values and accountability to history to counter the accusation that opponents of injustice are siding with criminals and monsters.This is politics, but it's politics of a different kind. This is values politics -- about who we are as a country. ...Because it's not about whether or not you like the person who the guy in the uniform is beating up. read more

Brought to you by pixels

Brought to you by pixels

09/28/11 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - a look at the flaws in the criminal justice system, recently... watch