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E.g., 10/25/2014

The de facto poll tax of 2011

12/14/11 09:24AM

When you talk about government overreach, sometimes the effect matters more than the intent. Consider Michigan, for instance, where the new emergency manager law has put more than half the African-American population is at risk of having no meaningful local democracy. You can't say that Republicans wanted that law so they could disenfranchise those voters. You can say that's becoming the effect of the law.Likewise, in Wisconsin, a new law that requires you to show photo ID at the polls is having the effect of disenfranchising the poor, minorities, students and seniors like Ruthelle Frank. read more

Fort Calhoun nuclear plant on June 16, 2011.

Morning Maddow: December 14

12/14/11 07:39AM

The once flooded Fort Calhoun nuclear plant has so many design and installation flaws it won't reopen until next yearWhat does it say about the Tea Party that Christine O'Donnell endorsed Mitt Romney for President?If that's bad news for the Tea Party, so is this: the Tea Party candidate in a bid for a Senate leadership position lost yesterdayWhile MItt Romney has fundraisers in the NY metro area, the DNC will fly a plane overhead taunting him for his $10k betKashering the White House: the rabbis do the super cleaningAnother nail in the F-22's coffinSomali terror group with links to al Qaeda jo read more

Ahead on the 12/13 Maddow Show

12/13/11 07:04PM

Tonight's guests:Vice President Joe BidenEugene Robinson, columnist for the Washington Post and msnbc political analystAnd here's executive producer Bill Wolff with a preview of tonight's topics: read more

On tonight's show

On tonight's show

12/13/11 07:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - Rachel's exclusive interview with Vice President Joe Biden;... watch

Tonight: Joe Biden on the lessons of war

Tonight: Joe Biden on the lessons of war

12/13/11 06:17PM

Tonight on the show, we'll bring you an exclusive interview with Vice President Joe Biden. For now, a couple of bits.President Obama once famously called the war in Iraq a "dumb war." Rachel asked Mr. Biden if we've learned anything. From the transcript:VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: I think one of the lessons we've learned is you can go into an-- America is so powerful, has such an incredible military capability, that you can go to-- into any dictatorship and you can try to impose ... read more