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E.g., 8/30/2014
E.g., 8/30/2014

Morning Maddow: September 30

09/30/11 07:32AM

American-born radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki is dead.Democrats don't have enough votes to pass the American Jobs Act.CEOs continue to get paid big for failing.The latest, uber-important Darrell Issa investigation.Huntsman abandons Florida.Schwarzenegger says his run for California governor started as a joke.Tiny airport blames an Obama motorcade for ruining its runway.RIP, Tevatron particle accelerator. read more

Intimidation 101 for U. Maine students courtesy of state GOP

09/29/11 08:39PM

By Teresa GianottiEarlier this week, we documented the oddly hypocritical position of Maine Governor Paul LePage and several Maine congressmen regarding the termination of same-day registration in their state. Yet the strange attacks on voting rights from the Maine GOP haven't stopped there. Think Progress reported today that Maine Secretary of State, Charles Summers, sent letters to University of Maine college students, referencing their possible election law violations. read more

Let's play ball

Let's play ball

09/29/11 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - the future of the banking world looks grim, just as Elizabeth... watch

Never met this fellow

Never met this fellow

09/29/11 06:49PM

North Carolina already prohibits same-sex marriage, but this November, voters there will have a chance to add that discrimination to the state constitution. The amendment up for referendum was pushed to the ballot by Republican State Senator Jim Forrester, a medical doctor who argues that being gay poses a risk to your health.Today Pam's House Blend reports that Dr. Forrester has been misrepresenting himself as a fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine. And the American College of Preventive Medicine is not having it. read more

Ahead on the 9/29 Maddow show

09/29/11 05:38PM

Tonight's guests include:Chris Hayes, host of "Up with Chris Hayes" weekend mornings on msnbc, and editor-at-large of The Nation   Ken Burns, award-winning filmmaker and director of new PBS documentary, ProhibitionExecutive producer Bill Wolff gives the overview: read more

The makings of a group challenge

The makings of a group challenge

09/29/11 04:26PM

For the record, here's the fuller quote of what Rachel actually said:Social conservatives are always talking about wanting to make elections values elections.  And what they mean is that they want the election to be about gay rights and abortion and stuff like that.  It turns out it is Democrats this year who want this to be a values election, except the values they want to talk about are things like rich people shouldn`t get special treatment and bridges shouldn`t be left to rot and fall down. read more

Andy Dallos sent this picture from the Upper West Side -- different neighborhood, same weather.

Today in the TRMS inbox

09/29/11 04:05PM

So we're sitting here reading about a line of thunderstorms approaching, when all of a sudden the sky outside our office goes Biblical. The email:Rachel, 3:34 PM: "night has been rescheduled for daytime, today. sorry for the short notice.Tricia, 3:34:30 PM: "Crap! Someone tell my hamster."(See also.)  read more

'This is what democracy looks like'

'This is what democracy looks like'

09/29/11 03:01PM

Ohio pal @olevia forwards this pic from the Obama for America campaign in Ohio -- it's the truck delivering petitions for the repeal of the state's new law that would cut early voting in half and absentee voting by almost as much.To force a citizen's repeal, they needed 231,000 valid signatures. Today they say they're carting in 318,460 for validation by the Secretary of State. The less-voting law was supposed to take effect tomorrow, in plenty of time to curtail voting on Governor John Kasich's union-stripping SB5 this November. read more