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Morning Maddow: December 30

12/30/11 07:52AM

What does it take to get Bank of America to close on a mortgage? A shaming music video.New Iowa poll numbers: Romney and Paul are neck and neck.The New York Times asks the GOP presidential candidates about how much executive power a president should wield.VA Gov. read more

Iran's platinum revolution?

Iran's platinum revolution?

12/30/11 01:18AM

I'm not sure this is what Richard Engel had in mind when he advised reading up on Iran for 2012, but my non-Hormuz Iran ready so far has been "Ahmadinejad steps into Iran's dress-code debate" followed by a bit of a trip down the rabbit hole of Iranian urban fashion.In a nutshell, hard-line Muslims in Iran want women to dress a certain way (and they have the power to arrest women they deem in violation of the legal standard), but some Iranian women, particularly young, urban women, don't appreciate being told how to dress and have their own interpretation of the legal standard. read more

Ahead on the 12/29 Maddow show

12/29/11 06:36PM

Tonight's guests include:Dave Weigel, political reporter for Slate and msnbc contributorKaren Tumulty, national political correspondent for The Washington PostEzra Klein, columnist for The Washington Post and Bloomberg and msnbc contributorSpencer Ackerman, senior reporter for's Danger Room Executive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show:While you watch the preview, take a listen to tonight's soundtrack. read more

Name that tune

12/29/11 04:45PM

While watching last night's segment about the Occupy Iowa Caucus movement, one video in particular caught my attention -- a familiar tune, rather -- sung with original lyrics for the protest outside Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's office in Des Moines . (Here it is again as part of last night's segment, at around 2:49.)Sound familiar? All you 80's punk kids might recognize it.In the original video, shot by the Des Moines Register, the protesters sing a second tune (starting around 1:20) that I just can't place. If you have an idea, let us know.  read more

Gov. Perry, re-meet Lawrence v. Texas

12/29/11 03:09PM

Much, if not all, of the American movement for LGBT civil rights today depends on Lawrence v. Texas, the 2003 case in which the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Texas' sodomy law. From that moment on, being gay in this country could no longer be a crime. As Talking Points Memo notes today, Texas Governor Rick Perry called the anti-gay law "appropriate" (h/t @raustin31), objected to the SCOTUS ruling and campaigned against legalizing sodomy.Governor Perry got asked about Lawrence v. Texas today in Iowa. read more

Morning Maddow: December 29

Morning Maddow: December 29

12/29/11 08:01AM

Would you like your birthday to fall on the same day of the week every year?More fun with GOP-candidates' domain names.Romney wants commercials on PBS.Huntsman super PAC wants to keep its donors secret a little longer.The major donor of the campaign against restoring same-day voter registration in Maine.Sen. Scott Brown thinks the media isn't tough enough on "Professor" Warren.The Pentagon is trimming ranks of generals and admirals.Four months after Hurricane Irene, Vermont finishes fixing its last damaged highway.Was yesterday's Cheetah the Chimp story a hoax? read more

Links for the 12/28 TRMS

Links for the 12/28 TRMS

12/29/11 01:26AM

Great Day In SC? Maybe NotIn S.C.: Whether To Say 'It's A Great Day' Is Now A Political IssueS.C. Gov. Haley's Power To Help Romney Shrinks With Her Approval Ratings SC Gov. Haley dictated health panel finding Justice Department Rejects S.C. Voter ID Law Parts of Immigration Law Blocked in South Carolina South Carolina GOP rebuts Stephen Colbert on primary naming rights read more