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E.g., 9/17/2014

Ahead on the 10/25 Maddow show

10/25/11 07:28PM

Tonight's guests include:Wayne Slater, columnist for the Dallas Morning News   Eric Schneiderman, New York Attorney General   Glenn Greenwald, contributing editor for Salon and author of the new book, "With Liberty and Justice For Some"Executive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show: read more

Broke in the American suburbs

Broke in the American suburbs

10/25/11 05:10PM

Carol Roth sends this pic, taken last year, from the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. We're used to thinking about trouble in American cities. But of the poor in metro areas, more than half now live in the suburbs. From the New York Times:"The whole political class is just getting the memo that Ozzie and Harriet don't live here anymore," said Edward Hill, dean of the Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University.Democrats and Republicans have been trading off the suburbs for a couple of cycles now. The GOP won big there in 2010. read more

Before the Occupy Oakland raid

10/25/11 04:47PM

The Oakland Police Department tore down the main Occupy Oakland site overnight and a satellite camp in Snow Park, firing tear gas and bean bag rounds. The video above was taken yesterday, before all that. The poster writes:We work to mow the grass in the park while school kids jog around us for their P.E. class meanwhile a letter from the city is delivered claiming that we are restricting the use of the park for others.The teacher plans to bring his students back tomorrow so they can talk to us and learn about what we're doing here.Oakland police say they arrested 75 people last night. read more

Inspecting gadgets

Inspecting gadgets

10/25/11 03:43PM

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a Showstoppers* tech show. I've been on their mailing list since I covered one of the big CES shows a few years ago so I like to try to get to their New York City events when I can, just to see what cool things they have.Coolest of the show was the Dot from a company called Kogeto. You may already be familiar with the iPhone attachment lenses that stick on with a little magnetic circle. This is similar in that it covers your phone lens, but the whole mechanism clips onto your phone so it's a little more secure. read more

Why go birther? Rick Perry: 'It's fun'

Why go birther? Rick Perry: 'It's fun'

10/25/11 02:00PM

 Rick Perry's birther dog-whistle in Parade magazine was no accident, it seems. Rachel debunked herself last night on the notion that overt birtherism would remain a viable political tactic. Then this morning, the New York Times released an interview with Perry conducted by John Harwood (of CNBC and the New York Times) in which the Texas governor makes plain that he thinks this is a big joke:RICK PERRY: I-- it's a good issue to keep alive. Just-- you know, Donald's got to have some fun. read more

Mitt Romney goes to Ohio

Mitt Romney goes to Ohio

10/25/11 12:44PM

The early word from Ohio Republicans was that Mitt Romney would campaign today for the union-stripping bill that's up for repeal in a November referendum. They also expected Mr. Romney to come out in favor of a referendum to block health reform. From the AP:Ohio Republican officials say presidential contender Mitt Romney is coming to Cincinnati to support efforts to pass statewide ballot issues on public employee bargaining and President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.The plan was for Mr. Romney to stop by a phone bank in Cincinnati with a message of support. read more

Best noon thing

10/25/11 12:12PM

Via the great Will Femia, faithful reader of Reddit, comes this gem from a bike rally in South Africa (the awesome kind, which is about navigation and endurance). A rider spots a calf in trouble and comes to its rescue. I can spot several opportunities for things to go wrong, but I won't spoil the ending. Enjoy. read more

Koch brothers' pop-up candidate: Herman Cain

10/25/11 10:45AM

The billionaire Koch brothers have said they intend to funnel at least $200 million into the 2012 presidential campaign. Their closest ties, so far, are to Herman Cain, who would appear to have not much for a campaign infrastructure, and yet who continues campaigning. The reason, Rachel argued last night, is that the Koch brothers fund Americans for Prosperity, and AFP is Mr. Cain's campaign:Herman Cain doesn't have a campaign organization. He does not really have any organization, any on the ground staff anywhere across the country, including in the early primary states. read more

Rick Perry's flat tax, all on a postcard

Rick Perry's flat tax, all on a postcard

10/25/11 09:30AM

Things didn't turn out so well for Steve Forbes, the last Republican running for president on a flat-tax platform. Economists have panned Herman Cain's version to the point of its becoming a national laughingstock. That hasn't stopped Mr. read more

Morning Maddow: October 25

10/25/11 07:57AM

Khaddafy reportedly buried at dawn.Rick Perry goes for a national flat tax.Occupy Maine may not have been the only target of a chemical bomb.The U.S. dismantles its last, most powerful nuclear bomb today.Where does all that debris that washed out to sea in the Japanese tsunami go? Here.There are cavities in space? read more