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Drilling down into the truth

03/22/12 03:56PM

When it comes to energy policy, "all of the above" used to encapsulate the Republican approach. The GOP didn't just want nuclear, drilling, reneweables, etc. -- the party said it wanted all of them.That was four years ago. Now that President Obama agrees with them and has now endorsed "all of the above," Republicans have... read more

House GOPer accidentally tells the truth about Solyndra

House GOPer accidentally tells the truth about Solyndra

03/22/12 03:03PM

Since there is no Solyndra "controversy," political observers have been left to speculate as to why congressional Republicans have pretended to take this seriously. The widely-held assumption has been that the GOP is simply playing a little political game, in the hopes of embarrassing the president ahead of the 2012 election.This week,... read more

GOP senator bucks party on Planned Parenthood funding

03/22/12 02:02PM

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Republican from Texas, talked to msnbc's Chuck Todd this morning, and went through a series of predictable GOP talking points -- right up until the end of the interview.Hutchison complained that President Obama isn't drilling enough; she suggested the administration somehow wants the U.S. to be more... read more

Could the Ryan plan fail in the House?

03/22/12 01:36PM

The House Budget Committee approved Chairman Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) right-wing budget plan yesterday, but just barely. After Reps. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) and Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) voted against it -- they said it was insufficiently conservative -- the final committee tally was 19 to 18.It will only get more difficult going forward.For... read more

Remember when Romney liked higher gas prices?

03/22/12 12:30PM

After having ignored energy policy for much of the campaign, Mitt Romney has suddenly discovered a deep interest in the issue, and even argued this week, "There's no question that when ran for office, he said he wanted to see gasoline prices go up."That's not true -- honesty isn't Romney forte -- but it does raise a... read more

Thursday's campaign round-up

03/22/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* If Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee, he shouldn't expect to win one of his home states -- PPP shows President Obama leading Romney in Massachusetts by 23 points.* Texas Gov.... read more

Rove picks the wrong fight over OBL killing

03/22/12 11:25AM

In November, Karl Rove's attack operation, Crossroads GPS, took a Bill Clinton quote out of context in order to launch a wildly misleading criticism of President Obama on taxes.Today, Rove took another Bill Clinton quote out of context to launch another wildly misleading criticism of President Obama, this time on counter-terrorism.Here'... read more

Hoover Dam, political metaphor

03/22/12 10:55AM

After winning the Illinois primary on Tuesday, Mitt Romney's victory speech featured an unexpected argument. The former governor was trying to argue that "government" stands in the way of American progress, which led to this observation: "We once built the interstate highway system and the Hoover Dam. Today, we can't... read more

What's actually 'scary'

03/22/12 10:24AM

On "Meet the Press" the other day, David Gregory asked Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), "Do you think that there is something of a war on women among Republicans?" Instead of rejecting the very idea out of hand, the senator implicitly conceded the reality of the situation, responding, "I think we have to fix that."On... read more

Romney credits Bush with preventing economic collapse

Romney credits Bush with preventing economic collapse

03/22/12 09:28AM

It's pretty obvious what line from the Romney campaign generated the most attention yesterday, but there was something else the candidate himself said yesterday that should not go overlooked.Mr. Romney, in response to a question about the bank bailout, said he felt that President George W. Bush and his treasury secretary, Hank Paulson, had... read more

Jobless claims figures just keep getting better

Jobless claims figures just keep getting better

03/22/12 08:43AM

The general trend on initial unemployment claims over the last few months has been largely encouraging, despite occasional setbacks, but today's report is the best we've seen in quite a while.About a month ago, initial jobless claims matched a four-year low, and as of today, they managed to get even better, exceeding expectations by... read more

Morning Maddow: March 22

Morning Maddow: March 22

03/22/12 07:37AM

Jeb Bush pushes Marco Rubio for Vice President.Rick Santorum gave paid speeches during his Presidential campaign.The standoff between French authorities and the school-shooting suspect ends, reportedly with the alleged shooter's death.The NNSA announces it has cleared 5 countries of weapons-grade nuclear material. (Not sure why they didn&... read more