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E.g., 11/23/2014
Government jobs are real jobs -- just ask Texas.

Chart: Rick Perry's Texas Miracle

08/22/11 09:33AM

This bit from Texas Governor Rick Perry appears to be contradicted by what has actually happened in Texas:“The fact is, government doesn’t create jobs, otherwise the last two and a half years of stimulus would have worked,” Perry said this month in a speech to the National Conference of State Legislatures. “Government can only create the environment that allows the private sector to create jobs. read more

Morning Maddow: August 22

08/22/11 07:30AM

 What may be the last battle to topple Libya's Khaddafy is underway.President Obama calls it the "tipping point."Khaddafy's son Saif is in custody. But where is Khaddafy?Rep. Dennis Kucinich calls for an end to the NATO mission in Libya, while Senators McCain and Graham criticize the U.S. for not doing more.What the bond market wants the U.S. read more

National First Ladies' Library

Michelle Obama- the quilted version

08/20/11 12:56AM

You've probably heard of the Lincoln Memorial, Mount Vernon, and maybe even a presidential library or two. But you may not have heard of a little museum in Canton, Ohio called the National First Ladies' Library. I visited the museum today and saw many dresses worn by first ladies, ERA pins and antique furniture from Ida McKinley's (wife of the 25th president, William McKinley) old house, but I also got the chance to see this gem:It's a quilt of all of the first ladies, including Michelle Obama there in the bottom left. read more

Rachel Maddow is Making License Plates

Rachel Maddow is Making License Plates

08/19/11 08:00PM

Rachel Maddow debunks the suggestion that Florida Governor Rick Scott revoked permission for the shooting of MSNBC's Lockup documentary in a Florida prison because of criticism of the governor on TRMS. watch

Barack Obama, Flabbergaster-in-chief

Barack Obama, Flabbergaster-in-chief

08/19/11 08:00PM

Rachel Maddow puts a name to the odd phenomenon of Republicans objecting to their own ideas once President Obama shows any sign of support for that idea. Jose Antonio Vargas, author of "My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant" for New York Times Magazine,... watch

Ahead on 8/19 Maddow show

08/19/11 06:37PM

Tonight's guests include:Jose Antonio Vargas, former Washington Post reporter and Pultizer Prize winner, author of "My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant" for New York Times magazine  Chris Hayes, editor-at-large of The Nation magazine, host of upcoming msnbc weekend show beginning in SeptemberHere's executive producer Bill Woff with a look at what's coming: read more

The Friday Awesome

08/19/11 05:04PM

It had been 30 years since it snowed in August in Wellington, New Zealand. And when it finally did, everything was all white and gorgeous and magical and then the slow-mo and the piano music and…..tissue please…I need a minute…Talk amongst yourselves.Deckard: human or replicant? Discuss...Winnipeg, it will come back to you.Candy porn—WARNING: EXPLICITDía de los Muertos, I find your lack of faith disturbing.Lady Gaga + Cher = submit, puny earthlings!Do unto otters, etc.No word yet on the healing potential of glowsticks, Hello Kitty ears or Daft Punk. A hovel for tricksy Hobbitses. read more

Geithner turns 50, gets this cupcake

Geithner turns 50, gets this cupcake

08/19/11 03:36PM

Yesterday the Treasury Department went all out in celebrating Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's 50th birthday. They even included a special birthday coffee lid! It's not quite the $35,800 per plate dinner President Obama had for his birthday, but hey, it's something.  read more