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TRMS in NH on Friday

TRMS in NH on Friday

01/05/12 07:00PM

Rachel Maddow reminds viewers that The Rachel Maddow Show will be live from New Hampshire on Friday, January 6. watch

Bush-era nation building loses favor at...

Bush-era nation building loses favor at Pentagon

01/05/12 07:00PM

Rachel Maddow reports on new military priorities announced by President Obama and the message contained in those priorities that Bush-era counterinsurgency and nation building, having lost all credibility, has been demoted within the list of military... watch

'Ignoramus conservatism' a legacy of 2010...

'Ignoramus conservatism' a legacy of 2010 surge

01/05/12 07:00PM

Steve Kornacki, news editor of Salon, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the Republican surge of 2010 swept in a wave of foolish and frankly ignorant legislators, as evidenced by some of the absurd legislative proposals in New Hampshire. watch

Wealthy US conservatives contrary on...

Wealthy US conservatives contrary on recession's lessons

01/05/12 07:00PM

Thomas Frank, author of “Pity the Billionaire” and writer for Harper’s magazine, talks with Rachel Maddow about the confounding advent of fiscal conservative fundamentalism at a time when conservative economic policy has shown itself to be devastating... watch

Lean times under President Paul

Lean times under President Paul

01/05/12 07:00PM

Rachel Maddow plays a quip by a reporter caught on an open mic in the Pentagon briefing room, that drastic military cuts under a Ron Paul as president would also mean heavy job losses among Pentagon reporters. watch

To be Frank...

To be Frank...

01/05/12 07:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show – a look at the New Hampshire politics scene as the Republican presidential candidates gear up for the next primary there, plus we’ve got author Thomas Frank... watch

Ahead on the 1/5 Maddow show

01/05/12 05:32PM

Tonight's guests include:Steve Kornacki, news editor of SalonThomas Frank, author of “Pity the Billionaire” and writer for Harper’s magazineRep. Barney Frank, (D) MassachusettsTake a listen to tonight's soundtrack while watching the video below. (Just wait a few seconds for the advertisement to play out first)Executive producer Bill... read more

Paging Dr. Disco...

01/05/12 05:18PM

I have a new appreciation for Bill's zeal for disco.Just imagine the medical miracles he could work with some Peaches & Herb! read more

Mitt Parade

Mitt Parade

01/05/12 03:26PM

Perhaps sensing he could use a boost after his squeaker victory in Iowa Tuesday, Fox News praised Mitt Romney for actually asking permission from Kid Rock before using his hit "Born Free" on the campaign trail. This is a departure from the usual Republican strategy, which is to just steal any and all music they think would jack up the... read more

Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data

What's the deal with Right to Work?

01/05/12 03:19PM

Tonight on the show, we're going to look at the showdown in Indiana over an anti-union bill now in the state legislature. Indiana Republicans are pushing a law that would effectively ban union shops. This type of legislation is known as a Right to Work bill.Gordon Lafer at the Economic Policy Institute writes that the Right to Work name is... read more

The latest ad from Rick Berman

Republicans vs. the unions, 2012 edition

01/05/12 11:15AM

One of the big themes of 2011 was the Republican effort to weaken unions around the nation. Now that we've reached 2012, check out week one:-- Just after one o'clock this morning, Republicans in the North Carolina state legislature voted to end the practice of letting teachers have their union dues automatically deducted. North... read more

Does Santorum's record matter?

01/05/12 10:07AM

OK, so we didn't take Rick Santorum seriously until he finished eight votes behind Mitt Romney in the Iowa caucuses. Last night on the show, Rachel asked whether Senator Santorum goes through the same brutal vetting process the other leading candidate have faced.When, for example, does Mr. Santorum have to answer for his part in the sex... read more

Morning Maddow: January 5

01/05/12 07:38AM

A new strategy for a leaner Pentagon and trimmed defense budget will be announced today by none other than POTUS himselfSo perhaps its time to rename the Buffett Rule the Romney Rule?Gingrich " appears to own just one tie"This could be much worse for Iran's economy than whatever bombing campaigns most of the GOP candidates have in... read more

Links for the 1/4 TRMS

Links for the 1/4 TRMS

01/05/12 01:42AM

Tonight's show had a lot of citations and trying to list them all got a little silly. If there's something you saw on the show that you don't see sourced here, let me know. read more


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