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Kickflip to peace manual

Kickflip to peace manual

07/06/11 05:06AM

Did you know that June 21st was "Go Skateboarding Day" in Afghanistan? Actually, the 21st is Go Skateboarding Day everywhere, but I didn't realize there is a full-on skateboarding program in Afghanistan. I saw it mentioned in a photo caption in this slide show on the National Journal and ended up looping back to where my colleague John Makely had written it up on the Photoblog. And it's not just a day, but a skateboarding school, through a program called Skateistan. read more

Not a bad view from Brooklyn

Post 'em if you got 'em

07/05/11 07:21PM

 I saw you last night with the beach chair folded under one arm and a tripod folded under the other. Or were you the one squinting in the dark trying to figure out how the hell to turn off this damn flash?Either way, share what you're proud of and I'll post as many as I can tomorrow.*The age on that form is to make sure you're not an unsupervised child. We don't actually have an interest in your age. I tell you this so you don't accidentally set an age that's too young out of pique over a form asking more than it has a right to know. read more

Shatner + Shuttle = Awesome

07/05/11 06:57PM

Just posted on NASA's youtube channel... An 80-minute documentary about the Space Shuttle program. Narrated by James Tiberius Kirk William Shatner. Please enjoy.   read more

Ahead on the 7/5 Maddow show

07/05/11 06:12PM

Tonight's guests include:Gov. Brian Schweitzer, (D) Montana   Frank Rich, writer-at-large for New York MagazineAnd now, senior show producer Cory Gnazzo, with a preview of Tonight's Big Show:  read more

The Yellowstone is their river

07/05/11 04:01PM

From the Billings Gazette coverage of the oil spill on the Yellowstone River in Montana:Gov. Brian Schweitzer says statements from ExxonMobil officials that no injured wildlife had been found were premature."For somebody to say at this early stage that there's no damage to wildlife, that's pretty silly," Schweitzer told the Associated Press on Saturday. "The Yellowstone River is important to us. read more

Chart: Presidents and unemployment

Chart: Presidents and unemployment

07/05/11 03:27PM

Chris Young sends this chart from Claremont, California. The chart considers the percentage change in unemployment over each presidential term. Chris writes:With all the talk about republicans being "job creators" I got to wondering if that was actually true. This little chart shows the percent change in unemployment by president over the last 63 years. It makes the change in unemployment quite evident when only 1 republican president was able to leave office with a lower unemployment rate than when he entered. Every Democrat has however reduced the unemployment rate... read more

The coming drone wars

07/05/11 01:03PM

The Associated Press published a profile this morning of "John," the veteran CIA analyst tasked (for the better part of a decade) with finding Osama bin Laden. It is more than just an insider's look at espionage; there are some insights about military policy, as well. One insight concerns how drones factored into the hunt for bin Laden:While he was shepherding the hunt for bin Laden, John also was pushing to expand the Predator program, the agency's use of unmanned airplanes to launch missiles at terrorists. read more