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Morning Maddow: July 26

07/26/11 07:42AM

Glenn Beck has strange ideas about what constitutes disturbing.Another day, another debt-ceiling impasse.Newt Gingrich's account at Tiffany's has been closed.The wealth gap between whites and non-whites gets bigger.Rep. Darrell Issa holds a hearing on Operation Fast and Furious today.House Democrats come up with a way to keep the unemployed from being shut out of new jobs.Will your post office be on the closures list? read more

Big crisis in a small swamp

Big crisis in a small swamp

07/25/11 06:06PM

Imagine for a moment that tonight President Obama steps up to the podium and says, "It's all going to be fine, folks.  We've averted disaster, we've averted an economic meltdown.  Speaker John Boehner and Republicans in the House have agreed to do what Congress has done more than 70 times since John F. Kennedy was president-- raise the debt ceiling.  And we're going to do it without killing Social Security and Medicare.  We're going to close tax loopholes and end tax breaks on corporate jets. read more

Balloons and blood in #Wisconsin

07/25/11 03:51PM

Update: Now we're hearing this from the Wisconsin Department of Administration:Shortly before 1PM today, an incident occurred at the State Capitol involving a State employee and a citizen.  The citizen allegedly brought a balloon into the Capitol and the State employee allegedly broke the balloon.  The State employee indicated that prior to the incident he slipped on the stairs and cut his hand.  Capitol Police are investigating the incident and interviewing witnesses. read more

Registering to vote in Milwaukee.

Making it harder to vote, and trying anyway

07/25/11 03:16PM

 Labor organizer Peter Rickman tweets this picture of people registering to vote in Milwaukee, at a Wisconsin Jobs Now block party.Elsewhere in Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker is reportedly working to close 10 DMV offices. State Democrats say the offices up for closure are in Democratic districts. Starting next year, Wisconsin will require voters to show IDs at the poll. The DMV is a primary source for those. read more

Best noon thing

Best noon thing

07/25/11 12:45PM

Are you one of those people who is afraid to set foot in your local library because you owe them too much money? The always-amazing New York Public Library has come up with a fantastic punishment: Reading down your fine. read more

'If she's as she is on Rachel Maddow, she will definitely have some support.'

'If she's as she is on Rachel Maddow, she will definitely have some support.'

07/25/11 12:30PM

Ever since President Obama passed over Elizabeth Warren to appoint someone else (whom she greatly respects) as the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, speculation has raged about where Ms. Warren may land next. For now, as has been widely reported, the Harvard Law professor has landed back home in Massachusetts. But here's how far-reaching the speculation is getting: one business blogger has the crazy-as-a-fox idea of Republican presidential contender Ron Paul recruiting Ms. Warren as his vice-presidential candidate for a run against President Obama.  Considering Ms. read more

Meeting with Andrus Ansip, prime minister of Estonia, on Thursday.

One week left: no deal, plenty of politics

07/25/11 10:33AM

With seven days until the August 2 deadline on the debt ceiling, the Hill today checks the temperature of the body politic:Almost 3 in 4 voters — 71 percent — say they are either not very confident or not at all confident that the body politic will get a real grip on the debt problem.And why should anyone believe anything, at this point? Ezra Klein writes that Democrats have lost in that they're now floating deals to lower the deficit that are all-cuts, no-revenue, and that even so, Republican may not have the good sense to accept the terms they've demanded. read more

Morning Maddow: July 25

07/25/11 07:50AM

New York hearts same-sex marriage.Another day, another debt-ceiling impasse.Rick Perry's name won't be on the Iowa Straw Poll ballot, but he could do well anyway.The confessed attacker who killed dozens of teenagers in Norway appears in court as accounts of his "parallel life" emerge.Nancy Pelosi calls for House Ethics to investigate Rep. David Wu, who is accused of something heinous.North Korea may be ready to negotiate over nukes again. read more

No Maddow Show Friday, 7/22*

07/22/11 03:46PM

As some of you have discovered already through your various DVR and TV schedules, there is no Rachel Maddow Show tonight. Enjoy the weekend and stay cool.msnbc will be live as news warrants.*As you've maybe noticed, news has indeed warranted live coverage. Lawrence O'Donnell will be hosting the 9pm hour to continue coverage of breaking political news. read more

Audio break: Rural South Texas

07/22/11 02:52PM

Eyes closed. Headphones on.Dear The Future, In case the ensuing years bring about some drastic change in where we live, this is what rural south Texas in the summer sounded like in 2009. read more

The Friday Awesome

The Friday Awesome

07/22/11 12:41PM

Yes, penguins. I'm hot, OK? Sometimes I need penguins. Is that so wrong? BTW, this Penguin? Not nearly as cute. Batman! Chill!Happy Pi Approximation Day! Which is totally different from Pi Day. Duh. (Houston Press? Bonus points for the headline-- Stellar!)Harry Potter and the Curse of the Doppelganger. Expecto different glasses, dude…Comic Con - though sadly, without beauty shots of me dressed as Legolas.Speaking of CCon, pretend you don't want this… You're gonna have to pretend harder than that…Goats. Why did it have to be goats?Happy Birthday to three guys named Al: Alexander Calder! read more

Meeting with Warren Buffett on July 18.

Obama sells America on Medicare cuts

07/22/11 11:11AM

Eleven days before the economic End of Days (and zero days before the actual one,  judging by the heat), President Obama took to the pages of USA Today to make his case for "going big" on a debt ceiling deal -- and for big cuts in spending:...I've also said that I'm willing to cut historic amounts of spending in order to reduce our long-term deficits. I'm willing to cut spending on domestic programs to the lowest level in half a century. I'm willing to cut defense spending by hundreds of billions of dollars. read more

From NRK, Norwegian media. Click for the gallery.

Explosion at Norway prime minister's office

07/22/11 10:01AM

We're just getting in the first reports and pictures from a blast at the government building that houses the prime minister's office at about 9:44 a.m. Eastern. (10:30 AM UPDATE from msnbc. Several reported injured, one known fatality, PM Jens Stoltenberg not injured.)11:50 AM UPDATE: New York Times report from Oslo/tons of video // 2:50 PM UPDATE Details on the shootings at the Labor Party youth camp at Utoya.   read more

Morning Maddow: July 22

07/22/11 07:21AM

Mitt Romney is having fun with photo ops.On the first official day of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, House Republicans try to water it down.Tim Pawlenty says he likes hockey fights? Here's one.Same-sex couples in New York City will find out today if they won the marriage lottery.The execution of a man in Georgia is recorded on video.The suspect in the MLK day attempted bombing in Spokane took pictures of himself along the parade route.Meet Gamera, the all-terrain tortoise. read more