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Taking the lead

Taking the lead

11/14/11 07:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - Newt Gingrich pulls ahead in the Republican presidential candidate polls, plus a fracking chemical is found in a Wyoming water supply, and an advisor to the... watch

Four Score and Eleventy Something Years Ago

Four Score and Eleventy Something Years Ago

11/14/11 06:24PM

Salon had this to say about Fox News' host Bill O'Reilly's new book "Killing Lincoln":A reviewer for the official National Park Service bookstore at Ford's Theatre has recommended that Bill O'Reilly's bestselling new book about the Lincoln assassination not be sold at the historic site "because of the lack of documentation and the factual errors within the publication."Salon says that Rae Emerson, deputy superintendent at Ford's Theatre, pointed out many other historical errors like, "'Killing Lincoln' makes multiple references to the Oval Office; in fact, Emerson points out, the office was no read more

Ahead on the 11/14 Maddow show

11/14/11 06:02PM

Updated:Tonight's guests include:Josh Rogin, writer for Foreign PolicyDan Siegel, resigned as legal advisor to Oakland mayor in response to the city's decision to clear protestors from Occupy OaklandExecutive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show:  read more

Results from a Nexis search for the phrase "income inequality" in the news media.

Occupying the national dialogue

11/14/11 05:33PM

At least a couple of times, Rachel has pointed out that no matter what you may think of Occupy Wall Street, its success at changing the national dialogue -as measured in the dramatic increase in the use of the phrase "corporate greed"- is undeniable (see below).On Friday, Dylan Byers, in a post titled "Occupy Wall Street is winning" performed a similar test, searching LexisNexis for use of the phrase "income inequality" and graphing it over time (see above). read more

Ready for the free market.

Atlas shrugged it off (File under "whoops.")

11/14/11 04:00PM

For the product of a creator as humorless as Ayn Rand, that "Atlas Shrugged—Part I" movie has certainly provided us with plenty of chuckles this year. First there is the film itself, which was greeted with reviews only slightly warmer than the ones for "Jack and Jill" ("Not all books should be made into movies, and this is one of them," Boston Phoenix; "The tinhorn film version of 'Atlas Shrugged: Part 1' fails to rise even to the level of 'eh' suggested by Ayn Rand's title," Chicago Tribune). read more

Newt Gingrich promises nation eight years of hell

11/14/11 02:01PM

Meet the new number one, Republicans. The latest PPP poll has Newt Gingrich in first with 28 percent, over Herman Cain (25 percent) and then Mitt Romney (18 percent). CNN has Mr. Romney still in first, by two points over Mr. Gingrich.Mr. Gingrich celebrated his new poll numbers with a speech today at GuideOne Insurance in Des Moines, Iowa. He told the crowd:I believe we're in real trouble. I don't think this is Barack Obama. This is bigger, deeper, harder than Barack Obama. read more

Best noon thing

11/14/11 12:00PM

This is an oldie... well, it's an oldie where I come from. Okay, it's no "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance, but here's Marty McFly Michael J. Fox playing "Johnny B. Goode" this weekend at a charity event.  read more

Supreme Court to hear health reform case

11/14/11 11:22AM

The U.S. Supreme Court has announced that it will take on the question of whether President Obama's health reform law is constitutional, with arguments by March 2012 and a decision in June. This note, from an earlier case, still matters:There was no indication, on the other hand, that Justice Clarence Thomas had disqualified himself from the case involving the health care law. read more

Herman Cain's got a German nuclear power plant to sell you

Herman Cain's got a German nuclear power plant to sell you

11/14/11 10:37AM

Herman Cain's got a revamped website going, so you can see his positions and give him money. Among those positions is his take on energy policy:From the oil-rich states of Louisiana and Alaska to the mighty dams along rivers across the states, the options for many forms of energy are real and plenty. Still, liberals continue to perpetuate the misunderstanding that the high energy consumption of a thriving nation and conservation of our precious planet are at odds with one another.The illustration, as you can see, is a photo of a steaming nuclear plant. read more

Welcome to a new occupation

Welcome to a new occupation

11/14/11 09:49AM

Taking a page from activists around the world and throughout modern history, Occupy Cleveland is taking a stand today and tomorrow against the eviction of a mother and her two small kids.Occupy Cleveland plans to spend the day marching to foreclosed homes in the neighborhood and knocking on doors to build support. Tonight, the call is out to set up camp at the house. On Tuesday, the sheriff comes. read more

Morning Maddow: November 14

11/14/11 07:54AM

A weekend of arrests as police around the country clear out "Occupy" encampments.Photojournalism from this weekend at Occupy Portland.Is Occupy Oakland next?Scott Olsen speaks.President Obama takes on GOP candidates after their foreign policy debate.Scott Walker recall effort (the real one) begins tomorrow.The New York Times reminds us of Romney's history of laying off American workers.One reason it's hard to catch Medicare cheats.A Utah mayor admits writing news articles praising his city under a fake name.  read more

Mourning Happy Valley

11/13/11 03:30PM

By Amy ShusterThroughout yesterday's losing game against Nebraska, Penn State fans repeated the roar "We are Penn State" as they have for countless seasons. The cheer rings hollow and no longer sounds true to my ears. I am not Penn State, at least not the Penn State I've watched this week, though I am an alum.As this story unfolded and worsened each day, my heart ached for a Penn State that never existed. The Philadelphia Inquirer's Bill Lyon perfectly captures autumn in "Happy Valley," the downfall of Joe Paterno and perhaps the university itself -- from Camelot to this. read more