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On the show tonight, Tammy Baldwin

09/06/11 03:27PM

 Wisconsin has set the standard for Democrats running on economic populism. Next up, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. The Democrat says she's running for the seat held by Senator Herb Kohl, a fellow Democrat who's retiring. Her introductory campaign ad's big on empathy for working people, right down to people worrying about their student loans.The WaPo's Fix blog notes that "there could be some sparks over gay rights" in the race. Among the Republicans vying to run against Ms. read more

Crop art at the Minnesota State Fair, in the 13-16 age group.

Nuts, seeds, stuff like that

09/06/11 02:30PM

Lauri Wilson sends word of the Minnesota State Fair's Crop Art competition, which turns out to be a serious endeavor (rules start on page 24). First prize in the age division that cranked out the Congresswoman Michele Bachmann entry above comes with $25. This one's made of "black beans, lentils, Madagascar pink rice, white rice, cumin, wild rice and pepper corn," the Chaska Herald reports.The Minnesota Republican reportedly turned up three times in this years Ag-Hort-Bee, once as a scarecrow. read more

Just an ordinary multimillionaire running for Congress.

Tea Party elects new same-old fat cats

09/06/11 01:15PM

The Hill published its list of the 50 richest members of Congress today. In addition to a pile of wealthy Democrats in the Senate, you'll find a pile of wealthy Tea Party freshmen:One-fifth of the 50 richest members of Congress are freshman House Republicans sent to Washington last year with strong Tea Party support, according to The Hill’s 50 Wealthiest for 2011.Among them is Ohio Congressman Jim Renacci, who tops the freshmen GOP list with a fortune estimated at $35.9 million. Mr. read more

Best noon thing

09/06/11 12:00PM

I can't help it. Even if today's Google doodle* is already clogging your inbox and your facebook wall, I have to make it the best noon thing. Enjoy.*Note: it doesn't do anything special when you google "Santorum." I checked. read more

Like chimps discovering the sun

09/06/11 10:22AM

Kicking around the intertweets this weekend, a German report about laboratory chimpanzees seeing the sun for the first time. Call me Jon Huntsman, but it seems like there's a political metaphor around here just waiting to happen. read more

A Massachusetts Miracle.

Romney and the Massachusetts Miracle

09/06/11 09:14AM

If the goal of running for office is to convince people you're capable of governing, then what's with former Governor Mitt Romney and the unclaimed Massachusetts Miracle? The New York Times this weekend profiled the results of health policy by Mr. Romney, by Texas Governor Rick Perry and by former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.In a word, Massachusetts wins. In 2006 Governor Romney pushed through a statewide plan for universal health coverage -- including an individual mandate, the "ultimate conservative idea" -- that he billed at the time as a national model. read more

Morning Maddow: September 6

09/06/11 08:01AM

The new NBC News/WSJ poll looks bad for Obama.U.S. Chamber of Commerce has a jobs plan featuring one surprising word: infrastructure.Romney has a plan, too.Here's how House Republicans celebrate Labor Day.Michele Bachmann loses two big campaign staffers.Sen. Mitch McConnell blames unions for putting a hold on three trade deals.How come gun manufacturers lose so many guns?Is Khaddafy in that convoy of Libyan vehicles making its way into Niger?Archaeologists find the well-preserved remains of a gladiator school. read more

The Rachel Maddow Show is on Flipboard

The Rachel Maddow Show is on Flipboard

09/05/11 12:59PM

When we launched The Rachel Maddow Show iPad app, the company gave me an iPad. At the time there was a lot of buzz about an app called FlipBoard.Also at that time (or actually maybe all the time) I was reading a lot about "the death of the browser" (because nothing new can be introduced to the tech world without it meaning the death of something else). I was frankly having a hard time imagining how anyone was going to surf the web without a good old fashioned address bar and back button browser. read more

'Welcome to Paterson, Mr. President!'

'Welcome to Paterson, Mr. President!'

09/05/11 08:47AM

President Obama visited Paterson, New Jersey, on Sunday to see damage from Hurricane Irene. Crowds of people (including me) from all over northern New Jersey lined the streets of Paterson to get a glimpse of the presidential motorcade. The town was one of the hardest hit by flooding from Irene, but spirits were high as people waited to see the president. He was welcomed by most:  read more

Morning Maddow: Labor Day

09/05/11 08:07AM

President Obama speaks to organized labor today.Senator Jim Demint hosts a forum for six of the GOP presidential hopefuls.A former longtime GOP Hill staffer leaves the "cult."The deficit-reduction supercommittee sets a meeting date.California's version of the "Dream Act" is heading to the Governor's desk.Conservative columnist: registering poor people to vote is 'like handing out burglary tools to criminals.'How close was the CIA to Khaddafy's spy unit? read more

Day of Destruction, Decade of War - Part 2

Day of Destruction, Decade of War - Part 2

09/03/11 01:06AM

The two-hour Part 2 of the Day of Destruction, Decade of War documentary has been added to yesterday first hour in the documentary's designated page.The clips should play in sequence, but, as I mentioned yesterday, the documentary is structured with chapters, so those are reflected in the video page's navigation. This is also useful if you plan to watch it in pieces. read more

This July 10 2007 file photo shows smog covering midtown Manhattan in New York.  The EPA on Friday, April 17, 2009, declared that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases sent off by cars and many industrial plants "endanger public health and...

White House backs Big Oil over breathing

09/02/11 08:40PM

Setting the date for next week's presidential jobs speech became quite the exercise earlier this week, and a number of folks made a big kerfuffle about the President capitulating to House Speaker John Boehner. read more