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Occupy Idaho

Occupy Idaho

11/17/11 05:47PM

To the question of reach of the Occupy movement comes this item in our mailbag:This photo was taken in Stanley, Idaho - population 100. It is an Occupy Wall St. photo taken on Wall St. in Stanley, Idaho.I am a Blue Girl in a Red State (born & raised in Manhattan living in Sun Valley, Idaho). Photo Credit Jon Marvel, Director of The Western Watersheds Project = a WONDERFUL Environmental activist!This photo should be a BEST NEW THING!Show the reach of #OccupyGreat show Rachel!-Nicole Kohn read more

Again in the streets of Montgomery, Alabama.

When Alabamans said they wanted immigration enforcement, they didn't mean for Alabamans

11/17/11 04:02PM

Folks in Alabama sound like they sorely regret passing the nation's most oppressive immigration law. Local businesses have lost their customers, farmers have lost their workers, schools have lost their students. Now that every interaction with a government agency requires proving your citizenship, Alabama's got lines out the courthouse door (see pic). You can't get a dog tag without showing you belong.On top of that, national labor groups are coming in, taking notes and promising to help get the Alabama law overturned. read more

First Aid Tent at Zuccotti Park, Sunday, Nov. 13 2011

Occupy Wall Street's first aid tent goes mobile

11/17/11 02:44PM

For all the claims that Zuccotti Park had to be cleared early Tuesday morning due to "intolerable" health and safety conditions, Zuccotti Park did include a First Aid tent, staffed with nurses, offering free flu shots to willing participants this past Sunday.Just over a day later, we received an e-mail from Carl Ginsburg, spokesman for National Nurses United:First Aid tent shredded. Supplies...destroyed.Wednesday, Ginsburg wrote again, this time with better news:We are back today after a harrowing and long day yesterday, providing first aid on a mobile basis best we can. read more

Stop, children. What's that sound?

11/17/11 01:00PM

Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing has been reporting this morning that police in New York appear to be using sonic weapons against Occupy Wall Street protesters involved in direct action today. Long Range Acoustic Devices are basically giant noise machines designed to make it impossible for humans to stay anywhere near them. As you can see in the commercial above, LRADS were developed to ward off terrorists. More from Xeni about the origins of LRADS in U.S. police tactics here.(About that headline) read more



11/17/11 12:00PM

Georgia Republicans are focused 110% on jobs, jobs, jobs. But first...Republican Sen. Bill Heath filed a proposal mandating that all Georgia license plates manufactured after July 1 display the motto "In God We Trust." All of them. Nice to know the Republicans still have their passion for small, unobtrusive government.Good news, atheists! read more

The People's Bookmobile?

The People's Bookmobile?

11/17/11 11:01AM

After being evicted once again from Zuccotti Park, The People's Library has gone mobile. According to a post this morning on their blog, the library (or what remains of it) is now in those ubiquitous New York rolley carts (Is there a name for those? Ask your local reference librarian). So if John Hodgman wants to get down there and donate his book, he might have to do a little hunting on the streets around lower Manhattan.    read more

Rick Perry and the politics of 'otherizing'

Rick Perry and the politics of 'otherizing'

11/17/11 09:40AM

Tuesday was the day he pledged to "uproot and overhaul" every branch of federal government if elected president. It appears that is just what Rick Perry does to get warmed up.First, there was the new Iowa ad in which he dusted off the "Obama-as-Socialist" meme. read more

Morning Maddow: November 17

11/17/11 07:47AM

A roundup of today's National Day of Action planned events.New details about the man who allegedly shot at the White House.Now, why wouldn't Herman Cain want this interview to be on camera?A sighting of actual Herman Cain campaign staff!Don't forget about Ron Paul.More fake candidates to use elections to get anti-abortion ads on television.Marcus Bachmann wants his money.No harm done, but this is so telling.Books matter. read more

Growing the 'Occupy' family

11/16/11 07:40PM

As OccupyWriters help the Occupy Wall Street librarians pick up the pieces of the People's Library destroyed in Monday's overnight raid of the Liberty Park encampment, we can look forward to another another creative collective rising in support of the movement: OccupyMusicians Yesterday morning, with displaced protesters returning to the freshly washed and police-occupied park, I ran into Daphne Clark, who told me that she is working on a new web project along with last night's guest, Jeff Sharlet. No launch yet, but keep an eye on the Twitter account for developments. read more