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Debunktion Junction

Debunktion Junction

10/10/11 08:00PM

Rachel Maddow sorts fact from fiction in the day's most debunkable stories, including the diminution of Ron Paul's straw poll victory and the inflation of... watch

Dance the (news) night away

Dance the (news) night away

10/10/11 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - the fight against voting rights, plus the significance of... watch

Ahead on the 10/10 Maddow show

10/10/11 07:28PM

Tonight's guests include:Gilbert Ortiz, Pueblo County clerk and recorder, ordered by Colorado's Secretary of State not to send ballots to military personnel overseas   Melissa Harris-Perry, professor of politics at Tulane University and msnbc contributor   Former Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL)Executive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show: read more

Pinnies versing non-pinnies.

The wild word of sports

10/10/11 02:08PM

This weekend at my daughter's 2nd grade soccer game I heard lots of chatter among the 1st and 2nd grade set about which teams they would be "versing" that day. As in, "We are versing the red team." I tried to explain to my daughter that "versing" is incorrect and that it's a corruption of the Latin "versus" meaning "against" as in "the blue team versus the red team," but that just made her eyes glaze over. Then I heard other kids saying it and tried to correct them. read more

Rick Perry goes Diesel on Romneycare

10/10/11 12:43PM

Rachel remarked a couple weeks ago that the nexus of Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry and former hopeful Tim Pawlenty, was...Vin Diesel. Not because the Hollywood star was endorsing either candidate, but because first the Pawlenty camp and then the Perry one released campaign ads that seemed better suited for Vin Dieses action films. read more

Happy Indigenous People's Day!

Happy Indigenous People's Day!

10/10/11 11:15AM

Today, a lot of workers -- not us! -- have the day off in celebration of the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus and his "discovery" of America. While we all probably agree on the pleasures of a three-day weekend, some Americans have opted out of the national veneration of Columbus.If you're looking for signs that anyone is willing to talk about Columbus and genocide in the Caribbean, the enslaving of indigenous people and the "discovery" of an already inhabited land, you're in luck. You can find "Anti-Columbus Day" (and week) at Smith College in Massachusetts. read more

Koch brothers' 2012 goal: $200 million plus

10/10/11 10:25AM

We've known that Karl Rove intends to raise and spend Monopoly money in the 2012 elections, with a $240 million goal, double the war chest from 2010. We've seen that Mr. Rove can pull in that money for his American Crossroads with help from a very few members of a very select club.We haven't known the intentions of the billionaire Koch brothers, who coordinated with Mr. Rove last time out but who now show signs of going their own way. read more

Maine guide Randy Spencer.

Another American, another voter, another vote

10/10/11 09:38AM

Add to the voting travails of Dorothy Cooper in Tennessee this story about Randy Spencer, a Maine guide who lives way up back and beyond. Mr. Spencer has twice seen his right to vote preserved by the state's law permitting same-day registration. The Republican legislation got rid of that law this year. From the WaPo:When he moved his primary residence to Holden in 2006, "I promptly registered to vote," Spencer said. read more

Morning Maddow: October 10

10/10/11 07:54AM

24 killed as Egyptian troops fire on Coptic Christian protesters. NY Times: Secret legal memo made the case to kill a U.S. citizen.Rove vs. Kochs on campaign finance.Senate Republicans vow to be even more obstructionist.U.S. drone program is infected by a computer virus.Macroeconomists win the Nobel prize in Economics.Meet the Icelandic beauty queen who turned in Whitey Bulger.North Korea suspected in poisoned-needle attacks.Venezuela uses mimes to fight traffic chaos.Siberian government officials say the Yeti is real. read more