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Ahead on the 10/12 Maddow Show

10/12/11 07:40PM

Tonight's guests:E.J. Dionne, columnist for the Washington Post, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and msnbc contributorRon Suskind, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of "Confidence Men"Congressman Rush Holt, New JerseyAnd here's executive producer Bill Wolff with a look at the stories:   read more

Separate and Unequal, 2.0, may be history soon

Separate and Unequal, 2.0, may be history soon

10/12/11 03:40PM

Back in January, we noted the efforts by the newly elected, Republican-majority school board in Wake County, North Carolina, to undo a celebrated integration policy in favor of "neighborhood schools," which would likely concentrate low-income students in environments less likely to produce success.The "neighborhood schools" plan wasn't scheduled to go into effect until the 2012-2013 school year, so its opponents believed they had one more chance to stop it: at the voting booth. read more

Colorado clerk: Inactive voters not worth the cost

10/12/11 02:40PM

We've been bringing you the story of two largely Democratic Colorado counties told by the new Republican Secretary of State not to send ballots this year to everyone who normally gets one. That list includes inactive voters, people who didn't vote in the November 2010 election and who haven't re-upped since then. In the case of Pueblo County, Secretary of State Scott Gessler told the clerk not to send ballots to about 75 troops overseas who were considered inactive voters. read more

Wild word of sports: Me, versing you

Wild word of sports: Me, versing you

10/12/11 01:25PM

On the subject of kids using "verse" as a new way of saying "play," @Microgeek writes:I'm all for making up words. Let the kids have their "versing."So, I guess, a scrimmage in practice would be preversing.Repeating a match due to rainout, tie, some other reason would be reversing.Playing against yourself would be universing.If your team has to travel for matches, I guess you would be traversing.If the teams somehow get all discombobulated and get the goals backward, would they be conversing? read more

September 26, 2011

Where Occupy Wall Street succeeds

10/12/11 11:11AM

I was an Occupy Wall Street skeptic. I admit it. I was dubious that camping in Liberty Park would have any impact at all on America's corporate culture. Wall Street is not really a literal place anymore, and since 9/11 you don't do anything in Lower Manhattan that they don't allow you to do, so how could occupying a park matter? read more

Next time someone says the government doesn't do anything...

10/12/11 10:35AM

Very, very quietly -- as befits an international security operation -- the National Nuclear Safety Administration has been working to remove and downgrade uranium and plutonium left behind by the Soviet Union in its former republics. The NNSA, using your tax dollars, has broken up attempts to buy old radioactive material for use in radioactive bombs.Last night, Rachel showed exclusive footage of a just-completed operation to secure and dispose of more than 72 pounds of weapons-grade uranium from Kazakhstan. read more

The slim black folder on the right plays a role here.

Rick Perry wakes up in wrong century

10/12/11 09:47AM

Going into last night's Republican debate, Texas Governor Rick Perry was expected to attack frontrunner Mitt Romney, for his encyclopedic history of flip-flopping and especially for that "RomneyCare" thing from his days as a health reformer in Massachusetts.Mr. Perry has been falling in the polls. read more

Morning Maddow: October 12

10/12/11 08:22AM

The Iranian assassination plot of the Saudi ambassador wasn't spy crafty enough for you?  South Korea allegedly found on a North Korean spy a wrist band-torch that fires bulletsAnd speaking of the plot, a former CIA agent with extensive Iran experience says of it: "This stinks to holy hell. The Quds Force are very good... If Kassim Suleimani was coming after you or me, we would be dead. This is totally uncharacteristic of them."What did conservatives inside the beltway think of Gov. Perry's debate performance last night? read more