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Week in Geek, underwater edition

03/30/12 02:04PM

A little background on the Mariana Trench given its current prominence in the news. That second researcher featured in the video, Prof. Terry Plank? Yeah, I teach with her. An amazing new exhibit on bioluminescence opens this weekend at the American Museum of Natural History. (WITH VIDEO) Speaking of bioluminescence, check out these photos ... read more

Science need not be a partisan issue

Science need not be a partisan issue

03/30/12 01:00PM

If it seems as if, with increasing frequency and intensity, American conservatives are hostile towards science -- climate change, evolution, medical research, etc. -- it's not your imagination.This chart, as part of a study from Gordon Gauchat, made the rounds yesterday, and with good reason. It shows the trend over the last four decades of... read more

Friday's campaign round-up

03/30/12 12:00PM

Today's installment of campaign-related news items that won't necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:* As the Republican establishment continues to coalesce around Mitt Romney, the former governor picked up an endorsement this morning from House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). read more

As GOP alienates women, Obama reaches out

03/30/12 11:30AM

The New York Times reported a few weeks ago that President Obama and his re-election team are making "an intensified effort ... to build support among women, using the debate over the new health care law to amplify an appeal that already appears to be benefiting from partisan clashes over birth control and abortion."As a simple... read more

Conservatives still hot over hot-mic story

03/30/12 11:01AM

Karl Rove's attack group, American Crossroads, released a new video this morning, going after President Obama for his hot-mic comments on missile defense, which tops off a week in which the right has been desperate to turn this into a real story.Rick Santorum said Obama's comments suggest "he's willing to sacrifice American... read more

Chris Christie went off-message with Oprah.

Worst. Surrogates. Ever.

03/30/12 10:24AM

About a month ago, it looked as if Mitt Romney's presidential campaign had the worst surrogates ever -- several of the former governor's highest profile supporters had no qualms about saying how wrong Romney is on major issues of the day.Five weeks later, Romney's surrogates appear to be even less on-message than before.Gov. Chris... read more

RNC manipulates court audio in new attack ad

03/30/12 09:40AM

The right feels awfully good about this week's proceedings at the Supreme Court, and have renewed hope that five justices will undo all of the recent advances in U.S. health care. The Republican National Committee is so pleased, it released this ad yesterday, which includes actual audio from the oral arguments.There's not much to see... read more

Paul Ryan's unbridled chutzpah on defense spending

Paul Ryan's unbridled chutzpah on defense spending

03/30/12 08:47AM

The United States spends more on its military than any other nation on the planet by a large margin. Indeed, we spend nearly as much as the combined military budgets of all the world powers. Given the nation's fiscal challenges, combined with the fact that we've already ended one major war and are winding down another, it's not... read more

Reagan loved his jelly beans, and Santorum loves his Reagan.

Taking Reagan adulation a little too far

03/30/12 08:00AM

Jed Lewison wrote yesterday that Rick Santorum is "so desperate for gravitas," he chose to deliver "a foreign policy speech at a jelly bean store" so voters might connect the former senator to Ronald Reagan. I thought Jed was kidding.He wasn't. This is actually part of Santorum's new strategy to get people to take... read more

Morning Maddow: March 30

03/30/12 07:36AM

Health reform's fate will be decided today, although we won't know what it is.The Scott Walker recall is officially a go today.Herman Cain's smoking man Mark Block has caught the attention of the FBI.Life on the lam with Osama bin Laden.Child witnesses to Afghan murders say the soldier accused of killing was not alone.A rare frog... read more

Man of lobsters, man of literature

Man of lobsters, man of literature

03/29/12 08:00PM

Chris Hayes salutes Captain James Arruda Henry, a 98-year-old lobsterman from Connecticut on the occasion of the publication of his first book, "In a fisherman's language," after living nearly all of his life functionally illiterate. watch


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