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The better of two options

The better of two options

08/25/11 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - Mitt Romney's ever-evolving political positions, plus an... watch

Ahead on the 8/25 Maddow show

08/25/11 07:41PM

Tonight's guests include:Matt Viser, reporter for The Boston Globe  covering the Romney campaign    Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia   Bob Putnam, professor of public policy at Harvard UniversityExecutive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show:  read more

Step away from the exploding things

Step away from the exploding things

08/25/11 07:34PM

Al Jazeera published some of the NATO leaflets being dropped on Libya to encourage pre-Gadhafi fighters and foreign mercenaries to put down their weapons and give up.Popping over to the NATO site I wasn't able to confirm those particular leaflets but they are definitely dropping them:On the side of the information in leaflets and within the radio broadcasts, this is something that goes on to ensure that not only the forces on the ground, but also the civilian population know that it is not sensible to be near military installations, particularly command-and-control installations, to be near mi read more

Rick Perry's big weekend

Rick Perry's big weekend

08/25/11 04:03PM

Nate Silver crunches the polls, finds Rick Perry seriously on the rise, and says Mitt Romney shouldn't panic yet.Wayne Slater, the reporter who has walked through the Perry campaign, says the newly front-running Texas governor is heading for a retreat with a star cast of Christian conservatives.Kyle Mantyla runs the background check and comes up with a guest list of "a pseudo-historian, a Christocrat, and God's Sugar Daddy."Tonight on the show, Mitt Romney vs. Mitt Romney. read more

Video: A brief moment of Hurricane Irene

08/25/11 02:04PM

 Fred Weinberg sends this video of Hurricane Irene -- the outer bands, anyway -- moving through Palm Beach, Florida, this morning. "Interestingly, birds are still chirping away...reminds one to sing in the face of adversity."Two things: If you're in the way of this storm, please be reasonable and do what the emergency folks ask. And second, the few hurricanes I've lived through directly all started with the sudden quieting of the birds. It's so quiet beforehand, and then the storm roars, and afterward you open the door to absolute silence.(If you've got stuff to send...) read more

What you get when you go to

08/25/11 12:47PM

The Koch Brothers don't like to lose. Not one little bit.All along, America's favorite liberal-hating, democracy eroding, billionaire tag team, were stout supporters of Wisconsin's Republican Governor Scott Walker and all his good works.But instead of just buying their way to victory, the KoBros encountered fierce opposition from Wisconsinites who had the crazy idea that the middle class should be entitled to bargaining rights. But… but… but!!! read more

Jeb Bush, voice in the GOP wilderness

08/25/11 09:30AM

If you want to see what's next for the Republican Party, Nicolle Wallace told us last night, tune into former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. The former communications director for the second Bush White House says her boss' brother has been talking about the need to speak to the entire country.In the interview yesterday, Jeb Bush sounded like a Republican throwback:"I'm concerned that we are focused so exclusively on these huge deficits and debt that one of the main means by which we get out of the mess is to grow. read more

Morning Maddow: August 25

Morning Maddow: August 25

08/25/11 07:37AM

Cheney wanted to bomb Syria in 2007.Rick Perry is the new frontrunner.Found in Khaddafy's compound: an album full of photos of Condoleezza Rice.Suddenly there's a lot less natural gas to frack.The FBI is stepping up its effort to catch an armed and dangerous Oath Keeper fugitive. NASA is getting into the Sci-Fi books business.  read more

Gadhafi, is that with a Q or  a K?

Gadhafi, is that with a Q or a K?

08/25/11 02:41AM

As Rachel described tonight, a lot has gone into try to translate Moammar Gadhafi's name from its native spelling to Latin/English letters. The Atlantic has some of those details and makes the best case so far that the spelling should be "Gathafi" based on a glimpse of a passport in a video. This video.I was curious if I could catch the same glimpe. Here's my grab of :15 in the video, with contrast boosted and some of the color saturation removed:I think I'd actually prefer the mystery not be solved because the Wikipedia diagram of the possible spellings is such a thing of beauty:  read more

Links for the 8/24 TRMS

Links for the 8/24 TRMS

08/25/11 01:12AM

Obama's Got Plenty of Options to Right the Economy—He's Just Got to Fight for Them Enacted abortion restrictions by year Scott signs welfare drug testing bill Governor defends welfare drug tests Welfare drug-testing yields 2 percent positive results Rebel Discovers Qaddafi Passport, Real Spelling of Leader's Name Libya's deadliest weapons not yet corralled Animals reacting to the earthquake: Which one are you? read more

Supererogation to save 'succedaneum' from succedanea

08/24/11 08:25PM

Tricia today mentioned in an e-mail to the staff that "pyramidion" is a word. It's the tippy top, final piece on a pyramid - or, as in the case of Tricia's note, an obelisk, the Washington Monument.Anyway, that reminded me that even though no one actually asked, I'm sure you were all wondering about my use of "succedaneum" in the headline on the clip of the P.J. Crowley Libya interview from last night's show.It turns out, succedaneum is on a list of words in danger of going extinct. read more