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Fancy a Wager, luv?

Fancy a Wager, luv?

01/02/12 07:12PM

Americans are so far inside this year's presidential elections, it probably wouldn't hurt to take a step back.So let's cross the Atlantic for a minute, and see what the English bookmakers are thinking:Here are today's odds for ultimately winning the November election from Ladbrokes:Barack Obama 11-8 Mitt Romney 2-1 Ron Paul 16-1 Newt Gingrich 16-1 Rick Santorum 33-1 Hillary Clinton 40-1 Rick Perry 40-1 Jon Huntsman 40-1 Michele Bachmann 100-1 Gary Johnson 200-1And at William Hill:Barack Obama 5-4 Mitt Romney 6-4 Ron Paul 16-1 Newt Gingrich 16-1 Jon Huntsman 40-1 Rick Santorum 50-1 Rick Per read more

What are the consequences of Iowa?

What are the consequences of Iowa?

01/02/12 07:00PM

Nate Silver, author of Five Thirty Eight electoral politics blog at the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about the predictive value of the Iowa Caucuses and how subsequent state primaries test the candidates differently and have their own... watch

Ahead on the 1/2 Maddow Show

01/02/12 06:52PM

Tonight's guests:Doug Heye, senior advisor to the Iowa Republican Party, former communications director for the RNC, conservative strategist and veteran of numerous political campaignsDavid Yepsen, director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University and former political writer for the Des Moines RegisterNate Silver, author of Five Thirty Eight electoral politics blog at the New York Times read more

"He had this crazy idea about breeding pine trees."

Instant Republican nostalgia, just add DeLorean

01/02/12 02:49PM

Tracking how Ron Paul has explained away his racist newsletters requires its own timeline. He's been doing this for a while now, since around the time "Back to the Future" was released. Now that he's doing it again, and two days prior to the Iowa caucus, it seems like a curious time to dis the 1964 Civil Rights Act (again).About four minutes into his interview yesterday with CNN, Congressman Paul reiterated that he's all for the Jim Crow-killing aspects of the Civil Rights Act. read more

In Iowa, the Iron Lady finds a titanium spine

In Iowa, the Iron Lady finds a titanium spine

01/02/12 12:41PM

With her poll numbers in single digits, Michele Bachmann is not looking like a giant factor in Iowa just now. But the congresswoman from Minnesota is threatening Iran, saying she'd put U.S. missiles on alert to warn them off nuclear weapons. And she's also threatening to upset the Iowa horse race. read more

Occupy Fracking, earthquake edition

01/02/12 10:20AM

I've been following Occupy Youngstown, Ohio, because I'm interested in their forceclosure defense and in their town, one of the poorest in the country. But Occupy Youngstown has also been active in the movement to stop fracking, the method for extracting natural gas is suspected in groundwater contamination and -- eek! -- earthquakes. On New Year's Eve, Occupy Youngstown tweeted that they'd just felt an earthquake in a deli after their general assembly. read more

Morning Maddow: January 2

01/02/12 07:48AM

President Obama, despite "serious reservations," signs the National Defense Authorization Act.Last Des Moines Register poll before the Iowa caucuses shows a 3-way race.Virginia's AG speaks out in favor of letting more GOP candidates on the primary ballot, then changes his mind.The RNC Chairman on why Voter ID laws are "common sense."Goodbye, ethanol tax breaks.Iran claims it's made a nuclear fuel rod.An Iraq War vet with survivalist skills is sought after a National Park Ranger is shot to death.  read more

Links for the 12/30 TRMS

Links for the 12/30 TRMS

12/31/11 12:49AM

NBC News/Marist Poll - 2012 Republican Presidential Iowa Caucus (pdf) What's the Deal with Romney's Taxes? @Matt_Romney - Matt Romney - I repeated a dumb joke. My bad. RT @emilyrs Romney's son Matt made an Obama birth certificate joke on the trail in NH Michele Bachmann meets Steve King, but draws tiny crowd, in Early 30 Minute Special Will Promote Gingrich in Iowa Jim Messina: Paths to 270 Electoral Votes -- Obama For America Eight States to Increase Minimum Wage on New Year's Day Southwest Kansas election is first test of new voter ID law Voting Law Changes in 2012 Justice Dept. read more

Ahead on the 12/30 Maddow Show

12/30/11 06:14PM

Tonight's guests:Gene Robinson, columnist, Washington PostJohn Rowley, a Democratic political strategist and president of the Fletcher Rowley media firmCathy Cohen, University of Chicago Professor of Political Science and Director of the University's Center for the Study of Race, Politics & Culture  read more

How they roll in Iowa

How they roll in Iowa

12/30/11 04:40PM

Charles Brown sends this screengrab from Laguna Beach, California. The guy on the right is Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson, who chaired Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's campaign there until he switched his support this week to Congressman Ron Paul.And right behind Mr. Sorenson, turning the corner very slowly, is a vehicle from Michele Bachmann's campaign.(If you want to see the video, it's about 1:25.)  read more