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What's the deal with Right to Work?

01/05/12 03:19PM

Tonight on the show, we're going to look at the showdown in Indiana over an anti-union bill now in the state legislature. Indiana Republicans are pushing a law that would effectively ban union shops. This type of legislation is known as a Right to Work bill.Gordon Lafer at the Economic Policy Institute writes that the Right to Work name is deceptive:Despite the name, right-to-work laws do not confer any sort of right to a job. Rather, they dilute union bargaining strength by making it harder for workers’ organizations to sustain themselves financially. read more

The latest ad from Rick Berman

Republicans vs. the unions, 2012 edition

01/05/12 11:15AM

One of the big themes of 2011 was the Republican effort to weaken unions around the nation. Now that we've reached 2012, check out week one:-- Just after one o'clock this morning, Republicans in the North Carolina state legislature voted to end the practice of letting teachers have their union dues automatically deducted. North Carolina is a right-to-work state, so they're not required to join the union. Now, if they do, keeping up with dues will be that much harder. Wisconsin Republicans made a similar move last year. read more

Does Santorum's record matter?

01/05/12 10:07AM

OK, so we didn't take Rick Santorum seriously until he finished eight votes behind Mitt Romney in the Iowa caucuses. Last night on the show, Rachel asked whether Senator Santorum goes through the same brutal vetting process the other leading candidate have faced.When, for example, does Mr. Santorum have to answer for his part in the sex scandal that ended the career of Republican Senator John Ensign of Nevada? read more

Morning Maddow: January 5

01/05/12 07:38AM

A new strategy for a leaner Pentagon and trimmed defense budget will be announced today by none other than POTUS himselfSo perhaps its time to rename the Buffett Rule the Romney Rule?Gingrich " appears to own just one tie"This could be much worse for Iran's economy than whatever bombing campaigns most of the GOP candidates have in mindA lingerie boycott in Saudi Arabia is successfulA Dallas teenager wasn't so much "missing" as she was mistakenly deported  read more

Links for the 1/4 TRMS

Links for the 1/4 TRMS

01/05/12 01:42AM

Tonight's show had a lot of citations and trying to list them all got a little silly. If there's something you saw on the show that you don't see sourced here, let me know. read more

Ahead on the 1/4 Maddow show

01/04/12 07:52PM

Tonight's guests include:Gene Robinson, columnist for The Washington Post and msnbc political analystMichael Steele, former RNC chairman and msnbc contributorGene Sperling, director of the National Economic Council and Assistant to the President for Economic PolicyClick here to hear tonight's soundtrack while watching the video below -- just wait for the advertisement below to fully play out before you start playing the song.Executive producer Bill Wolff shares a preview of tonight's show:  read more

Is it possible to bridge the Santorum/Paul...

Is it possible to bridge the Santorum/Paul divide?

01/04/12 07:00PM

Michael Steele, former RNC chairman, tries to explain to Rachel Maddow how, even though Ron Paul and Rick Santorum are polar opposites on almost every issue, their supports are similar enough they Romney has a chance of drawing support from both of his... watch

In the wake of the Iowa caucus

In the wake of the Iowa caucus

01/04/12 07:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, and web producer extraordinaire Will Femia, share a preview of tonight's show – first, a look at what the results of the Iowa caucuses mean for the Republican party, plus Gene Sperling, the... watch

The meaning of Iowa? Ask Jon Huntsman, with New Hampshire 'all to himself'

The meaning of Iowa? Ask Jon Huntsman, with New Hampshire 'all to himself'

01/04/12 04:31PM

The Monitor of Concord, New Hampshire, reports today that Jon Huntsman has the "state all to himself." Not that it's helping him much. A new poll out today has Mitt Romney steady as ever in New Hampshire at 43 percent. The daily Suffolk University/7News survey for Wednesday drops Mr. Huntsman from third place to fourth, and from 10 percent to seven percent.But candidate Huntsman is seriously out there working at it. read more

The loneliness of the long-distance Perry

The loneliness of the long-distance Perry

01/04/12 01:43PM

Three things about Rick Perry staying in the race:1) The picture he tweeted today: "And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State...Here we come South Carolina!!!"2) An expanded caption of sorts, by way of Christy Hoppe at the Dallas Morning News: "Griffin Perry just told me #RickPerry spoke with his wife this morning after a good jog cleared his head and they're onto S. Carolina."3) This report, from Robert T. Garrett at the Dallas paper:I called Perry spokesman Mark Miner. No answer. I then called Perry press person Catherine Frazier. read more

Bye-bye, Bachmann?

01/04/12 11:07AM

Michele Bachmann is about to speak to the media. Advance reports all say she's suspending her campaign. Watch and see for yourself:   read more