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Morning Maddow: March 15

03/15/12 07:32AM

El Senador Puertorriqueño.The V.A. promises to get its act together on the G.I. Bill.That I'm-quitting-Goldman-Sachs Op-Ed costs the company $2 billion dollars.Evicted 101-year-old woman is about to get her house back.The politics of food stamps.Ron Paul's delegate strategy = county convention chaos. (and can this really be about "... read more

The dark art of delegate math

The dark art of delegate math

03/14/12 08:00PM

Jeffrey Berman, who served as President Obama’s national delegate director during the 2008 campaign, talks with TRMS guest host Ezra Klein about the delegate math in the GOP 2012 presidential primary race and why Mitt Romney is winning even when he's... watch

Newt Gingrich drops out for no man

Newt Gingrich drops out for no man

03/14/12 08:00PM

Steve Kornacki, senior writer for Salon, talks with Ezra Klein about Newt Gingrich's stubborn refusal to drop out of the Republican presidential race even though he's failing badly and damaging Rick Santorum's chances of defeating Mitt Romney. watch

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!

03/14/12 08:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight’s show – we’re taking a look at election delegate strategies for this year’s campaign, plus Sen. Barbara Boxer is our guest tonight to discuss the highway bill that... watch

Ahead on the 3/14 Maddow show

03/14/12 06:16PM

Tonight's guests include:Jeffrey Berman, served as President Obama’s national delegate director during the 2008 campaign, author of the book “The Magic Number” about that year’s tumultuous Clark County convention in NevadaSen. read more

When Rush Limbaugh turned the tide

03/14/12 06:12PM

Two years into President Clinton's first term, Republicans swept to power in the House and Senate both. The "Republican Revolution" of 1994 was led by Newt Gingrich, at least in political terms.In this video unearthed by James Carter, the women of the 1994 Republican freshman class then met at the Heritage Foundation and made a... read more

Wednesday's Mini-Report

03/14/12 05:30PM

Today's edition of quick hits:* Afghanistan: "An Afghan civilian stole a military pickup truck, rammed through a fence and crashed into a ditch by a runway around the time that a plane carrying Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta landed at an airfield in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday, U.S. officials said. read more

Tommy Thompson, professional politician.

You might be a politician if...

03/14/12 04:54PM

Campaigning in Alabama the other day, Mitt Romney initially told voters, "I'm not really a politician," before walking it back, adding, "I guess I kinda am.""Kinda" doesn't quite work. In 1994, Romney ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate. In 2002, Romney was elected governor. Two years later, he formed... read more

Why the highway bill matters

Why the highway bill matters

03/14/12 03:43PM

It's been an unusually busy afternoon for the U.S. Senate. A deal was struck on judicial nominees; the "JOBS Act" is set to advance; and an important highway bill cleared the chamber with ease.A two-year, $109 billion measure providing federal funding for the nation's roads, rails bridges and airports for the next two years... read more


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